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Can we stop pretending Skyward Sword was bad?



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    Boy there sure are a bunch of crappy words in that post that make me embarrassed to say I agree with the overall assessment of the games in question.

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    qial wrote: »
    qial wrote: »
    I like Skyward Sword a lot. I've only played it once though.

    The comparison of Zelda 1 to BOTW is much less about the raw mechanics and whether parts of the world were gated off, and more about the overall feeling the game evoked for that generation, given the technology. In Zelda 1 you could "go anywhere" and swapped stories on the playground about the secrets you'd found. In BOTW you can go anywhere and swap stories on the playground about the secrets you've found.

    The DS games are good. BOTW's voice acting was good.

    But overall the feeling of this thread is pretty weird. I know there's room for plenty of topics here, not everything has to go in a megathread, but the vibe I get in here is "these are my Zelda opinions, fite me." Like everything must be passed through this one lens and judged. It's not "let's all talk about this together" and if it was, it would just be the regular Zelda thread again. I dunno.

    What you find in BotW are novelties at best they serve little-to-no purpose to completing the actual game, Unlike Zelda 1. BotW's voice acting was absolutely awful, too. The King breaks character a trillion times, you can hear him waver between his character's voice and his real one a trillion times. It's absolutely atrocious.

    Zelda 1's openness is tied directly to progression. BotW's is a novelty item where the real game is climbing a bunch and being bored. It sucks. It's a lesser Skyrim made by Japan and nothing like Zelda 1 outside of the shrines, which like I already said, at least keep the maze format in tact. But they're lacking in any real meat and the cosmetic decision to make them look identical was pure laziness. You know how much work it is to click something on a palette? Like none. It's a crappy game.

    What's wrong with something being made in Japan or by Japanese people, exactly?

    Nice false flag. I didn't say anything to this effect whatsoever. I said it's worse than Skyrim at doing all the same things. The Japanese part is to delineate it from the known western-developed Skyrim, because it is just an alternative Skyrim made by Japanese and worse than Skyrim...imho.

    Skyward Sword was better. But TP was better than WW before we throw the cycle into it.

    Nice passive aggression btw Sporky. I'm not taking any tone with a purpose. This is how I talk. As in, brass tacks, down to business, straight to the point. Trigger warning: I don't think some things are good. Oh no.

    "False Flag", "Trigger Warning", and assuming people are "pretending" to not like Skyward Sword say more meaningful things about your views than the rest of your posts combined, IMO.

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    We're done here.

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