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Teen Game Night

AerikanAerikan Game Design ManagerWellington NZRegistered User regular
I posted in some other threads but wanted to call this out here for teens, students, and families.

SAY Sí Teen Game Night

Thursday January 11th, 630-9pm.
SAY Sí - 1518 S Alamo St.

Join student game designers and fellow PAX attendees at the first ever Teen Game Night in the beautiful SAY Sí gallery.

Learn about our world-renowned art program, network with fellow teen gamers and game designers, or just come and play board games.


- Teens and parents welcome. Any and all teens can come, with or without parents. No PAX badge necessary. No adults without kids, please. Ages 10-19 welcome.
- BRING BOARD GAMES. We'll provide some but everyone is encouraged to bring games to share. We'll have a communal table to borrow and return games.
- Food and drinks will be provided.- Video games and card games developed by SAY Sí students will be available to play.
- It's FREE!

We may be able to get some local game designers, PAX special guests, or others to come and talk about game design. Details to come as applicable.


  • AerikanAerikan Game Design Manager Wellington NZRegistered User regular
    While we would love to open this to everyone as we did with game night two years ago, we want to focus on safety and comfort for students.

  • CabooseCaboose Event Manager TexasRegistered User regular
    Heroic Games right? I've seen your booth on the floor a few times in the past. It was down the way from a friend's booth with Lonestar Games and The Bandcast. The funny thing is I've known SAY So since their old studio back when it was still apart of the Blue Star complex back in '05. What's the scoop on discussions for your event?

  • AerikanAerikan Game Design Manager Wellington NZRegistered User regular
    Yeah, we exhibited the past two years for Heroes Must Die! No new games this year but we have our panel on San Antonio game scene Saturday at 7. And if you know any teens or parents send them to our SAY Si event! We couldn't get a booth this year to show the games from our studio (the New Media and Game Design studio, the HIVE, which is only a couple years old) so we are hosting a board game night and showing off their work there, while also inviting teens fromt he community and around the world to come have fun and check out our space.

  • CabooseCaboose Event Manager TexasRegistered User regular
    The HIVE, is that a personal project? Has a nice ring to it. Looking forward to that Saturday panel. I've worked with publishers and studios up and down the PNW throughout my career. It's nice to hear about the expansion of game development in SA, especially since it's my hometown. I'll forward the event info rn to my circle with an emphasis on teen/student audiences. Sry to hear you couldn't aquire a booth this year. Hope it wasn't a lack of communication on our end. I coordinate with ReedPOP (events hosting) during our PAX seasons. If you need any assistance or info during the expo feel free to chime in any time between Wed, 10th - Sun, 14th.

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