Receiver outputs audio to speakers when TV is turned off but no audio when TV is turned on

So I have a Denon AVR-S510BT connected to a Vizio Smart TV P50-C1, with an Amazon FireStick plugged into the receiver. For a couple years now, I've had no issues with this setup. But today, I updated the Vizio through the SmartCast mobile app in order to do some Youtube casting. After I did that update, I'm having the audio issue.

As I said in the title, I get audio when the TV is turned off. The display on the receiver shows "Dig." (for digital, I believe) and "PCM." Once I turn the TV on, I get audio for a couple seconds sometimes. But then "PCM" disappears from the receiver display, and I get no more audio from the speakers. If I set the receiver to send audio to the TV, I get audio through the TV speakers (but I do not get audio through TV speakers if the receiver is not set to send audio to the TV). But I can't get audio to work through the speakers no matter what I do. I've tried every setting on the TV and the receiver that I can find, with no luck. I do not have TV audio running back to the receiver, as I've never needed it. I don't have any inputs going into the TV directly.

Anyone have any ideas? I'm thinking it has to be an issue with the TV update, something that was changed, but I'm at a loss to figure it out, and my google skills are apparently not up to the task.

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