[Arena of Valor] IOS/Android casual LoL now that HotS sucks?

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So from the Hots thread it seems like a fair amount of us have latched onto this after blizzard screwed the meta, but to be honest I think i'm enjoying it more then I did hots at any point.

What is it: A shameful LoL ripoff from tencent for android and IOS, seriously it's basically a straight copy with minion waves slightly toned down, but the whole buying process and talent skilling has been streamlined a bit. It has full 5v5 games! that usually take around 20 minutes, or 3v3's that can be finished in 5. You have an autoattack button, toggle it on, select minion or hero and your hero takes care of all of that, most of the abilities however are skillshots which makes for a surprising amount of depth/skill.

Why should you play?: well, i'll just leave this here...


List of Pa people playing!:
Taliosfalcon - Adeptpenguin in game (i'm lonely!)

If there's enough interest i'll pop down the dollar or whatever is required to make a guild for easy grouping.

steam xbox - adeptpenguin
taliosfalcon on


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    Part of me wants to make a "Which League character is this character's kit based off of" list.

    Arthur is Garen so hard, down to the Spin-to-Win. Probably why I'm the most comfortable playing either him or Valhein. (AKA "crit, kill everything, snowball hard and kill every motherfucker in a one-mile radius.")

    Has there been any word to how the Switch version is going to control? I assume via the touch screen, but man do I sometimes wish there was a computer version. I definitely have trouble sometimes playing as mages and targeting things correctly or getting the abilities to fire (or I accidentally hit that button on the right edge that brings up your character description in the middle of a fire-fight).

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    MadpoetMadpoet Registered User regular
    As far as it being a "ripoff" of LoL, it's made by Tencent, who owns Riot games, so really it's just LoL mobile edition.

    Or, if they ever release the champions they've been advertising.... Justice League of Legends.

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    I recently got a high powered android phone and decided to give this a try. It's really fun! I love League and Heroes but I've never truly loved the mouse-click madness those games require. In this, you control your hero movement with a simulated thumbstick on the left side.

    I like not having to go back to the shop to buy items, or even really think about the items much if I don't want to with the suggested purchases that pop up. No last hitting is nice too.

    I've only started, and I'm sure it doesn't have the depth of a full PC game, but it's probably the best mobile game I've played and a lot of fun.

    I like that it's mostly a clone of league because there's a lot knowledge that transfers over.

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    stormcstormc Registered User regular
    There are Batman Superman flash wonderwoman and joker in this game. That is also the reason I can't get into it, the art style is pretty much all over the place

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    <3, Echo
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    ThisThis Registered User regular
    That is definitely very weird. I think the characters look pretty cool otherwise though.

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