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[Camp Comic] Friday, January 19, 2018 - Why We’re Here



  • BrobBrob Registered User regular
    The lurk is strong with this one...

  • Peter RoganPeter Rogan Registered User regular
    After all.... we're here for each other.

  • briguybriguy Registered User regular
    *lurks like Neiman and begins crafting new comics out of hair*

  • SabariSabari Registered User regular
    *lurks and searches for groundwater*

  • BrobBrob Registered User regular
    A lurk walks into a bar...

  • hajenhajen Registered User regular
    Brob wrote: »
    A lurk walks into a bar...

    but the grue ducks...

  • SargeSarge Registered User regular
    :: lurks just out of sight, hiding in the shadows. Unseen and unheard.::

  • Ilze123Ilze123 Registered User regular
    ...Slithers from one dark corner to the other one...

  • XastionXastion Registered User regular
    starting to sound like we need more light with all these shadows. Let’s see if we can get some conversation. Is there a character you’d like to know more about that you’re itching to have a backstory or any story on? Like more Steve and Steven? Or another Ropes Course story?

  • briguybriguy Registered User regular
    Xastion wrote: »
    starting to sound like we need more light with all these shadows. Let’s see if we can get some conversation. Is there a character you’d like to know more about that you’re itching to have a backstory or any story on? Like more Steve and Steven? Or another Ropes Course story?

    I'd like to see the backstories of Lumpy and Randall. Really, I don't even need a backstory on them. I'd just like to see a contained Ropes Course story, like just what goes on there.

    I'm always up for more Steve and Steven. The marvelous misadventures of Tanner, too.

  • SabariSabari Registered User regular
    Xastion wrote: »
    starting to sound like we need more light with all these shadows. Let’s see if we can get some conversation. Is there a character you’d like to know more about that you’re itching to have a backstory or any story on? Like more Steve and Steven? Or another Ropes Course story?

    *lurks defiantly*

    Kidding. Sort of.

    Anyway, I think maybe I'd most like to see more (possibly one-off comics rather than a story arch) of character we don't really know yet. I think there's still a few we've seen but haven't "met" as such, which could easily double as general life at camp. Also, anyone remember the twins? I'm still curious about them. Also I'd weirdly like an arc that's just like, a day in the life of Malachi Jr., just so we can see some of the stuff he's up to when nobody's looking (I'd settle for a series about what the feral cats in general are doing where we have to try and spot the campers too; or just another one-off like that, since there was at least one of those awhile back). And who doesn't want more Steve and Steven?

  • pygmypenguinpygmypenguin Registered User new member
    Been checking in here about once a month. Really hope everything is alright. Found this, and noticed Katie has deleted her twitter...

  • JenoramaJenorama Registered User new member
    Katie, saw the thing on BF. You are brave. You are loved.

  • hajenhajen Registered User regular
    Speaking truth to power
    thank you
    i'm so mad, so sad, my heart aches at the vileness inflicted upon you and others
    i am having trouble putting down coherent thoughts
    and i fear the waves of misogyny the dregs are going to stir up
    may you channel your inner Skadi and inflict grievous bodily harm sic Diseasoid on this cretin

  • JasonPJasonP Registered User new member
    Katie, I believe you.

  • Peter RoganPeter Rogan Registered User regular
    I had wondered why Kricfalusi never completed his declared project, the movie-length "The Unfortunate Child." And now I know why. He had other pursuits that were more compelling, shall we say. Distressing and disgusting.

    All I can say is that we don't always get to choose the events that try to form us. All we can do is learn from them and build from what they really taught us. We can choose not to be disfigured by what happened. That, I think, is the best way to proceed and not remain deformed. And the best use of our strength.

    I didn't have anything like Katie's or Robyn's experiences, but I did get swindled out of my magazine. Not as physical, but visceral. I could have done without the bullshit, too. But that chapter is closed. I'm writing new ones now. I can tell you from experience that living well IS the best revenge. Of course, it helps that the rat who sank my magazine was last seen working as a garbageman in another part of the state.

    I have great faith in Katie's dedication to her art and to her power to tell stories. She combines brutality and pain with the innocence of childhood the way Joyce Carol Oates could, once upon a time. We could use more of her perspective in a brutal world full of innocents. I look forward to hearing from her, in whatever channel she chooses. Her song is only begun.

  • mojomonkeyfishmojomonkeyfish Registered User new member
    Just checked in to see if there were any updates, and I caught that article.

    “I would say no, I don’t want to watch it. I don’t want any part of that. There’s nice people you can hire. There’s nice people who can make things, there’s nice people who make cartoons. … They’re just as fucking good.”

    You're not "just as good", Katie. You're better. All I know is the work you've produced, and I'd take one more panel from you over everything he's made, and I'm a "fan" of his work.

    "Art vs. artist" is very meaningful here, because your art is evidence of a person with tremendous willpower and talent. You seem to tell yourself, and I'm sure you'll hear from others, that you "owe" him because of the "help" he gave your career. But, that's total bullshit. You were always going to be something, and he's done nothing but hold you back. He sucked you into his cult of personality and put his BS-shackles on you. Thanks to his "gift" you've had to put up with far more, and work far harder, to get to a place that you were always destined for.

    His fans might fret about the "loss" of his creations (oh no, they'll have an asterisk!), but I'm here worried that the fallout from his failings will cause the loss of your work!

    It's totally callous, but it's the truth

    briguyhajenCabbage JackKatieJRice
  • vincentpvincentp Registered User new member
    I created an account just to say that I, too, am behind you Katie! I wish you all the strength needed to get through this! And whenever you can get back to happier things like the Camp, we'll be there. No rush.

  • BrobBrob Registered User regular
    Sigh...I was hoping to just pop in and make a cute lurking pun. The words are hard to come by after reading the BF article. A cornerstone of my youth and zany building block of my personality just got ripped out. This has been a year of so many revelations and tearing asunder of the entertainment industry...

    Don't get me wrong here I am 100% behind you Katie and pretty sure all of your fans here are too. It's just an insane shock to see the curtains pulled back even more to discover just how truly evil the underbelly of the industry really is and just how far it's spread.

    You have nowhere but up and we here are looking forward to going with you and have your back! <3

    briguyCabbage JackKatieJRice
  • briguybriguy Registered User regular
    Thank you and Robyn for your courage and bravery.

  • KitschensyngkKitschensyngk Registered User new member
    Found this comic yesterday and started reading it from the beginning. I was instantly hooked. I only wish I could have discovered it under more pleasant circumstances.

    The fact that you are doing something you've had a passion for all your life, that you are telling your story and people are reading it, in spite of a man you called a hero who only took advantage of you, is a very admirable thing.

    You have a unique and extraordinary talent. Nobody can take that away. Not even you-know-who.

    briguyCabbage JackKatieJRice
  • hajenhajen Registered User regular
    Linus wrote: »
    So, I've recently been spending a lot of time obsessing over why we're at camp. Now, this may sound weird since I left...
    but I think I figured it out.

    We're here...
    ...for you.
    Your friends,
    All of us <3

  • XastionXastion Registered User regular
    Katie - **hugs**
    May stories like yours help light the path to a future where the majority of us won’t be able to say #metoo.

    You are brave, talented, and have many fans who adore you. Thank you for telling your story and while you have to endure listening to nonsensical justifications from overpaid attorneys (sure, go represent slime nameless attorney who thinks rape threats are jokes - oh wait, no they never are, jacka$$) know you’ve helped empower others by coming forward. Thank you, truly.

    briguyCabbage JackKatieJRice
  • BrianishBrianish Registered User new member
    It's a very strange sensation to be unspeakably proud of someone you only know through a bunch of internet videos and a comic strip, but there it is.

    You're nothing short of a rock star. I miss Camp Weedonwantcha, but if the added financial security made it even a little easier to come forward, then bon voyage with a smile.

    Cabbage JackKatieJRice
  • davidhbrowndavidhbrown Registered User regular
    Wow. Thank you (and Robyn Byrd and reporter Ariane Lange) for sharing your experience. While it's certainly important that perpetrators be called out (even what legal remedies aren't an option), I also hope that everyone -- women, children, parents, men -- can use examples from reporting like this to learn to recognize and resist patterns of behavior that are clearly not okay before they reach the point of being truly damaging and criminal.

    Cabbage JackKatieJRice
  • Harry MonsterHarry Monster Registered User new member
    I just got caught up with the archive and I made an account just to say this arc made me cry. Holy crap, what a wonderful story. You're an amazing artist and your amazing stories resonate with so many people. You're an incredible creator and a downright inspiring person.

  • Cabbage JackCabbage Jack Registered User new member
    I agree with Harry and everyone else in here. Katie you are brave beyond measure and thank you for your courage in standing up.

    Separate the Art from the Artist? The Polanskis, Kirkfalusis, and Weinsteins of the world. To hell with their 'art,' the world is better off without such human detritus. No 'art' is worth a single ruined life.

  • NithilNithil Registered User new member
    Katie, I'm so proud of you for sharing that. I believe you, and I support you. I'm so sorry this happened to you.

  • BrobBrob Registered User regular
    *Lurks and still supports Katie*

  • ctayforctayfor Registered User new member
    I have been reading this comic for a while now and have been impressed by the artwork, the story and especially the characterisation. Thank you for those things and thank you for your courage in facing such difficulties in your life and still being a productive and contributing person. Your compassion shines through your work and for that I can only quote Linus's message to Malachi, "We're here for each other." That is as true in life as it is in Camp Weedonwantcha. God bless you.

  • DrunkMcDrunkMc Registered User regular
    JFC, I noticed Katie wasn't at PAXEast this year and dropped by to see why not. I had no idea she was mixed up with that asshole. Such a shame, so glad she's strong enough to come out and talk about this. I know it can't be easy.

  • JReynoldsJReynolds Registered User regular
    Nobody should have to deal with such a shitty person. Sending my best wishes to you.

  • StormwatcherStormwatcher Blegh BlughRegistered User regular
    I love you Katie and Adam, I love your comic, and everything will be alright.

    Steam: Stormwatcher | PSN: Stormwatcher33 | Switch: 5961-4777-3491
  • treeflamingotreeflamingo Registered User regular
    I've been reading this comic for years. I don't know squat about art, but I'm kind of a snob about stories. And lemme just say. You're an amazing story-teller, Katie. Anything you learned from an unworthy teacher you would have learned elsewhere from someone else. So you're not wrong: you owe him no debt of gratitude.

    Your fans will be patiently waiting for whatever you give us next!

    (If it makes any difference, I, for one, hugely prefer your work to anything I've ever seen of John Kricfalusi's - he has no subtlety.)

    Cabbage Jack
  • AIR1013AIR1013 Registered User new member
    *lurks and sends support from afar*

  • SargeSarge Registered User regular
    ::perches in a nearby tree::

  • SabariSabari Registered User regular
    *remembered to lurk today*

  • briguybriguy Registered User regular
    Now would be a good time to pledge... oh I don’t know $3 sounds good to Katie’s Patreon.
    Just. I just really think you should.
    You want to. Trust me.

  • plasmidplasmid Registered User new member
    hey katie. i have no idea if you're still reading these, but i just wanted to say that no matter what's going on, you are set in my eyes as a bright example of what anyone should be. you are talented, and dedicated, and you're brave. no matter what happened or will happen, nothing can take this away from you

    i wish you all of the luck possible, a fan

  • chemistx2chemistx2 Registered User regular
    Briguy, thanks for the tip! I pledged and was well rewarded!

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