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Penny Arcade - Comic - Tubethumping



  • RatherDashing89RatherDashing89 Registered User regular
    Preacher wrote: »
    Aegeri wrote: »
    dennis wrote: »
    The small creators are fighting back! Come join a revolution!

    I made myself sad by going to the youtube page for the video and seeing "727 views" for this video. From four days ago.

    Maybe it might brighten your day to know it's a little over 1000 views now and is on an upward trend.

    That really doesn't matter to YouTube. Bear in mind the clown that caused this latest drama has millions of followers and a similar amount of views.

    It's clear who YouTube is wanting to protect.

    Just like they were with Pewdie. They smacked his hand for the racism and side line nazi advocation. But in the end they'll wait for the Fuhrer to die down and then put him back on you tube red.

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