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    RandomHajileRandomHajile Not actually a Snatcher The New KremlinRegistered User regular
    Road Block wrote: »
    Thanks overall I prefer the averaged lists. Night in the Woods was my GOTY so I'm happy that it shot up to 5th on the averaged lists.
    Yeah, I think it says something about how some games rank really highly simply because a lot of people have played it. I suspect there is a name for this method, but I’m not a professional pollster.

    Selection bias, maybe? I’m also not a professional pollster.
    I think it’s more anti-popularity bias. Like I said earlier in my explanation you could get 100 first place votes to equal 2000 “last place” votes (some people play more than 20 games, so it’s not exactly last place).

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    InfidelInfidel Heretic Registered User regular
    Yeah, the Borda count is going to give you a bias towards popular games because you're not being forced to rank all 500+ games. There are pros and cons with any ranked ballot.

    If you went with a scored ballot, then you'd get the other extreme where GOTY #1 is something no one has ever heard of because it got one vote of 9 (on a scale of 0 to 9 say). This would be a fairly good way to cast votes (rate any games you wish from 0 to 9, ignore the rest) but you need to have some amount of fake votes given to every game (we decide to give X votes to each with score of Y) so that you don't get unknowns from becoming winners too easily. We don't exactly have a large population of voters (as noted, it has been decreasing every year even since it has been just PA and run exactly the same each time) so I'm not sure what values would be fair there.

    I can definitely code alternate counting methods to be spit out automatically (we already do some) but we would have to abandon them all and develop a new ballot for some methods, if we wanted to go that way.

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    TeeManTeeMan BrainSpoon Registered User regular
    The list confirms to me how overlooked Snake Pass is, sadly. It's not perfect with it staying a little past it's welcome but the completely original gameplay and relaxing music create a heady cocktail that I hope more people in future take the opportunity to enjoy

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