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[Gloomhaven] A small, quick party game



  • FairchildFairchild Rabbit used short words that were easy to understand, like "Hello Pooh, how about Lunch ?" Registered User regular
    Bogart wrote: »

    Scenario four. Cleared the first room halfway through turn two, feeling pretty good, cleared the next, took some damage, went into the top room and oh my god that shield 2 on the wind elementals almost failed the scenario. Constantly failed to get through it and my cards were being eaten up.

    Eventually killed them and the Spellweaver ran off to kill the Earth Demon while the Brute lagged behind. The Spellweaver pulled a lucky bless to almost kill it and then baited it out into the second room while the Brute managed to trundle up and hit it for exactly its remaining HP.

    I was on 2 and 1 HP and had played the last two cards for both characters, so if I hadn’t killed it that turn I would have failed. Didn’t have time to loot the last chest, which I discovered was a ruddy trap anyway. Gloriously close game.


    The cat did not help.

    She's just trying to help you manage your spells !

  • VyolynceVyolynce Registered User regular
    We gave our shiny new Bolt a run tonight. It one-shotted two Elite Lv4 Flame Demons. O_O
    At Level 6, Bolt gets access to a card that says "Attack 4. You may take 2 damage to ignore the target's armor." That seems like a fine deal with a deck filled with +1 modifiers.

  • FryFry Registered User regular
    edited May 15
    Oh yeah, I was going to mention that in our last game, which was a "kill the boss" scenario, our tinkerer did like 13 damage to it in one turn by using huge lost attacks on both top and bottom. Kind of impressive, usually that character doesn't do much in our party.

    Fry on
  • BogartBogart I Will Cure You Registered User, Moderator mod

    Scenario 3 all sorted with one character exhausted in the penultimate round. I could technically start one character on his retirement journey after doing the two open crypt scenarios, or I could follow what seems to be the main story path more.

    What’s the average number of missions a character goes on before retirement? Ballpark figure.

  • FryFry Registered User regular
    edited May 18
    Retirement varies a lot. Sometimes you'll pick a personal quest and just not see the things you need to progress for a dozen scenarios or more. I have also heard of a situation where someone retired a character, and then immediately retired the new character before even going on a new scenario.

    Fry on
  • BogartBogart I Will Cure You Registered User, Moderator mod

    Scenario 5, and again the Spellweaver was exhausted before the end. No real difficulties, though, and at the end the Brute was just kiting the Living Bones around while he looted money. Also, level 3 get.

  • FairchildFairchild Rabbit used short words that were easy to understand, like "Hello Pooh, how about Lunch ?" Registered User regular
    Whoa, you're hitting Level 3 in five scenarios ? Yes, the Brute levels quickly, but that's some impressive efficiency right there.

    In terms of retirement, I've decided that it's my game, dangit, and I'm going to retire who I want when I want, rather than chase some of these ridiculous conditions that never appear.

  • BogartBogart I Will Cure You Registered User, Moderator mod
    It’s five scenarios completed and three failed attempts at one and two as well. I actually hit 95xp on the way to scenario five via a road event. I’m getting an average of 11 to 13 from each scenario, plus the 6xp bonus when I don’t fail.

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