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[Gloomhaven] A small, quick party game



  • VyolynceVyolynce Registered User regular
    You don't have to create the class you unlock. There should be at least two other classes available to them right now.

    That said, there's only been one class I didn't care for so far. I just didn't jibe with the Spellweaver at all.

  • FishmanFishman Fencing, fighting, torture, revenge, giants, monsters, chases, escapes, true love, miracles... Registered User regular
    See, I'm rocking a Spellweaver as my first class and my only issue with the class is the Tinker in the party keeps hanging back even further than me, which has led to a couple scenario failures as I am squishy and the Tinker player is highly conservative. Otherwise I'm having a great time making things go boom.

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    That's unbelievably cool. Your new name is cool guy. Let's have sex.
  • VyolynceVyolynce Registered User regular
    Yeah I think it was a personal taste issue with me. Wasn't fond of managing the 8-card hand with so many cards that burn in order to be awesome. Plus needing elements without a lot if reliable element generation? I dunno, just wasn't for me.

  • FishmanFishman Fencing, fighting, torture, revenge, giants, monsters, chases, escapes, true love, miracles... Registered User regular
    My impression (based only on observing how others play) is that Spellweaver has some subtle differences in the meta of hand management, which is fine for me as a first timer, but could throw an experienced player for a loop until you get your head around it. But each class has it's own flavour and personal subjective opinion is probably still a much stronger influence on impressions of a class.

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    That's unbelievably cool. Your new name is cool guy. Let's have sex.
  • DarkewolfeDarkewolfe Registered User regular
    I spun up a Tinkerer to try it and looove my retirement goal. But I'm hesitant over whether I really want to play the Tinkerer for ten games or whatever. I don't love the heal bot thing.

    What is this I don't even.
  • FryFry Registered User regular
    Finally got our Gloomhaven group back together!

    Scenario 27, Ruinous Rift
    A much different scenario than everything else we've played. Basically just whack a mole. We had four players, so all enemies were elites. My scoundrel and the brute frowned and put away our instant death to normal enemies cards :/

    I was able to ace two flame demons, which was a huge help. One of them helpfully dropped a trap on its first turn, so I adjusted him into it. The second one I popped with my lost attack that gets stronger proportional to the enemy's shield.

    Overall we were not really threatened, and we were not even going as hard on lost cards as we could have. It was just starting to get hairy at the end, if we had to last two more turns, that could have been a problem.

    Was interesting having a ton of elements flying around, though we were pretty fortunate and the enemies didn't do much with them, mostly just consumed them to turn on other elements.

    Mission reward was super fun. Gimme all the enhancements, nom nom nom. Sad that I can't put debuffs on my ranged attacks (no dots on the attack line) so I settled for extra range, which will still be handy the way I have been playing the last few missions.

    Our analysis paralysis player took Triforce out for the first time. Triforce talk:
    Hahaha that is really not a good character for AP player to have

    He did ok though. Was probably helped by the fact that his previous character was the Spellweaver, so he had some practice breaking his brain and dealing with elements already. Also none of the rest of us use elements, so every time he asked "which elements should I spend" I could just say "use all of them"

  • VyolynceVyolynce Registered User regular
    edited December 7
    Flame Demons fly and are not normally susceptible to traps.

    Bolt spoiler
    So... this character has an ability that can knock something out of the sky. We recently used it to dunk a Flame Demon into some lava and weren't sure if the hazardous terrain damage should apply since it wasn't technically "entering" the hex. We ruled it did because it didn't actually matter (was not a "kill everything" quest) and because the mental image was hilarious.

    And yeah, Triforce might be the absolute worst character for those prone to AP. Ouch.

    Vyolynce on
  • jdarksunjdarksun Scion of Chaos Registered User regular
    News out of PAX Unplugged:
    * Frosthaven, a full sized expansion to Gloomhaven
    * Gloomhaven 2

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