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    Double post but for another hotfix though more for balance

    Hotfix notes
    Attention Miners!

    While you impatiently wait for Update 25 to bring the Endgame to Hoxxes IV, we have decided to give you a little bonus hotfix. We’ve been doing more hotfixes than usual to keep you sated, and this one has a little extra something to keep you busy.

    First of all, we have given the gunner a little love in regards to balance, as per request from the community.

    The Minigun has gotten some much-needed punch, including both base damage and adjustment of mods. The Autocannon also got an overhaul, although not as significant as the Minigun.

    Other weapon tweaks are counting the Boomstick, the Auto 210b, and the Voltaic SMG.

    For those of you who like to work the long nightshifts with Bosco as a helping hand, we’ve upgraded the drone algorithm, allowing him to retrieve gems and other objects from afar. However charming that is, please do not spend too much time playing fetch with company property. You’re on the clock.

    Q'ronar Shellbacks have had their diet modified and their armor should now be less durable. Their Younglings should also appear less frequent. Hopefully, this will reduce the amount of deadly pinballing in the narrow caverns. The bug causing muffled sound for the entire game has also been squashed.

    Bosco can now dig out and carry objects!
    Q'ronar Youngling encounters should be a bit more rare.
    Q’ronar Shellback’s armor is significantly weaker. Most weapons will be able to break it in a few shots. Weapons with armor breaking capabilities will still excel at it.
    Tweaked the rolling animation of the Qronar enemies to resolve unintended jerkiness
    Changed material on the weakpoint of the Glyphid Menace, when it dies so it does not light up dead
    Fixed a bug with sounds becoming muffled for the remainder of a mission after getting hit by a rolling Q’ronar enemy
    Glyphid Praetorian backside is again considered a weakpoint but does not give any damage bonus on its own
    Fixed a bug with the Mission Assignment icon not showing in the Mission Terminal
    Fixed a bug with clients being required to open the map in order for the host to be able to see their Mission Assignment
    Increased attenuation distance for sound and camshake when digging out eggs
    Fixed a bug with the Terrain Scanner getting stuck
    Fixed cases where you would switch weapons after mining and using the Terrain Scanner

    Weapon Balance Tweaks
    We are constantly tweaking and balancing the weapons based on player feedback and our own testing, and quite a few tweaks are coming in this hotfix. Since the weapons are currently a living system that is still growing and evolving, there will certainly be more tweaks in the future, especially with the upcoming addition of the overclocks in the next update. Your feedback has been invaluable in this process so please, keep it coming.

    The minigun has been suffering, especially in high hazard missions, so we’ve made a few changes to address this.
    Increased base damage
    Increased value of the Lighter Barrel Assembly mod to allow for more a more responsive gun build
    Increased value of Magnetic Bearings mod to better balance against the rest
    Increased slightly how long you can shoot before overheating to help against larger swarms
    Increased value of Magnetic Refrigeration mod to better balance it against competing options
    To better balance it against the other choices the Aggressive Venting mod will now also cause enemies to flee
    Stun is now a default function of the Minigun to help gunners stand their ground, we are also working on improving the stun system in general for the next update.
    Changed the Stun mod to a Stun Duration mod since stun is now built-in

    Auto 210
    Some of the mods for this gun have not been able to hold their own so we’ve done some changes to better balance the whole weapon and prepare it for the upcoming overclocks.
    Tweaked the crosshair to look a bit more balanced and moved hit confirmation to the inner markers
    Shortened base stun duration
    Increased base stun chance
    Stunning a creature now requires a weakpoint hit
    Replaced the Stun mod with a Stun Duration mod
    Decreased the bonus of the Overstuffed Magazine mod
    Increased power of Choke mod
    Swapped places of the Choke and High Capacity Magazine mods
    Increased base pellet count to compensate for the mod rearrangement

    This has been another weapon that needed an overall balance shift to make the mod choices more relevant and interesting.
    Increased the rate of fire bonus from Double Trigger Mod so it feels smoother, also rephrased the description a bit
    Decreased effect of the Bigger Pellets mod to better balance against the Expanded Ammo Bags mod
    Increased base damage to compensate for the Bigger Pellets mod tweak
    The Boomstick now has a base chance to stun targets
    Increased the power of the Stun mod to better balance it against the competition
    Increased effect of 3rd row Expanded Ammo Bags Mod to better balance against the High Capacity Shells mod

    The Gunner’s Autocannon also needed a little love, though not nearly as much as the minigun.
    Increased value of Damage Reduction Mod so that just like with the minigun, players can better stand their ground against a swarm.
    Increased base splash damage range to help the gun deal with large swarms
    Removed friendly-fire from splash damage so you can safely fire into the fray and not hurt yourself when shooting enemies at point blank range.

    Voltaic SMG
    This little powerhouse had a crazy build hiding in it, those mods responsible have been reigned-in to better compare to the Auto 210 while others got a needed boost.
    Fixed the Electrocution Bonus mod (it used to give a 120% damage bonus which was crazy) now it does 30% just like the NUK17s.
    Renamed the Electrocution Bonus mod to Conductive Bullets since the two mods were identical in function.
    Adjusted the values of Increased Caliber and High Velocity Rounds to better balance against the other mods and other weapons.
    Increased the value of the Improved Gas System mod to make it more relevant
    Swapped places of the second Expanded Ammo Bags mod and the Improved Gas System mod
    Increased the range of the Electric Arc mod as it was too short

    Other Weapon Tweaks
    Increased damage done by the Gunner’s Sticky Grenade to the creature it is stuck on as it felt a bit meh before.
    Decreased the damage bonus of the Defender mod for the LMG Gun Platform as it has turned out to be too powerful.

    Bosco can now carry things to you making soloing an even better experience.

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    They've continued to update with more unlockable cosmetics and weapon overclocks and new mission types.

    Not quite sure how I feel about it all but overall glad to see more development.

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    Just got into this game and it's fantastic so add Archpriest on steam and join me if you see me playing!

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    Karoz wrote: »
    They've continued to update with more unlockable cosmetics and weapon overclocks and new mission types.

    Not quite sure how I feel about it all but overall glad to see more development.

    It's all good stuff.

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    Figgy wrote: »
    Karoz wrote: »
    They've continued to update with more unlockable cosmetics and weapon overclocks and new mission types.

    Not quite sure how I feel about it all but overall glad to see more development.

    It's all good stuff.

    Eh, I'm not a fan of the Low O2 missions when it's reliant on the MULE to refill and that's a notoriously unreliable AI. Also keeps you far too tethered when part of the fun is exploring around when you're able to, especially for the scout.

    Some of the scaling feels weird and having just failed a Hazard 4 mission that was just a swarm fest I wonder if the community is just pulling towards super hardcore. If I had a dedicated team I might appreciate it, but I mostly PUG so guess it's Hazard 3 max for me.

    Not sure if it is bugs or just tweaked behavior as some things have changed like not all bugs paying attention to lure grenades. Can understand the need to rebalance some things but just caught off guard.

    New upgrades and cosmetics I'm totally on board for.
    TimFiji wrote: »
    Just got into this game and it's fantastic so add Archpriest on steam and join me if you see me playing!

    This Archpriest?

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    Karoz wrote: »
    Not sure if it is bugs or just tweaked behavior as some things have changed like not all bugs paying attention to lure grenades. Can understand the need to rebalance some things but just caught off guard.

    Lure was changed but not detailed in the patch notes. It seems that now each grenade will attract only some capped number of bugs and won't distract bugs which are already attacking a dwarf.

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    I can understand not enjoying the low O2 missions. They're so infrequent though, in my experience, that it's not a huge deal.

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    DRG's progression continues to be awesome. The cores and now bar upgrades just keep giving me something to do and unlock though I focus more on weeklies.

    Keeps things feeling fresh.

    Edit: 2 starred my engi, rest are 1 star.

    Ghost Morkite wrecked us spawning 2 detonators + the ghost just ruined our day. I suppose Ghost missions are fine when you can just outrun the damn thing.

    Edit 2: That explains it, Endgame part 2 dropped.

    Patch notes
    Attention Miners!
    Update 26 is here! In this second part of the Endgame, we’ve added a brand new system of Machine Events to encounter during normal missions, a much needed overhaul and expansion of the Bar, all new Victory Moves, as well as skins for both Bosco and your weapons, plus an absolute ton of minor bug fixes, tweaks, and improvements. Let’s get to work!

    --- PATCH NOTES ---

    - Deep Rock Galactic is developing strategic operations all around the planet. The company is worried about some strange mutations affecting the creatures of Hoxxes as well as peculiar crystals interfering with scanners and other devices in orbit. To eradicate the threat or simply to take samples, these operations require expert dwarven action to be finalized. If you stumble upon one, give it a go and hope that the reward is worth the risk!

    Three different Machine Events can be found in random missions: Kursite Infection, Rock Mutation, and Tritilyte Crystal. Each of them offers a different timed challenge that must be completed in order to get access to the Core Infuser where Blank Matrix Cores can be used.

    - To activate a Machine Event, the player must own the Tritilyte Key. You will own a Tritilyte key if you have a Promoted dwarf.

    - Blank Matrix Cores are part of the rewards for Deep Dives and the Core Hunt assignment. The first section of both Deep Dives will now reward Blank Matrix Cores instead of Mineral Container Cores. They can be infused by doing Machine Events, turning them into Overclock or Cosmetic Matrix Cores that can be used in the Forge.

    - New buff beers with effects in mission added to the “Today’s Special” pool
    - A ton of new craftable gag beers to unlock. The effects of these beers will only work in the Space Rig. Management prefers to separate business and pleasure!
    - New pricing for the beers based on new ingredients found in caves: Barley Bulb, Yeast Cone, Malt Star, and Starch Nut.
    - New Milestone for unlocking Craftable Beers

    - You can now choose a look for Bosco. For now, there are two new Bosco Skins that will unlock through Mastery: Cyber Ninja and War Veteran

    - All classes start out with four default Victory Moves that will be played during the Mission Complete screen after a successful mission. Players can equip their favorite move in the Employee Wardrobe.
    - 18 new unique Victory Moves have been added for players to unlock. Some can be found as rewards in Cargo Crates while others will be obtained as forgeable Cosmetic Matrix Cores (from Deep Dives and Machine Events).

    - One new set of weapon skins, Neon Band, has been added to cargo crate rewards

    M1000 Classic
    The purpose of this overhaul is to support a gameplay style in which both fire modes (hipfire and focus shots) are viable and offer the player interesting choices and to make future balancing of the two fire-modes easier.

    M1000 Classic Base Tweaks
    - Increased base ammo
    - Increased base clip size
    - Decreased base damage
    - Decreased base rate of fire
    - Increased base focus-shot damage bonus to 100%
    - Focus-shots now consume 2 bullets
    - Base armor damage reduced
    - Added a base weakspot damage bonus

    M1000 Classic Mod Tweaks
    - Removed the Tier 3 High Velocity Rounds Damage mod
    - Combined the two clip-size mods into one big one on tier 2
    - Extended base reload time
    - Decreased the spread per shot and increased the speed of spread recovery to make hip-shooting more viable
    - Floating barrel mod is now called Better Weight Balance which affects both spread-per-shot and recoil
    - Increased the Expanded Ammo Bags mod
    - Decreased Hollow-point Bullets mod bonus
    - Increased Kinetic Energy Penetrator bonus and renamed it to Hardened Rounds for clarity
    - Added Killing Machine mod to tier 5 that grants a very fast reload right after killing an enemy
    - Anyone who purchased the two removed mods will be automatically refunded the credits and minerals spent.

    Deepcore GK2
    - Removed the High Velocity Rounds mod from tier 1 (Owners of the mod will be automatically refunded)
    - Increased the base damage of the weapon to compensate

    - Gunner Sticky Grenade count increased to 6

    CRSPR Flamethrower
    Mods have been rearranged to offer more varied build options.

    Base Weapon
    - Increased the speed with which the flame extends so less ammo is spent when shooting targets at range
    - Improved the damage of sticky flames
    - Improved the speed with which enemies heat up when going through sticky flames

    - Rearranged many of the mods to make sticky flame builds more viable
    - Removed the Sticky Heat and Sticky Damage mods
    - Improved the two Sticky Duration mods
    - Changed the Flamethrower stat display in the equipment terminal to work like the Cryo Cannon

    - Changed the Fuel Stream Diffuser OC penalty from lower damage to a slower rate of fire to offset the inherent ammo penalties from using the flamethrower at long range
    - Tweaked Experimental Plasma Charger Overclock: Heavy Hitter - Increased the damage bonus significantly
    - Tweaked the M100 Classic Overclock: Electrocuting Focus Shots OC - No longer has a weakpoint requirement and the electrocution damage has been rebalanced
    - Tweaked M1000 Classic Overclock: Electrocuting Focus Shot - Updated the text to reflect that weak point hits are no longer required for electrocution
    - Tweaked Deepcore 40mm PGL Overclock: Hyper Propellant - Removed the ammo penalty
    - Tweaked Subata I20 Overclock: Automatic Fire - Increased the fire rate bonus
    - Added a Sticky Flame damage bonus to the Sticky Fuel OC and replaced the range penalty with an ammo penalty
    - Fixed the stat display of Magnetic Pellet Alignment OC for the Warthog Auto 210 to correctly display its negative impact
    - Tweaked the M100 Classic Overclock: Hipster OC - Increased ammo bonus
    - Tweaked all the M1000 overclocks to match the overhauled weapon ammo and damage numbers

    - Macteras no longer change targets while charging up attacks
    - Stun now cancels attacks from Mactera enemies
    - New animation for stunned Mactera enemies
    - Heavy enemies like Glyphid Praetorians are more resistant to stun

    UI & HUD
    - Enemies’ health bar can now display more than three status effects without cropping the icons
    - Enemies’ health bar animation modified so the name disappears faster
    - Added a new notification system for unlocking equipment and vanity to make new unlocks easier to spot in the Equipment Terminal and Employee Wardrobe

    - [COMMUNITY REQUEST] Added physics to the hammer by the Forge so it can now be kicked around on the Space Rig.
    - [COMMUNITY REQUEST] Due to popular demand, sound has been lowered a notch on the intro logo movie/splash screen
    - [COMMUNITY REQUEST] Added physics to the Salvage Mission objectives so they now fall down when terrain beneath them is destroyed.
    - Added an option for the Scout to automatically switch to the previously equipped item after using the Grappling Gun. Disabled by default, it can be activated from the options menu.
    - Fixed the Satchel Charge so that the Detonator now shows in a closed-off state when the player is out of Satchel Charges.
    - Added some blinking lights to the Satchel Charge when detonating
    - Fixed a bug that caused Deepcore 40mm PGL modification “Proximity Trigger” to detonate on Bosco
    - Fixed the reload animation of the Zhukov NUK17 reload animation so that the right-hand gun no longer randomly fails to eject the cartridge.
    - Fixed a bug that caused excess mineral chunks to not always be picked up. The player now also automatically pick up excess mineral chunks while depositing in the M.U.L.E.
    - Fixed a bug that caused the game to lock up upon returning to the Space Rig after completing an assignment
    - Fixed a spelling mistake in the Field Medic perk
    - Disabled smoke from the Drop Pod when dropping into a mission
    - Fixed the Forging Mastery Milestone being off by one in what you have to reach
    - Fixed a bug that caused enemies to be frozen for a long time if near a weak heat source. This was most prevalent to the Glyphid Bulk Detonator on Point Extraction
    - Picking up items now has animation and involves holding the use button.
    - Passing out drunk now correctly increases your stat, not the hosts!
    - Passing out drunk no longer increases the downed statistic.
    - Fixed some bugs related to resupplying with the Satchel Charge
    - Fixed a bug that causes the player to in certain cases, get a Mineral Container Core instead of a Matrix Core. (Requires having received a lot of Matrix Cores)
    - Fixed a bug that caused the player to switch weapons after throwing a grenade
    - Fixed a bug with the community rewards
    - Players will no longer defrost slower while in a blizzard
    - Added a short immunity to cold after being freed from ice to prevent players from becoming chain frozen consecutively
    - Fixed a bug that prevented some grenades from being purchasable
    - Charged up focused shots are no longer canceled when changing weapon
    - CRSPR Flamethrower particles now switch correctly with range modifications and also look correct in third person
    - Lethal Enemies warning mutator doesn't increase damage from projectiles anymore
    - Fixed some cases of the notorious cube terrain artifacts
    - Missions rewards now show scaled to hazard bonus in all UI
    - Quick Join terminal has been removed since we consider the Mission Terminal more adequate to join and host missions.
    - Fixed a bug that enabled the Drop Pod countdown in the Space Rig to be resettable by client
    - Fixed Bouncy Plasma modification on the Experimental Plasma Charger not showing impact particles for clients
    - Fixed Better Weight Balance modification not being properly shown in the crosshair after a restart
    - Fixed Explosive Goodbye and There Can Only be One modifications for the Breach Cutter
    - A mic icon is now displayed when local player is voice chatting
    - Fixed a bug that caused the reload animation of the Zipline Gun going haywire in both first and third-person
    - Minerals left in the pouch are now added at the end of the mission
    - Fixed an exploit that caused waves not to trigger when alien eggs are dug out and deposited immediately after
    - Added a Respawn Button to the Escape Menu in the Space Rig
    - Magazines and fuel canisters are now skinned for the Deepcore GK2, Subata I20 and CRSPR Flamethrower to match the skin applied on the weapon.
    - [COMMUNITY REQUEST] All Gantries on the Space Rig finally play footprint sounds!
    - Fixed snowstorm effects
    - New music added for Machine Events
    - Fixed the color of the Gunner’s flare in the Equipment Terminal
    - Switching back to the Satchel Charge after retrieving a deployed charge causes the player to switch to the Detonator fixed
    - Fixed a bug that caused the modification refund alert window to be shown on first session
    - Fixed the Designated Decoy achievement
    - Fixed a bunch of barrel hoop game issues including the barrel count as well as the Error Log
    - Fixed a bug with resource chunks sometimes dropping with way too much material
    - Impact Axe should no longer be consumed if it hits a dead body

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    Just gonna double post since some people seem to enjoy updates but the thread is otherwise ded.

    The tweaks they've done are phenomenal. Oxygen missions aren't as terrible as you quickly refill instead of having to awkwardly stand around Molly for awhile. Ghost missions you can basically outrun the ghost (on Morkite/Egg levels). These are great additional challenges that I now appreciate a lot more. Deep Dives are great--though I think Elite versions, just like hazard 4+ are just a bit too challenging for PUGs. Empty Cores that you then complete difficult mini-missions to unlock a choice between 3 cosmetics/weapon cores is awesome.

    They've done so much great work so I've labeled DRG my Labor of Love Steam Awards winner.

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    Each mission type I think I'm going to hate I end up loving. These guys have been on a roll ever since I picked this up and played the heck out of it long before you could even add perks to your character or had weapon options. They keep making the game better and better.

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    DRG Winter Event is a go, grab your yule tide cap (1,100) and antlers (25) from the accessory shop and a special 6 mission assignment that rewards lots of goodies.

  • PhantPhant Registered User regular
    This game is SO GOOD, folks. If you at all like coop or FPS or dwarves, I recommend it. I've been playing since shortly after it went EA and its been one of the most steadily developed games I've ever seen, just better and better every iteration.

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    Another day, another update, pretty glorious

    Little Big Things Update
    Hello Miners!

    Update 27 is here, and just in time for the holidays! This update is a big bag of both lesser and major goodies: We’ve wrapped up the last Machine Event and added a ton of small but significant improvements and features - and a new enemy also managed to make the cut!

    And from all of us here at the office: All the best wishes and a happy New Year! Now get back to work!

    - The Ghost Ship Team

    --- PATCH NOTES ---

    R&D came up with a brilliant idea for helping out our Pest Control teams: Project Omen - a vast network of interlinked Modular Extermination Towers, strategically inserted into caves all over Hoxxes. However, much to their regret, the Exterminators turned out to be just as dangerous to our own people as the bugs they were supposed to protect us against! So, the strategy is clear: Project Omen needs to be shut down. However… for security reasons, that can only be done through a… hands-on approach, by our esteemed ground teams.

    Get in there, find and activate the Exterminator, engage the Maintenance Pads to expose the machine Cooling Tanks, and blow them to bits. Easy. Well, and you have to do so within a limited time window or the device goes into Lockdown.

    PS: Do note, the Exterminators can be constructed from a variety of different modules, so for your personal safety, do take care to learn the patterns of each. R&D aren’t in the business of making kids’ toys, after all...

    The Glyphid Oppressor is basically Veteran Glyphid Praetorian. It is a slow and extremely heavily armored tank - impossible to deal with from the front, but has a weak spot in the back. Up close, it deals a lot of damage and has a powerful area knockback attack. It can dig through the ground to get to you - Maneuverability is key to take it down this unstoppable beast.

    Tweaking and modding your equipment has been a big thing in the game for a long time, and only got more complex with the introduction of Weapon Overclocks. So by popular demand, as well as our own, you can now set up and save up to three full loadouts for each of your dwarves!

    The FOURTH RELIC weapon skin can be found for all weapons in the Cargo Crates in the mines. It’s a callback to the past glory and greatness of the dwarf nation - adorn your boomsticks with golden ritual bands and clan insignia, and make your stand!

    After introducing the recent pickup animations, we got inspired and have added a handful of other ones as well to better describe the actions happening. New animations added for:
    Ledge Grab
    Interacting with a Terminal
    Hanging pose when on a Zipline
    Throwing of carriable objects
    ...and maybe some more?

    The Warning Shield Disruption will now give a smaller Health bonus.
    Enemies now back out of active Shields instead of turning around and running away exposing their weak butts.
    Glyphid Guards and Praetorians have had their Resistances to Temperature and Stun increased, making them a bit tougher to kill.
    Glyphid Guard has had its health increased.
    Glyphid Bulk Detonators unfreeze faster and when if they die while frozen they now explode with a nonlethal shockwave.
    Jadiz and Enor pearl can now be found in Cargo Crates and are being dropped by the Hooli Hoarder.
    Stepping over loose chunks of Minerals makes them float to you instead of just popping away.

    Fixed the fire rate ramp-up mechanic so that the Lighter Barrel Assembly mod now works correctly and the weapon's top rate of fire can be displayed in the weapon stats as rounds per second instead of a percentage.
    Replaced the Quickfire Ejector mod with a Magazine Capacity mod.
    The Damage Resistance at Full RoF mod now displays a shield icon when it is active and the resistance amount can be seen in the weapon stats.

    R&D has been very busy cooking up a solutions to ensure heavy beards and heavy armor can coexist in peace and harmony. Facial hair and combat suits are not natural friends, but now selecting a large beard will custom fit your heavy armor to make sure there is room for all that bushy glory.

    This solution is not fully implemented yet! But our team of armorers and barbers are working round the clock to get all combinations of beard and armor looking their best.

    We have once again turned our attention to the caves and will be improving the variety of the special formations and flora that you can find down in the depths. For this update, we have added just a few new things to Fungus Bogs and The Salt Pits but there is more on the way.

    In the coming updates more will be added all over the place.

    All beers now have unique beer mugs! Beer just tastes better when it’s looking fancy!
    (COMMUNITY REQUEST) Unlocking a new beer now triggers Lloyd to serve up a free round - Only fair since you spend all the time collecting the beer ingredients.

    UI & HUD
    We are doing a lot of minor visual improvements all over the UI and HUD and will continue to do so in the coming time. For now, we’ve been focusing on making Unlocks and Rewards feel more satisfying and informative.
    The mission map has received parallax scrolling to make it feel more dynamic
    Ammo Status UI has been updated and better shows your ammo status

    Mixer Integration now works again and can be enabled in the Options menu, and only Hosts can activate Mixer input
    Item names in the Employee Wardrobe are now centered again
    Fixed “Lead Storm” Powered Minigun ammo display off by 1
    Added Notifications to new Schematics at the Forge
    Fixed Cosmetic count in the Accessory Shop not matching actual purchasable items
    Random Mission names can now be translated if it makes sense
    Minehead can no longer spawn on top of Machine Events during Point Extraction missions
    Various typos and spelling errors fixed
    Fixed case of terrain generation crash when in Dense Biozone
    A bunch of enemies formerly not giving you Health on death when using the Vampire Perk now correctly gives you Health.
    Fixed a rare bug that prevented some assignments from being started before the main one has been completed
    You can no longer Sprint while carrying an item if your run speed is boosted above normal.
    Aquarq and Dystrum icons updated to look less alike
    Rebalanced Community Goals after this month’s results
    Fixed a bug that prevented the player from backing out of a Terminal with ESC after purchasing an upgrade
    Fixed a bug with an infinite loop of audio that occured when crafting resources and closing the reward display before it is done
    Fixed a bug where interrupting the Beer Unlock animation by pressing ESC/X could trigger an everlasting audio glitch that was only resolved by restarting the game
    Beer Ingredients no longer spawn in the Tutorial biome
    Fixed a bug with public sessions still being listed on the Server List for 30 seconds after the player changed it to a solo game
    Increased the damage done to enemies by falling stalactites and exploding plants
    Reduced the performance impact of crevasses opening up during earthquakes in Magma Core
    Fixed a bug which would reduce zone color caused by reentering the Mission Terminal after unlocking a new biome
    Fixed Third Person reload for “Stubby” Voltaic SMG
    Increased the size and improved the readability of the Laser Pointer’s display
    Fixed a bug that caused large terrain cubes to form when removing floating mineral chunks
    Fixed incorrect stat display for the recoil reduction of the Floating Barrel mod on the “Bulldog” Heavy Revolver
    Fixed EPC side charge indicators not working with some skins
    Fixed a bug with Nayaka Trawlers not giving health when using Vampire perk
    Mactera now flee out of the Gunner’s shield
    Added a safeguard that prevents Machine Events from spawning too close to the Salvage Mission Escape Pod
    The drills on the broken Escape Pod in Salvage no longer kill enemies

    Edit: Aaaaand Molly pathed through a glyphid tunnel that was at a just narrow enough piece of wall to make a connection.

    God dammit Molly.

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    @vamen and I had the most ridiculous extraction point platform ever.

    Thank god we counterpicked with mass gunners.

  • CantidoCantido Registered User regular
    I finally sold my brother on this game, and I gifted a friend.

    I might actually get to play with people I know.

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    @Karoz Thank goodness we weren't a group of all Drillers.

  • General_ArmchairGeneral_Armchair Registered User regular
    I just bought the game last weekend, so I'm still a bit new, but couldn't a team of drillers undermine the platform with their drills and satchel charges to forcibly remove the terrain under the platform and lower it to a more manageable z-level?

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    Nah, the platform was floating in air, though if you dug out from under it, it'd just end up floating. At least, I assume. I've never tried it but that's how most things behave.

    vamen on
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    I've seen some things float and a lot of things fall. I know for a fact that supply pods and salvage operation fuel tanks will drop down to a deeper z-level if the terrain underneath them has been removed. I've seen it happen with my own eyes when earthquakes open up a chasm underneath them or when a bulk detonator explodes adjacent to them. I thought that I've seen the same thing happen when a bulk detonator attacked our platform, but I'm not certain. A regular detonator caused quite a bit of mayhem when it snuck up to our fuel tank, which was sitting on a thin shelf over a deep drop, and detonated. It sent the fuel tank plummeting down to the cavern floor and we had to abandon our dug in position to go down and stand within the sphere.

    I have observed sentry turrets and Molly floating in the air when their terrain gets destroyed though.

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    I've seen some things float and a lot of things fall. I know for a fact that supply pods and salvage operation fuel tanks will drop down to a deeper z-level if the terrain underneath them has been removed. I've seen it happen with my own eyes when earthquakes open up a chasm underneath them or when a bulk detonator explodes adjacent to them. I thought that I've seen the same thing happen when a bulk detonator attacked our platform, but I'm not certain. A regular detonator caused quite a bit of mayhem when it snuck up to our fuel tank, which was sitting on a thin shelf over a deep drop, and detonated. It sent the fuel tank plummeting down to the cavern floor and we had to abandon our dug in position to go down and stand within the sphere.

    I have observed sentry turrets and Molly floating in the air when their terrain gets destroyed though.

    I've seen a lot of explosions around a platform and never noticed it move, but I've definitely never seen the whole ground taken out from under it after it landed, so I don't know if it'd end up falling or not.

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    The platform may just be a case where it will just float. All I can vouch for certain are the resupply pods and the salvage op fuel tanks. I'm not quite sure if the platform legit floats once it lands or if is considered resting on a block of terrain that may not be immediately apparent.

    There's an interesting clip on reddit where a mining head lands on a bulk detonator. It's hard to tell from the clip, but I'm not certain whether or not the mining head is a few meters lower after the detonation or not. The detonation itself is missed by the player's recording.

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    Yeah, usually the game is pretty good about detecting where the ground is or at least having the ramps extended long enough to make getting to them achievable.

    This has been a big exception in many rounds of no problems and honestly it worked out quite well because of our class choice.

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    Picked this up and a couple friends grabbed it. So far it's a lot of fun, reminds me of a FPS version of HellDivers a bit. I tried the Scout and the Driller. I'm going to try the engineer next.

    Any tips and pointers? I'm reading the FAQ on reddit but any class tips would be helpful. I found the Scout to be underwhelming, couldn't do much damage and the early caves didn't need his grapple. Maybe I'm missing what his role is? The driller was a lot of fun and can't wait to get the Cryo gun.

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    I've only gone as far as soloing up to haz 3 so far, but here's my take on those two in regards to general tips rather than meta builds.

    *he is the premier class for mining, especially when assisted by engineer platforms, and is the best at quickly grabbing secondary objectives
    *he is critical for illuminating large caverns so that you can identify what is high up on the walls.
    *during swarms, it is your job to keep the arena brightly lit so that your teammates can clearly see all approaching threats. Enough advance warning can defang the threat
    *if you don't have an engineer, you can use a power attack to create a dwarf sized hole in the wall from which you can mine out a vein.
    *you can grapple a stand on top of some veins to mine them out.
    *I think that he should be the best at removing high threat targets like the bulk detonator at long range with m1000 rifle, but I haven't tried it out yet.

    With engineer, I'm just gonna talk about the platform gun since I can't speak about meta for his weapons:
    *if you have a scout on your team, immediately plant platforms below high veins so that your scout can fetch them. It will often be better to let the scout do the mining than waste the ammo to create stairs to do it yourself.
    *sometimes you can plug up small gaps with platforms, which can deny the bugs a route of attack. Be mindful that you don't cut off your only route of retreat though.
    *one such common pluggable hole is the one created by supply drops. If you plan to stick around the vicinity, such as during the extraction phase of a salvage op, plug the hole above the supply pod.
    *you can stick platforms onto platforms to create bridges. It's ammo intensive but remember that the option is there.
    *the fall damage reduction upgrade to the platform only mitigates fall damage instead of negating it entirely. Keep that in mind FOR HUGE drops.
    *the bug repellant upgrade for the platform gun is growing on me and is IMO really useful in salvage ops. Bugs only respect it though if they have alternative pathing routes to you. That means no standing on the platforms and you must leave bug sized gaps in your fortifications. During salvage ops, blocking the overhangs to make it harder for bugs to get on the ceiling and walls behind you has IMO been the most useful for me. Outside of salvage op finales, you don't want to go crazy making barricades with your ammo though.
    *when the floor is lava, you can make new floors
    *when a driller is drilling an escape shaft to the escape pod, you can plug the shaft behind you to mitigate the forces that can pursue you.
    *your grenade launcher can be used to knock down minerals and red sugar from the ceiling, but it is a woefully inefficient use of ammo to do so. It can be worth it occasionally, but weigh the cost of that grenade before you do it.

    I haven't properly tested it, but the second and bottom tick marks are approximate points of aim for level grenade launcher shots at 20 and 30 meters. I'm curious if low gravity environments affect that... I've never played as engineer in low grav.

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    Yeah, Scout is a great support class and gets to mineral/secondary mission items a lot easier saving the team time.

    Don't forget to light the ground on fire using the Driller's flamethrower. With upgrades it slows down bugs a bunch and does tons of damage.

    The classes really come into their own with additional upgrades as you level up and can be tweaked to match your playstyle.

    The only "must have" things are the perks Iron Will (though that unlocks at higher perk levels) and Field Medic, the rest is up to how you play--at least up to hazard 3. I rarely dare to go to hazard 4 with Randos and epic deep dives usually fall apart.

    Friends with headsets probably do just fine in 4 and have a good challenge in 5.

    Edit: And Gunner? Don't forget your shield generator. It's great for making some breathing room and reviving a downed all. Too many times they just go full dakka and don't take a half second to throw down a shield generator.

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    Thanks that's great info. Yeah any info on the Gunner and Driller? The more I'm reading it seems having multiple of the same class can be really helpful. So it seems this isn't a "stick to one class and master it" kind of game.

    EDIT: also what would be the best class to solo? I'd imagine the scout with grapple or the engineer with platforms would work best?

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    Trajan45 wrote: »
    Thanks that's great info. Yeah any info on the Gunner and Driller? The more I'm reading it seems having multiple of the same class can be really helpful. So it seems this isn't a "stick to one class and master it" kind of game.

    Yeah, do what suits you, though you do want to prestige (hit level 25, do a string of 4 quests and pay a sum) one class ASAP so you can do Weekly Core Hunts and deep dives.

    -you have powerful charges that can do stupid amount of damage to dreadnoughts and help with quickly mining veins
    -flamethrower are something to behold. Light the ground on fire in front of glyphids and watch them crawl to a standstill and die
    -know when to dig and when to just run 30-60m is doable, 100+ is excessive. Be sure to ping your team to know what you're up to though (X to shout, or Ctrl to highlight the entrance to your tunnel)
    -Check your map on where to go, sometimes it's just easier to dig to the last passage.

    -You have a shield generator! Use it! It is great for breathing room during a dreadnought/escape/swarm or helping to revive a downed ally.
    -Your zipline is excellent for getting non-scout teammates past hard terrain, but its ammo is limited so think before you use.
    -The nature of extraction points and hauling back aquargs (spelling?) make the ziplines ideal and so grabbing more than one gunner may be useful
    -You bring the most mobile firepower to the team and can shred the big targets down a lot easier than your friends so don't be afraid to focus on an elite

    Edit: Solo they all do good because you have Bosco the friendly android who you can send to mine/gather things that are usually out of reach.

    I'd kinda say scout is the weakest in this case but really does just fine because anything he has trouble getting, Bosco can. Also the enemy numbers scale based on players and bosco gives revives so it's very doable to solo.

    Edit 2: Most weapon are side grades, so match your playstyle. While the high powered rifle is bonkers in the hands of a good player, I just find the assault rifle and shotgun combo much more my speed. I know there are best builds and what not out there but just do what you find fun and build yourself around that.

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    One more important tip:

    When you bring up your laser pointer, do a long click to to mark a personal way point on the map instead of pinging the site for your teammates. I've used it to mark important things like cargo crates or their batteries if I need to do something else first and come back later.

    You can only have one way point. Placing a second overwrites the first.

    I'm also not fond of using satchel charges against dreadnoughts. At least in a 2 man group, all that it really did destroy the floor and make it really hard to kite the dreadnought. I don't think that the damage was worth it at all. Maybe things would be different in a 4 man team but in my limited experience it was more hazard than boon.

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    I just tried solo with the Driller and failed. Once because I slipped down a massive shaft and twice to some Glyphid Bulk Detonator. First time seeing one and flamethrower just wasn't doing much damage vs 1 hit from it seemed to put an DOT on me and I died both times.

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    Bulk detonators and dreads are resistant to explosives and flames. Driller is strong but he's not the best match up against those big mobs. I haven't played much as driller but I think swapping to your sidearm and focusing the weak spots is a better play than wasting flame on a detonator. A good throwing axe hit would be good too.

    More on the satchel charge and dreads, I guess it really depends on the arena that you have to work with for whether the damage is worth putting a big hoke in the floor.

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    Usually with the satchel charges, you place them under the dread as it spawns to break through a lot of armor right away.

    This is especially effective if you are pulling it to another area for an easier fight.

    Edit: I usually keep throwing axes on driller just because they do such a huge amount of damage to single target enemies. But General has the right of it, hit the week points with your secondary. The Cryo gun is more effective on these larger guys but has its own downsides that makes the flamethrower slightly more effective IMO.

    Also if you want to coop some time just friend me.

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    I was able to complete and egg mission. Just need some more practice I think. I was getting better at making smaller holes which worked well as choke points. The axe is awesome, really helped with Praetorian's. When looking at upgrades, I'm assuming more ammo is probably the best option for beginners?

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    More ammo for what?

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    idk probably assuming as a beginner I'm not great at flanking for weak spots or other advanced things haha. I guess that leads to a question, is Nitro only used for supply pods? Does it give you any score at the end if you have a ton of it?

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    IIRC, all secondary minerals go towards the total EXP gained from the mission while only gold attributes to additional Credits. I'm not sure if it reduces for nitra used for supply drops but I'd hope not. On one hand rewards more difficult play, but on the other sometimes you just want a supply drop down just in case.

    You do not get anything for harvesting additional missions materials however which is honestly too bad.

    As for upgrades, it is really up to personal preference. It's all about what you think is the best fit for your playstyle.

    Usually I gravitate towards increased damage/weakpoint damage but you make the decision and can switch between them in the space rig so it is no big deal if you don't like a particular upgrade.

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    One more tip, if you can manage to kill a small detonator bug by decapitating it, then it won't explode. It's kinda tricky to pull that off though due to their tendency to die to body shots if you look at their bodies too hard. (edit: Same for the goo bombers. If you can knock out both weak spots before they die, then they won't spray goo everywhere upon death)

    I promoted Engineer a few days ago and I'm working on promoting Scout now. That AR is great at picking off targets with weakpoint hits, and the shotgun came into its own once you get the penetrator rounds. I'm working on unlocking the machine pistols now. I've tried out the battle rifle. It feels a bit off due to the nature of the gun being fire on release rather than fire on press. I'm not sure which grenade that I like more. The pheromone canisters are kinda nice, but I've grown to kinda like the inhibitor field generator ones and I get 50% more inhibitors. I suspect pheromones might scale better into harder content though.

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    Also the Cryo Cannon shines as it makes it so many enemies with a death effect won't occur. However, it is much slower to freeze flyers since it insta-kills them.

    The gas that praetorians spray out on death as well as neurotoxin grenades can be lit on fire by the driller's flamethrower to cause an explosion to get rid of some bugs in a hurry. Note that it does do friendly fire.

    Webs can also be lit on fire.

    I know they are trying to balance the Rifle by making it so you can't be just insta killing things all the time, but could do like Widowmaker in Overwatch that the longer you're zoomed in the more powerful the shot is while unzoomed just does the standard. Charged shots already cost two ammo per shot so there is already some balancing going on.

    I am all about the inhibitor field. It slows down groups and big guys without doing friendly fire so can be used when things get hairy without fear. The damage increase is huge and allows you to flank enemies a lot easier. Sure it reduced your overall killing power compared to the cryo grenade and pheremone grenade but it is just so dang effective without fear of friendly fire.

    Note that some hazards can also be dealt with with various classes. Radioactive crystals can be drilled/shot through to the point they stop glowing. Vents/lava can be destroyed by Driller's satchel charges in case they are messing things up---they cause a huge explosion if dug through manually. Engi might be able to cover those with platforms as well? I'm not sure, it may have been a fluke when were running at top speed to the drop pod.

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    Is there any rhyme or reason to icy wind in the Permafrost biome? I have never successfully taken cover from it because it's seemingly spewing from the walls. Can there be safety from it or is the game just going "fuck you, you're frozen now"?

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    Cantido wrote: »
    Is there any rhyme or reason to icy wind in the Permafrost biome? I have never successfully taken cover from it because it's seemingly spewing from the walls. Can there be safety from it or is the game just going "fuck you, you're frozen now"?

    Certain biomes have certain hazards but yes ones like that, the rain, sandstorms, seismic activities are all unavoidable and will give you a short term negative effect of usually slowing you down, reducing vision, and/or applying a debuff (ice being the only one).

    Note that if a miner is frozen and others nearby are not, they can use their picks to help break out the frozen miner.

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