PAX Unplugged Dran & Courtier Meetup

LittleCLUUsLittleCLUUs Registered User new member
OK, so some of you may know about the C Team, and some of you may also know about the show on PAs Twitch channel called Acquisitions Intoxicated. Well last year Brian and I wanted to start a little meetup for fans of the shows. And it was a glorious success. Both Eric and Jerry came out as well as a slew of PA propers. Ever since then Ive been setting up little meetups at every PAX since, but this years Unplugged will have the bid to do, as it were. There will be food, drinks, and of course our beloved PA peeps. Last years attendees got fist dibs, but we've opened it up now to everyone! So if you'd like to come, we just ask you donate what you can and this seals in your spot (its limited) to this years meet!! Any money raised above what we need will go to Childs Play. Thank y'all for the good memories and I CAN NOT WAIT for this years!!!



  • zerzhulzerzhul Registered User, Moderator mod
    This looks pretty great!

  • CalebrosCalebros a k a TimesNewPwnin Registered User regular
    I'll definitely be attending. See you all there!

  • melisabeemelisabee Registered User new member
    What day is this event on?

  • drakuldragondrakuldragon Long Island, NYRegistered User regular
    we have to meet up this year!! Not sure if I can make that thing though, we'll see :)


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  • DragonDragon Registered User regular
    melisabee wrote: »
    What day is this event on?

    Its on Sunday after the end of the Con

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