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PAX East 2018 Pins

thx42thx42 SeattleRegistered User regular
edited April 2018 in Pinny Arcade
Pin News Post -
Pin Quest -
Merch Banner -
Guidebook -
PAX Selfie Hunt -
Expo Map with pin locations -
Tabletop Map with pin locations -
Level 1 Map with pin locations -
Pinny Pals Handout front (made by evanephrine) -
Pinny Pals Handout back (made by evanephrine) -

PAX East 2018 LE (Merch Lite) - $15
PAX East 2018 Set (PAX East 2018 Logo, 8 Bit Jim Darkmagic, 8 Bit Omin Dran, 8 Bit Green Flame) (Merch or Merch Lite) - $30
Pronoun Set (He/Him, She/Her, They/Them, Rainbow PAX Logo) (Merch or Merch Lite) - $30
Sparkle Kitty (Breaking Games - TT81) - $15
Rise of Tribes (Breaking Games - TT81) - $15
Shu (Coatsink Software - 14084) - $15 or $10 if you beat Shu Time Trial
Night in the Woods (Finji - 20013) - $20
Keys (Jinx - 19079) - $15
Figs n Co (KinifiGames - 23085) - $15 or 2 for $25
Deadstream (Kris Straub - Bandland) - $15
Human Era Machine (Lay Waste Games - TT51) - $15 (+tax)
Luna Owl (Funomena - 17079) - $15
PAX AUS Roadshow Possum (Surprise Attack - 12124) - $15
Blind (The Warden) (Surprise Attack - 12124) - $15
Super Meat Family (Team Meat - 15099) - probably $15
Black Light Cerberus (Think Geek - 15090) - $10
FoxTrot Peter Arcade (Bill Amend - Bandland) - probably $15
Ti'zo (Supergiant Games - 19091) - $15
Sinner: Sacrifice for Redemption (Another Indie - 21117) - $15

Outer Wild (Annapurna Games - 19103) - free with demo
Harbinger (Spearhead Games - 17102) - free with demo
Golden Glitch (Twitch - 16043) - Complete the PAX East 2018 Scavenger Hunt on the Twitch Events app and stop by Twitch booth #16043 to claim your prize! Limited pins available per day, only while supplies last.
Due Process (Giant Enemy Crab - 21103) - free with demo
Oculus (Oculus - Level 1) - free with demo

Purchase or Free
Bellringer Angel (Cygames - 10029) - Grab a stamp card at the front desk of booth #10029 and complete 4 activities to redeem your Cygames Pinny Arcade Pin. Limited pins available per day, only while supplies last. One stamp card per person. The Bellringer Angel pin is also available for purchase at the Cygames merchandise booth #10026 for $15
Pillars of Eternity II: Tekehu (Versus Evil - 13096) - Free with demo or purchase
The Banner Sage 3: Juno (Versus Evil - 13096) - Free with demo or purchase
YIIK: A Postmodern RPG: Alex (Ysbryd Games - 19115) - $15 or free to first 100 each day to demo
VA-11 Hall-A: Jill (Ysbryd Games - 19115) - $15 or free to first 100 each day to demo

Kissin' Gabe - Trade with Gabe (Mike)
Kissin' Tycho - Trade with Tycho (Jerry)
Rex Ready - Trade with Gavin or Ryan
Oksana - Trade with Kiko or Mike (Feh)
Esther - Trade with Laura or Dora
Grace - Trade with Kristin
Dr. Raven Darktalon Blood - Trade with Dave or Patrick
Witchalok - Trade with Dabe or Elyssa
CTS - Trade with Erick
Mr. Period - Trade with Lidija or Travis
Gold Rex Ready - Trade with Gavin, Ryan or Elyssa
Gold Grace - Trade with Kristin, Dora, or Laura
Gold CTS - Trade with Erick, Dabe, Kiko, or Patrick
Gold Mr. Period - Trade with Lidija, Travis, Mike (Feh), or Dave

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