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Attention, citizens of Homeworld! Approximately seven cycles ago an unauthorized Galaxy Warp activation from the failed Earth colony was logged in Transit Hub Twelve-Gamma. Due to an utter failure of security protocols, the perpetrators managed to escape capture and flee the scene. Preliminary scans reveal these miscreants to be none other than the infamous Rose Quartz and her ruthless band of rebel Gems. Your Diamonds, in their infinite wisdom, have foregone the costly and ineffective process of sweeping the area with easily evaded drones and instead call on you, the common Gem, to volunteer in the defense of your Homeworld! Please note that volunteering is mandatory. Root out these traitors, and avenge your fallen Pink Diamond!


What is this?
It's a Steven Universe Phalla! It's not absolutely necessary that you've seen the show in order to play, but it will definitely help. Be aware that there may be some spoilers in this game for later in the series!

What's a Phalla?
I'll let these fine folks answer that question!

Sample PM
Congratulations fellow Gem. We thank you for volunteering towards this cause. Your mission is to destroy the traitors that call themselves “Crystal Gems” that are trying to ruin homeworld and all that's left of our precious Pink Diamond. Oh and do watch out for the lesser gems, somebody has failed to collect them all and they may be a bit cranky. Each night you vote in red for someone to shatter.

You win when all Crystal Gems and Gem Monsters are shattered.

Rules Clarifications
MamaWolf wrote: »
Egos wrote: »

What happens in the event of a tie?

Clarification Denied
MamaWolf wrote: »
JPants wrote: »
Are there conversions?

Clarification Denied

Standard Phalla Rules
Don't share your role PMs, clods! Paraphrasing is okay, direct copy/pasting is not. If you die, you get a final ghost post (don't share sensitive game knowledge though!) and that's it. No anonymous contact! If you reach out to someone, they have to know it's you.

Number of Players
The number of players caps at 30, but reserves are always welcome!

Activity Requirements
All players must make at least two posts (including a village vote) in the thread per day, in addition to sending in any special actions. Failure to meet activity requirements once will result in a public warning, twice will mark that player as inactive and they'll be replaced with a reserve player if possible.

Messaging/Seperate Boards
Please include MamaWolf in any PM conversations you start with regards to the game, and link me to any seperate boards that may be created.

Signing up is as easy as posting !sign up or !reserve below. The public elimination vote closes each day at 9 PM EST / 8 PM CT / 6 PM PT.

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