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Dungeons & Dragons (Adventurers League) at PAX Australia 2018

MerricBMerricB Registered User regular
G'day, folks!

I've been given the go-ahead, so: Yes, there will be D&D Adventurers League games running at PAX Australia 2018!

If anyone has any suggestions or feedback for how we implement it this time around, please let us know.

Demand was very high last year, and I'm going to have to think about what games we offer and how people sign-up to them. There's a balance to be found between introductory games for people who have never played D&D, and people who have some experience but would like to play some more!




  • BraveNewBoardgamesBraveNewBoardgames Registered User new member
    Hi Merric,

    Considering demand is high and there are different levels of players, have you considered or are you going to open pre-registration for games?

    You could run pre-registration advertisements and so forth on here and social media to get it going. Might create early organisation?

    You can use peoples PAX order or receipt numbers as proof they will be there.



  • JazzyJazzy Melbourne, AustraliaRegistered User regular
    +1 for pre-registration, either during the event similar to how they run VR gaming or perhaps before the event.

    Moon Wizard.
  • UseR2006UseR2006 MelbourneRegistered User regular
    What about those that Enforce and what to play but may not know there availability? pre-reg could adversely affect those people.

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  • DaevaDaeva Registered User regular
    I will note that, as an interested AL-er, if I'd not thought to check in these forums (which I would rarely ever do!) I'd not have known about this discussion at all. And this was written... many moons ago! So yeah. Um.

    I'm hoping I can still play?

  • MerricBMerricB Registered User regular
    Pre-registration causes us a lot of headaches, especially from people who then don't turn up. One of the reasons we adopted the "you can only sign up for the next session" last year was because of people who'd sign up and never showed - and it's too hectic to then organise replacements easily.

    The schedule of adventures we're running this year include:

    INTRODUCTION TO D&D SESSIONS - DDEX01-01 Defiance in Phlan (90 minute sessions).
    Back to the start of the Adventurers League with these classic scenarios by Shawn Merwin. The AL didn't release a set of short adventures this season, but they're too useful for us, so we're returning to these scenarios, aimed mainly at new players. We've never run them at PAX Aus before, though!

    WELCOME TO WATERDEEP SESSIONS (180 minute sessions)
    DDAL08-01 The Map with No Names
    DDAL08-02 Beneath the City of the Dead
    DDAL08-03 Dock Ward Double Cross
    - the first trilogy of adventures of the new season. Explore the City of Waterdeep, greatest city in the Forgotten Realms! (At least they tell me it is!)

    AUSTRALIAN-MADE SESSIONS (180-minute sessions)
    CCC-SHO-01 Trouble Under Winton by Micah Watt
    - when a sinkhole opens up and swallows a local tower, the local people need brave adventurers to investigate. Guess that's you!

    All sessions are for Tier 1 (level 1-4) characters. I'll be paying attention to the skill level of players joining; the schedule may adjust accordingly, though it's not easy doing so. For higher-level AL play, the Arcanacon and Conquest conventions will provide such in a format (including preregistration) that is much easier to handle!


  • DaevaDaeva Registered User regular
    Awesome, thanks! I'll be there with my halfling paladin (and maybe a human fighter) ready to go. :)

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