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Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Homework: Psychologists Wanted

hardxcore_conservativehardxcore_conservative Registered User
edited May 2007 in Help / Advice Forum
Hello. I require help but not advice. My difficulties are as outlined below:


I am presently working on an assignment for a senior-level high school Family Studies course. Specifically, I am on the data collection phase of this assignment.

In order to successfully complete this phase, I will need to conduct a short, three-question interview with several professionals within the field of psychology. Ideally, the interviewees will be psychologists registered with a relevant professional association.

This process should be fine with my teacher, so long as I receive some basic contact information from the individuals interviewed. (First and last names, geographical areas of employment, names of relevant professional associations.)

Interviews and the subsequent sending of contact information can be conducted either publicly on these forums, or via PM.


The questions are as follows:

1. Will the elimination of post-taumatic dreams positively affect other symptoms of the disorder?

2. Are there presently any non-pharmaceutical methods of treatment in common use designed specifically to eliminate post-traumatic dreams?

3. What are the physiological differences between common dreams experienced during REM sleep and post-traumatic nightmares? Do these differences preclude the treatment of PTSD through dream-control methods such as lucid dreaming?

Thanks in advance to all participants.

A NOTE TO CONCERNED MODERATORS: This is not a clumsy attempt to get others to complete my homework for me, but rather a means of collecting primary data as per the guidelines of an assignment. I am willing to forward paperwork containing the assignment guidelines if doing so will help my case.

hardxcore_conservative on
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