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Lost and Found - East 2018

zerzhulzerzhul Registered User, Moderator mod
PAX hands over lost and found items to the venues where an item is found. If you've lost something, make sure to check with the Convention Center and any of your hotels you may have been staying with, depending on where you think you lost your item.

You can post about your lost/found items here, but one of those establishments will likely have a better chance of finding it.

I hope that all lost items are found by their owners!


  • wizard2050wizard2050 Registered User new member
    Just wanted to say thank you to all the honest gamers out there. My son and daughter and I went on Sunday and I had bought a backpack and t-shirts and a bearicades card game and a coffee mug. But in the hussel of leaving I left the backpack with everything in it on the floor and didn’t realize I had left it til we got home. I called the venue on the off chance I would get lucky and was pleasantly please to find that the pack had been turned into security and was waiting there for me. To all of the honest gamers that attended this and all the other PAX events a really big THANK YOU!!! You guys are awesome.

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