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  • QanamilQanamil life cheated us all and i'm full of angst Registered User regular
    Reynolds wrote: »
    That looks like a completely different game. I guess this is for people that started with DS3 or something.

    the combat, what little was shown, doesn't read like DS3 to me at all. Definitely in the DS1 wheelhouse.

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    Cruor wrote: »
    I don't understand how they can make a mistake that big at a Sony event. baffles the mind. I kinda feel like there is a PC version in the works but they didn't intend to reveal it at that event. Oh well, if it never comes to PC I guess I just won't play it.


    I'm not buying a console just for a couple of games, even if I really like From's stuff.

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  • KamarKamar Registered User regular
    edited September 17
    Rewatching it closely, other than the more involved critical animation and the camera change it looks like DeS. It's just the tutorial area recreated.

    Feel will be more important to a full assessment, and honestly I'm not sure keeping it the same as DeS is a winning play.

    Like, DeS has a weapon-based hyper-armor system with very few armored attacks (great axes and a one or two moves on other bigger weapons), and people didn't even like DS3's comparatively less limited hyperarmor/poise system, so.

    Hope they jettison the carry weight limit, there's a reason DS1 dropped it and it never came back.


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  • ReynoldsReynolds Gone Fishin'Registered User regular
    If enemies don't ragdoll around like crazy, why even bother?

  • ElendilElendil Registered User regular
    the ripostes weren't changed that much

    DeS just has better riposte animations

  • MorninglordMorninglord Registered User regular
    edited September 17
    DeS was always smoother in a lot of ways. In Dark Souls 1 the player character was kinda nerfed into a more lumbering, awkward character, that uses weapons inexpertly.

    In DeS you were playing a "hero" come in from the outside of Boletaria. He knew how to use weapons and attack.

    Also while I probably wouldn't complain if they changed things to something better, the other part of me just wants them to keep everything the way it was, warts and all. It was part of its charm. World tendency, weight limits, hidden super armor mechanics on large weapons. Sure it'd probably be a better game if that stuff was gone or reworked.

    It just wouldn't be Demon Souls.

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  • DanHibikiDanHibiki Registered User regular
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    I'm really hoping that the plan is to eventually release a PC version later, and Sony just wanted to down play that. I really don't want to buy a system for two exclusive games... looking at you PS4, aka the Bloodborne / God of War machine / dust farm.

    edit: also

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  • KamarKamar Registered User regular
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    Finally started Surge 2. Feels great, environments are much improved over the first one.

    Too bad they decided to make every single combat encounter reminescent of the worst parts of DS2 by making sure well over half of all encounters past a certain point are multi-pulls of melee guy and ranged guy, equally sturdy (sometimes ranged guy is melee guy once you attack him) so you can't rush down ranged guy. Better hope you have the ammo you need to delete one of them each time (you won't)!

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