Thank you

So, I'm drunk and stoned right now after my girl friend's birthday party and everyone including my gf has gone to sleep(no sexor for me) but i figure now is a better time than any to say this. :D

I dont post; infact I never post. I tried it once, ok never mind, many times. But I never fit in(Were talking years here people, I started posting when I was a senior in highschool. I have graduated now.....graduated COLLEGE that is!!!) I even grinded it out like some MMORPG player trying to make that next level. I just could never fit in to what this communtiy is. No matter how many posts, no matter how many new names, no matter what my understanding of videogames... I just can't cut whatever curve is here by the video game elite.

"....oh shit!" -says a random long time poster. Here comes anouther troll to tell us that were all asshats. :roll:

No, your wrong. Instead you are a mini celeberty to me. You are pure entertainment. You and your group of one post standup's are where I go first to get a laugh after work, the place to unwind.

Thank's you crazy bastards, even though I can't be in the circus I'm still glad to watch it. Thank you,

P.S. Bodah = Best poster ever. But you all are somthing awsome.


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    O.... k.

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    Does this feel awkward to someone else?

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    Would it be bad for me to come it and get some graditude for just joining? or should I just leave this thread alone from now on?

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    Hint: don't get drunk and stoned and post on an internet forum.

    Stay in School, kids

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