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[iOS/Android] Salad Hunt | Family Friendly Kitchen Destruction Game

TubeTube Administrator, ClubPA admin

I want to introduce you to our newly released game, Salad Hunt. We call it a kitchen destruction game inspired by arcade shooters, but it takes away the traditional guns and realistic violence of the genre. It's also Free-to-Play and has no in-app purchases. We're a two man indie team based out of Boston and every bit of support and feedback is welcome!

For those of you that were there, we were featured as part of PAX Rising during PAX South 2018 and released at PAX East 2018. Thanks to everybody who came out and smashed kitchens with us!

Apple App Store Link

Google Play Link


Game Trailer:

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  • SaladHuntersSaladHunters Registered User new member
    Whoops, almost forgot to mention that if you use the in-game promo code "LOVESALAD", you'll get an extra cosmetic change to the Chef's apron.

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