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Pinquizition Final Round

purevalpureval Somersworth, NH Registered User regular
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At PAX East this year the podcast crew (and friends) once again put on our game show, The Pinquizition. Contestants first had to face a round of random geek trivia, then see if they could Name That Pinny from a series of blurry images. Those who could then faced the horrors of Pinny Code Names (please don't sue us). The team who advanced then faced off in a 2 on 1 battle against Pedro with some of his personal collection on the line. It was requested that I put the final challenge online, so here it is. Could you Win Pedro's Pinnys?

The challenge:

Before you you see
a plethora of pins
The team who chooses the one I've selected
Is the team who wins.

Seven pop culture riddles I shall now give you
Seven answers you should try to find
These answers shall become hints
That will free you from your bind.

The Gambler uses dice and cards
The Devil uses fiddles
You must use your ears and brains
For here come my riddles

Some pins are as rare as a hen's tooth
Some as common as a nail
Choose a pin with the same trait
Dr. Indiana saw in his Holy Grail.

For the next clue to muddle on
If you truly dare
What 1 trait do Mario,
Master Chief and V2.0 polo shirts all share?

Late '80s Nintendo fans
We're so shocked as to kneel
When playground rumors quickly spread
About this secret Metroid ending reveal.

Can you still remember
My dear little friend
What year a Puddin's movie career started
And a Thief's career came to its end?

Perhaps it would help you
Figure out from where did this pin land
If you can tell me which wardenship
Does House Arryn historically command?

The next clue I give to
Your brains to throw down
Is what Ideology did Green Jelly
Bring to Fred Flintstone's home town?

The last riddle I shall give you
Before losing my voice
Is this Pin features Jeff Jarrett And
El Kabong's favorite weapon of choice.

Two minutes have you
Before the final bow
Start thinking, Start guessing
Because your time starts... right now.

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