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    277 a month, 36 months, .53 residual, .00056 mf

    I walked. I told them I needed to sleep on it. I'm probably going to take the deal. It looks pretty fuckin good.

    Edit: That is with my trade of 4k and 1500 down.

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  • That_GuyThat_Guy I don't wanna be that guy Registered User regular
    TG with the triple post. I walked on Friday. They texted me on Saturday. This morning I texted them back asking if they could do 277 for 36 with 0 down and just my trade. It seems they agreed. I'm still not getting the BEST deal but I'd say I'm finally getting a good deal. I'm going there after work to sign the paperwork.

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    1500 staying in the pocket is definitely not nothing. :+1:

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    I think it's also best to avoid putting money down beyond the value of your trade in when leasing if at all possible. Primarily because if the car get's written off during the lease period that down payment money is gone, and the down payment typically makes very little difference long term on the overall cost of ownership.

    In your case, not putting $1500 down made zero difference in the monthly cost. Can't complain about that.

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    Guess who brought home a brand new, fully loaded Chevy Bolt EV today?

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    That's a great color too.

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    I've decided to buy a portable charger for my new Bolt EV so I can take it with me, on the go. That way if I'm really in a bind I can always find an RV park to plug in. One of my co-workers has a brother who's an electrician. He's going to come by tomorrow after work to see about installing me a NEMA 14-50 socket (same as RVs use) on the front of my townhome and running a 240v 40a circuit to it. I already got approval from the HOA to install it.

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    We went to Charleston for the weekend, and I came across this absolute unicorn. I want a Delica so dang bad.


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    24 hours in with The Bolt and I couldn't be happier. The driving experience is great. I'm still in the cautious phase so I'm treating it like a delicate flower, for the most part. Even though I've got the power, I'm taking no chances in traffic. It's going to take me a while to develop my "car-feel" (kinesthetic projection) so I'm giving everything and everyone a wide berth. I really dig the 360, top down camera mode. It makes pulling into and out of parking spaces so much easier, especially early on like this. I really miss the blindspot mirrors my Fiesta had. Instead I have a blind spot monitoring system that flashes a light when there's a car there. I might get an accessory blindspot mirror anyway. I think I'll try out the rear view mirror in screen mode tomorrow. I am told that the screen exists at a different focal length then the mirror so you have to refocus your eyes from the road to see the screen. Some people say that it's not worth it but I'll see myself.

    The electrician came by. It looks like our cheapest and easiest option would be to run conduit from the master breaker on the back of my townhome, around the side of the house (probably buried next to the foundation to keep it out of sight) and up to a box on the front. One of my coworkers installed an EV charger at his house and might have enough left over #8 wire for us to use. The electrician said that, if we do the job on the side and off the books, the wire would be the most expensive part of the whole install. It sounds like we won't have to make any major modifications and everything could be removed pretty quick and easy if need be. My HOA already signed off on the install. With all that in mind, I ordered a portable 32 amp level 2 charger. With that I will be able to charge at the car's maximum rated AC capacity. That should take me from a totally flat battery to full charge, overnight (8-10 hours). Based on my present driving habits I wouldn't even need it but it's a piece of mind sort of thing.

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    oh a 14-50

    I thought you were talking about the old trailer socket which is 30 amps but only 120 and like... wouldn't change much faster than a standard 5-15 socket.

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    That_Guy, Remember to be strict about the engine break in period. Make sure not to go over 3000rpm volts for the first 1,000 miles. If you don't adhere to the break in period, the transistors won't get properly lubricated and the battery's head gasket will have issues with the O-rings when mating with the lithium ions.

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    Also remember to get the electric blinker fluid when it needs a top up.

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    McFodder wrote: »
    Also remember to get the electric blinker fluid when it needs a top up.

    This can get pricey cause EVs need the all natural organic brands.

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