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  • BeastehBeasteh THAT WOULD NOT KILL DRACULARegistered User regular
    I just played ladder and faced up against 5 separate shudderwock players in a row

    Probably bouncing until they do something about that because it's very boring sitting through volcanoes healing rains hexes and saronites before they find their combo and you just lose

  • YiliasYilias Registered User regular
    If people are playing too much Shudderwock just play some Miracle Rogue or Cubelock. Both of those are really good at punishing a lack of proactive plays.

    Twitch - Steam - BNet: Yilias #1224
  • BetsuniBetsuni Insert Disk 4 and Press Any Key to Continue Registered User regular
    @MNC Dover We're at that century mark of complaining about hearthstone. Time to shake up the meta.

    Steam: betsuni7
  • DibbyDibby Let us grieve existence, together Registered User regular
    we did it thread, we reached a hundo pages

    time to kiss thread goodnight

    goodnight thread

    N90l7EJ.png Tag: Dibby#1582
    3DS Friend Code: 0061-0917-2400
  • MNC DoverMNC Dover Game Designer/Stay-at-home Dad Seattle, WARegistered User regular
    Twitch Page
    Hearthstone: mncdover#1994
    Nintendo Network ID: MNC.Dover
    3DS: 1934-0659-5183
    Steam ID
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