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[Phalla] Championship Nominations

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Hey y'all, if you ain't heard it yet, our community has been invited to participate in a cross-forum game of mafia Phalla somewhat pompously titled the Mafia Championship! Read the invite here!

This would be the second time the Penny Arcade forums participated in this event, after our very own Infidel won during the inaugural season. You can read that game here!

The long and short of it is that we will need to select a representative from our community here to participate. In true Phalla fashion, we'll hold a vote to determine the winner.

Before we can vote, we'll need to hold nominations. The nomination period will be from April 23rd-26th. Voting will take place from April 27th-29th so that we can send our official choice to the organizers for May 1st.

Nominees should fit the following criteria
1. Currently an active member of the Phalla community
2. Willing to commit to being active during the Championship timeline (read the post, I'm not going to go over the timeline here).
3. Probably a fairly competent and/or well-known player but I'm not gonna hold a gun to your head about this one

1. No self-nominations
2. Limit of two nominations per player
3. All nominees must confirm that they are willing to act as the designate. We don't want to send someone who's inactive.
4. If we have fewer than 20 community members engaged in the nomination process, we'll decline the invitation.

Nominated but haven't confirmed availability:
1. Discrider
2. Obifett
3. Kime
4. TheRoadVirus
5. Oats
6. JPants
7. Egos
8. Auralynx
9. LostNinja
10. Gizzy
11. JusticeforPluto
12. I needed a gnome to post

Nominated but have declined:
1. Baidol
2. Wildcat

Nominated and confirmed availability:
1. Virgil_Leads_You
2. Sir Fabulous
3. Jdarksun
4. MrBlarney
5. Phyphor


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