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[Infinity] Plenty of war, but no magical stones.

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Infinity is a tabletop miniatures wargame (SUSD review!) by Spanish company Corvus Belli, which has recently added a tabletop RPG system by Modiphius and a tactical board game called Aristeia!
A not-too-distant future humanity has spread amongst the stars, forming what is known as the Human Sphere. But the road there was not without conflict, strife and upheaval that changed human society as we know it. Wormholes, alien technology, advanced biotech and artificial intelligence have shaped the future, and the shifting of near-future Earth's power balances gave way to new factions and superpowers.

First came the Energy Crisis. Humanity's reliance on fossil fuels, and major nations' sluggish response to climate change and slow embrace of renewable energy, shifted the balance of power in the world. Europe and North America found their power waning, and in response to China's burgeoning presence as something even more than a potential superpower caused parts of South-East Asia, Australia, and New Zealand to form together in coalition. No-one would have foreseen it then, but this coalition would become the greatest superpower humanity had ever known: Panoceania.


Having eventually joined together with much of South America, India and The Philippines, PanO constructed some of the first space elevators- massive undertakings that drew economic refugees from across Europe and North America to their equatorial territories. When a bio-weapon attack on the Vatican left the Papacy reeling, it withdrew to Brazil and formed a new Papacy there. Fuelled by the revival of space exploration- powered by new wormhole technology- the Papacy began a great pilgrimage to the stars, and opened their arms to all Christians, no matter their faith or creed. This great exodus, coupled with the church's newfound uncompromising goals of benevolent social work, led to a large swathe of political and military power resting in church hands. From that was born the Military Orders, a formidable force of Knights equipped with the most powerful equipment humanity had to offer.

PanO wasn't alone in their status of superpower, however. Yu-Jing, the great state formed from much of East Asia joining together with China to form a might economic power, rivalled PanO at every step. While Yu-Jing may have brought about its powers via methods very different to PanO, they were still a more than worth rival to the great coalition.


Part of what caused the great collapse of the United States was a series of failed mega-projects. When the first wormhole was discovered, 10 years after the energy crisis began in full, a massive colony ship was constructed by the US in conjunction with some of Europe. Populated mostly by people from North America, the UK, France and Russia, this great colony ship went through the wormhole to seek out a new home on the seemingly fertile planet beyond. But shortly after, as another ship attempted to pass through, the wormhole collapsed and cut this new colony off from Earth for decades to come.

When humanity again reached for the stars they found their lost brethren upon the planet known as Dawn. Ariadna, as those people would come to be called, were a collective of fiercely survivalist individuals- for Dawn proved to be a hostile planet indeed. From harsh conditions, to dangerous wolf-like fauna (wolf like in both appearance and pack-based intelligence), the Ariadnans had to survive by using what scrappy technology they could put together, their wits and their will to survive. A strange virus that inhabited the planet created a form of human-wolf hybrid called Dogfaces or Wulvars, and their striking appearance is now a common feature of the Ariadnan peoples.


But by far the greatest discovery of humanity was the creation of a true artificial intelligence- ALEPH. A super intelligence, self-evolving digital being, Aleph quickly became the most powerful entity and force for change that humanity would ever see. Able to bring about automation on a colossal scale, and defying all expectations by displaying a devotion and protectiveness of humanity above all else, Aleph was able to bring a Utopia to the peoples of much of humanity as they settled other star systems.

Aleph was not without their own tricks, however, and a United-Nations like organisation was formed to oversee the Human Sphere, and be caretakers of the AI. Aleph created its own military force, meant to be the ultimate arbiters and counters to any possible future existential threats. Among these are the Recreations- beginning with Project 'Maid of Orleans'- artificial humans created to be lifelike simulacrum of powerful historical figures. From Project Maid of Orleans came Joan of Arc, intended to be a PR move but instead she proved to be the most capable military mind generations had ever seen. Soon after came recreations for some of the other factions, and many more after that.


But there was another region of Earth whose people also stepped together unto the stars- Africa and the Middle East. United under a new vision of Islam (that is probably best compared to Islamic Sufism that was significant in Islamic Spain, where Corvus Belli are), Haqqislam was born and devoted to the pursuit of knowledge and self-improvement. It was they who discovered (and named) Silk- an alien substance that could be integrated seamlessly into the human body and used for wondrous medical or enhancing applications. Haqqislam is now the crucible of knowledge and medicine across the human sphere.


But not everyone was happy with these new superpowers, or the overseeing eyes of Aleph. From that thought sprang the Nomads- a collection of several different massive ships (or fleets of ships!) with differing ethos and goals but all based on one thing: rejection of this new humanity and its creepy overbearing AI god. Bakunin, essentially space Vegas and home of utterly free self-expression. Corrigedor, once a massive orbital prison ship but now home for the outcast and abandoned. Tunguska, home of... Well it's basically the Libertarian sanctuary and tax haven for banks and corporations alike.


But the tensions between all these different factions would need to be set aside, for soon came humanity's first existential crisis: the Evolved Intelligence and its Combined Army. A powerful and ancient AI, the Evolved Intelligence is being with a bizarre and twisted goal- to know all there is to know in the universe. To achieve that end, it incorporates all life it comes across into itself and its combined army. They burst into the Human Sphere with a mightly invasion force, and humanity could barely hold them back.


But then... Another existential force arrived... The Tohaa. Another alien species, but one that had been at war with the Combined Army for countless years. A tense alliance was formed between them and humanity, in order to fight back against the Evolved Intelligence.


Infinity itself is a tabletop wargame focused on small skirmish-style battles. Each player's army might only number between 10 and 20 individual models! The focus is on smart tactical play, and careful use of the game's actions (or, orders) that are expended to activate a model and use its weapons or other equipment. Each model provides an order to a collective pool, and those orders can be spread out as the player sees fit- even sometimes moving the same model multiple times in a turn! But this is offset by Automatic Response Orders (AROs)- every model the non-active player controls has an opportunity to react to an enemy that it sees activate. This leads to intense firefights that are extremely lethal. With each game lasting exactly 3 rounds, Infinity can be a fast-paced, exhilerating tabletop game to play.


Modiphius' recently released RPG for the Infinity universe is based on the 2d20 system from their Star Trek RPG system. It gives players the opportunity to play as any manner of person in the human sphere (or even Tohaa and perhaps CA in the future!) as their GM pits the group against conspiracy, corporate warfare, factional conflicts or existential threats. Or in the case of my latest adventure- tasking them with infiltrating an illegal drone racing ring.

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  • NeoTomaNeoToma Registered User regular
    I love that it's fesible to base an entire character around being the extremely rich one

  • FencingsaxFencingsax It is difficult to get a man to understand, when his salary depends upon his not understanding GNU Terry PratchettRegistered User regular
    An RPG in that universe sounds fun. Is there anything up in Crit Fail?

  • AnzekayAnzekay Registered User regular
    Fencingsax wrote: »
    An RPG in that universe sounds fun. Is there anything up in Crit Fail?

    The RPG is fairly new and the game is, admittedly, somewhat niche, so there's nothing for the RPG in crit fail as far as I'm aware!

  • Albino BunnyAlbino Bunny Jackie Registered User regular
    NeoToma wrote: »
    I love that it's fesible to base an entire character around being the extremely rich one

    Yeah, being rich in the RPG is a significant boon because the RPG does a really good job of capturing the sheer range of gadgets and toys available. Like it's perfectly possible for a rich character to have multiple bodies that they hop between at will with a variety of load outs for every occasion.

    Also I think for thread purposes I'm gonna talk about something I love in this seriously silly setting each day. Starting with The Saint Mary of the Knife - Our Lady of Mercy - Observance. Much more commonly known as the Observance of Mercy or the Reverends.


    So, ALEPH is pretty damn swell for most members of the Human Sphere. It's the logistical backbone of both Maya, the interplanetary internet, and provides logistical support that stops the whole Sphere from collapsing into shit. For the religious sisterhood of the Observance however ALEPH is far from a benevolent helper. Taking an even harsher stance than most Nomad's distaste for the AI the Observance's core belief is that ALEPH is Satan incarnate and it's influence must be purged where ever possible.

    To that end the sisterhood took to arming and educating themselves for the quantronic battlefield they now faced. Converts are trained in both military tactics and advanced hacking techniques. Those who survive the often brutal trail by fire the Observance puts recruits through (Pan-Oceanian military satellites and observation posts are common test bed targets) join the ranks of one of the most terrifyingly competent and committed hacking forces in the Human Sphere.

    To re-iterate: Battle nuns who can out code mega corps as part of their battle against a near omnipresent AI they view as Satan.

    Oh, they also have a medical support branch given the title Reverend Healer-Killers who describe their job as equal parts healing innocents harmed by the Observances conflict with ALEPH and expunging ALEPH with surgical precision.

  • SolarSolar Registered User regular
    Custodiers are really good.

    Haris of Custodiers, Kusinagi and a Healer? Crazy good. Really flexible, great shooters, specialists... got it all

  • AnzekayAnzekay Registered User regular
    So I rolled up a character for some Infinity RPG goodness, ended up getting Aleph for my faction so I made a recreation of Mainmonides

    turns out he died not once but twice during character gen, so now I have an even bigger debt to my benefactor as they had to buy me two new cloned Lhosts xD

  • SolarSolar Registered User regular
    Oh cool, what are his skills and such?

  • AnzekayAnzekay Registered User regular
    I went real heavy on education and medicine (he needs to roll 19/20 to fail those checks iirc?) and after being created and handed over to Haqq he was integrated in with a regular family unit for a time and worked in various small-time clinics and taught at universities

    then his benefactor called him up and made him put his combat medic skills (Aleph had the pragmatism to give him combat skills during his simulation) to use as a Hassassin.

    So he's basically all about the science and medicine and education but can also like, shoot pretty good. Also being Haqq he's naturally got Silk augmentations up to the gills

  • SolarSolar Registered User regular
    Sounds really fun to play, I love multi-capable characters like that. And him being an Aleph recreation and a Hassasin is an interesting conflict of priorities and interests!

  • AnzekayAnzekay Registered User regular
    Also my JSA box and Non-Aligned armies book are getting here next week!!

    I am extremely excited

  • Albino BunnyAlbino Bunny Jackie Registered User regular
    Solar wrote: »
    Custodiers are really good.

    Haris of Custodiers, Kusinagi and a Healer? Crazy good. Really flexible, great shooters, specialists... got it all

    Isn't Kusinagi going to not be legal next ITS season? I heard they were changing something about her.

    Which kind of makes sense because I tried running a bakunin list without her (or riot GRRLs, because I don't have them) and it was real rough without that spear head.

  • SolarSolar Registered User regular
    She's currently not legal at ITS events which I mean eh who cares, not me

    I have run BJC many times without Riots or that Haris and they work great IMO, but YMMV

    Also I need to figure out how to paint my JSA...

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