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Free Comic Book Day 2018

AngelHedgieAngelHedgie Registered User regular
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So, this Saturday, May 5, is Free Comic Book Day, the day when local comic stores offer special volumes of comics gratis to introduce people not only to the hobby, but also to other titles and genres they may not be acquainted with. NPR has an overview of this year's releases, as well as some good advice:
Here, as every year, the relevant details:

You can find your closest shop by typing your ZIP code into the Comics Shop Locator on the page.
Some comics shops don't take part in Free Comic Book Day — check with the Comics Shop Locator to make sure your local shop does.
Publishers print special Free Comic Book Day editions of the books that will be handed out on Saturday.
There are 52 different FCBD books this year.
Not every shop will offer all 52 titles.
Some stores lay them out and let you pick the ones you want; other stores hand you a sampler pack.
If you do get your choice of books, the reviews below might help you find the ones you're likely to like.
If you don't get a choice, hey: Free comics.
While you're there, buy something.
No seriously: Buy something.
Buy SOMEthing. The comics shops still have to pay for the "free" FCBD books they stock, and they're counting on the increased foot traffic to lift sales, so be a human being. And buy something.
How will you know WHAT you should buy? Ask someone on staff at the comics shop. It's that simple. Tell them what kind of movies you like, what kind of books, what TV shows you binge on. They'll very likely be able to make recommendations in line with your tastes.

So, which ones catch your eye?

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  • emnmnmeemnmnme Registered User regular
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    I usually pick an issue of Bob's Burgers each year. I'm usually impressed that they still think up cheesy puns to use in the comic that haven't already been used on the TV show. Their pun well is infinitely deep.

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  • Dizzy DDizzy D NetherlandsRegistered User regular
    They have the Meta-Baron under teen.... ok?

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  • ArmorocArmoroc Registered User regular
    Damn!! Completely forgot about today! Have to work today and won't make it. Hopefully tomorrow is a good day to go still and my lcs has extras to give out!

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