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Schlitzkrieg 2018 - Planning has started... tickets coming #soon

JobiwanKenobiJobiwanKenobi Registered User regular
edited July 8 in PAX West
Date: Wednesday, Aug 29 – Early to Late
Tickets: Coming Sooooooooooooon (and by soon, I mean probably in late July)

Washington State has almost 200 craft breweries, many with small-scale artisan brews that you're not going to find anywhere else in the world. Seattle is truly Beer Geek Heaven. The SchlitzKrieg is a beer tour for locals and out-of-towners alike, and focused on tiny up and coming nano-breweries that you probably won't find in the store. Throw in a little local history, an interesting scenic ride, and you've got a great way to spend a day outside of the Convention Center, where you can see more of the city than just the downtown.

Washington State Brewery Map

2012 was the first ever SchlitzKrieg at PAX Prime, where 30 Beer Geeks were loaded onto a big yellow bus and we toured 12 local craft breweries in the greater Seattle Area in 12 hours. You can check out that year's thread here and photos courtesy of @courtneyj from the first year here.

2013 was a Cycle Saloon tour around the breweries in the Seattle neighborhood of Ballard. It was fun but too much work.

2014 was a little strange, as we didn't get enough people to fill up a full bus so we all crammed into a van and a car. It wasn't terrifically comfortable.

2015 was the year we got a motherfucking party bus, bitches!

2016 was our Fifth Annual Schlitzkrieg, where we headed South and threw in some cideries and distilleries to mix up the beer a bit. Also, party bus.

2017 we didn’t get enough people for the party bus, so this was a walking tour.

Depending on how many people we get we may get the badass party bus. If not then there are other options.

22 – 27 people = Party Bus with a driver and a banquet permit so you can drink on the bus. AND there's a gaming laptop hookup to the video screens on the bus so we can play while we're traveling again. It's seriously an amazing time.
10 – 21 people = We may be able to get a party bus with a driver, but it may be more expensive…
~ 10 people = Jobiwan Kenobi will be your designated driver… we will get a rental van that can accommodate this group comfortably.

The route is still TDB, but I am leaning towards either heading towards the south sound which would have a good mix of breweries, cideries, meaderies, and distilleries or heading east across the mountains on an ambitious and scenic route that would mainly visit breweries (oh and a fake Bavarian town).

Assuming that we will get the party bus, tickets will be around $100 per person. However, if I am your designated driver prices should drop and there would be a refund at the start of the trip.


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JobiwanKenobi on


  • JobiwanKenobiJobiwanKenobi Registered User regular
    edited July 8
    Questions? Answers!

    What is it?
    A tour of an area around Seattle for beer lovers - whether you're local or coming in from out of town. Some more unusual, hidden gems will be included for any locals who might want to tag along and find new spots. It will also include some awesome area history, scenic rides wherever possible, restaurant stops, and the opportunity to see more than just the city.

    What isn't it?
    This is not a low-budget event. Also, much like the Pub Crawl, this is not a frat boy event. We're trying to pace the liquor so that everyone has a good time, including the guy that you didn't puke on.

    When is it?
    Wednesday 8/29 from early to late (exact times TBD)

    What's included for the price?
    • Transportation
    • Happy Hour snacks
    • Driver Gratuity (assuming that we get a driver, if Jobiwan is the designated driver then no gratuity is required.)

    What's not included?
    • Pints and Tastes
    • Dinner & snacks
    • Souvenirs
    • Brewery Swag, bottles or Growlers
    • Pre-Funk Breakfast, Lunch

    Where are you/we Going?
    South to Tacoma or east across the mountains. See the itinerary section above for specifics.

    How much will it cost?
    $100 to reserve.

    If we reach our quota of 25 people, the price will drop to around $88 or less and I'll refund you the difference or you can donate it to Child's Play. Most of the price is based on splitting the cost of the bus evenly and I'd rather give people money back than ask for more if we don't make our quota.

    How is the cost calculated?
    Here are the cost details from last year… this year’s details are coming in the next few weeks.
    Bus - $1850
    Happy Hour Snacks - $11 per person
    Water and snacks on the bus - $20

    There simply aren't any inexpensive group transportation options in Seattle anymore. In 2015, we discovered that the approximately $25/per person increase in price between a school bus and a party bus made a HUGE difference in the comfort and fun of the ride. Just the bus costs $1800 for the day but it's worth the money, trust me.

    Can I change my mind/plans/existence and get a refund?
    Yes, but it's discouraged after August 15. People change their travel plans to attend this tour, so it's tough to fill in vacancies at the last minute. Also, since the ticket price is largely dependent on dividing the cost of the van between everyone on the tour, cancellations that we can't fill with a warm body makes a huge headache for everybody on the day of the tour, as I try to recalculate the cost and figure out exactly who owes what. Of course, I understand that shit happens but please make every effort to stick to your reservation.

    Can I attend just a portion of the tour?
    Sure, if you have your own car and designated driver. We'll be in a rural area pretty far out of the city and won't be accessible by bus or taxi.

    I have a better/different stop/place/brewery to suggest:
    Suggest away! All suggestions are welcome but keep in mind that stops will be decided on the following criteria:

    - Proximity to the tour route
    - Hours (they need to be open, or willing to open for us)
    - Size (macro breweries are discouraged)
    - Willingness to accommodate the tour

    How do I sign up and/or pay?
    The ticket link will be posted at the very beginning of the thread.

    Do you need any helpers?
    We always need helpers.

    Why a Beer Tour?
    Seattle loves its beer. There are a ridiculous number of macro, micro and nanobreweries in and around the Seattle area, from small garage operations that sell growlers on the weekends, to large factories pumping out nationally distributed brews. Most Seattleites either home brew or know someone who does and the options here are amazing.

    I can't go/It's out of my budget: Will there be another event later?
    If you can't make it to any of the tours, just check out the Washington State Beer Lovers (WABL) Brewery map and make up your own tour.

    JobiwanKenobi on

    PAX Prime '09 - H1N(erd)1 Survivor - Never Forget (Your Hand Sanitizer)
    PAX Prime '14 Omeganaut - Result: KO in 3rd Round (Damn you, Super Avalanche 2!)
  • JobiwanKenobiJobiwanKenobi Registered User regular
    edited June 28
    Well, I'm a bit late in closing down the form... here are a few interesting items from the data...

    1. A bit more than half of you want the Schlitzkrieg to be on Thursday. No one wants it to be during PAX.

    2. Most of you want a bus-tour. There is some interest in being back in Seattle before dinner, although most responses were in favor of the full-day Schlitzkrieg.

    3. Everyone likes beer, no surprises there... more of you are interested in distilled spirits than mead or cider. The most important places to visit are Micro-Breweries and Nano-Breweries.

    4. That being said, if we can't fit mead into the schedule there is interest in a separate mead tour.

    The next step is for me to chat with LexiconGrrl to get a bit more info about how she has run the event in the past, and then I'll try to start putting together a route.
    Odds are this will be a full-day bus-tour on Wednesday or Thursday... and it will probably be heading towards the south end of Puget Sound...

    JobiwanKenobi on

    PAX Prime '09 - H1N(erd)1 Survivor - Never Forget (Your Hand Sanitizer)
    PAX Prime '14 Omeganaut - Result: KO in 3rd Round (Damn you, Super Avalanche 2!)
  • JobiwanKenobiJobiwanKenobi Registered User regular
    Hello all, the Schlitzkrieg is officially scheduled for Wednesday, 29-Aug! Please comment on the thread if you plan on attending so I can get a rough count on the number of people who want to go this year.


    PAX Prime '09 - H1N(erd)1 Survivor - Never Forget (Your Hand Sanitizer)
    PAX Prime '14 Omeganaut - Result: KO in 3rd Round (Damn you, Super Avalanche 2!)
  • ClannMorganClannMorgan Registered User regular
    Me, +1. Thank you for putting this together, very much looking forward to it.

  • DasJesterDasJester Seattle, WARegistered User regular
    Me, +1. The date lines up so I'm down for attending this year.

  • MagnusCarterMagnusCarter Registered User regular
    I'll be there

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