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2018 PAX Unplugged Challenge Coin



  • aram12aram12 Registered User regular
    Anyone else waiting on an order? Curious about how many outstanding.

  • ArcSynArcSyn Registered User regular
    There are 7 orders that aren't filled according to the order sheet.

  • ArcSynArcSyn Registered User regular
    Ok, I got some news!
    Unfortunately, due to factory scheduling and the Chinese New Year, our second batch of color coins aren't going to be shipping out from Kiddercorp until the end of February.

    I'm sorry it's not better news or an earlier time frame. :(

  • zerzhulzerzhul Registered User, Moderator mod
    Accurate news is good news, though.

  • ArcSynArcSyn Registered User regular
    Anyone still waiting on coins should be getting them mailed out next week. They are expected to arrive at KidderCorp Monday, after which they will pack them up in your orders.

  • ArcSynArcSyn Registered User regular
    Extremely late update, but this should close out the thread:
    All second-batch coin orders are now shipped out! If you had an order in and were waiting, they're on the way! Sorry for the delay.

    Keep watch around June, as that's when we'll start up the design process for Unplugged 2019!

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