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  • AuralynxAuralynx Darkness is a perspective Watching the ego workRegistered User regular
    Gizzy wrote: »
    Locus AustinP0027 I love playing games you host and will sign up for every single one. I usually get stressed out when I live past day 4 without someone I can funnel thoughts through - but that's any game. Please host more!

    I think you two to a really good job putting interesting games together even if I got the short straw for this one - please do keep it coming.

    Space... what is the point of it? You have no idea.

  • MamaWolfMamaWolf The wolf pack guides all to safetyRegistered User regular
    Thank you @Locus and @AustinP0027 dor running!! Ecen though I died day one it was really fun!!

    Sorry for not talking when I was risen from the dead, but there were some real bad storms last week and I had no way to check for till after that day had ended. :(

    "May the moon watch over you and keep you safe through the night, 'till the morning comes and MamaWolf can protect you through the day"
  • KaplarKaplar Registered User regular
    And thank you two for hosting. It was good to come back to phalla and it sucked to have to withdraw.

  • JPantsJPants Registered User regular
    Disapointed I got Day 2'd on this game. Looked like a lot of fun. I was especially worried that my umbrella had fallen in to mafia hands and would be the downfall of the village but that turned out to not be an issue.

    At least now I have a grudge for next game!

  • WildcatWildcat Registered User regular
    Thaanks very much @Locus and @AustinP0027 for hosting, it was good fun! I've always wanted to track down the DVD of The Lost Room, and now I might have the kickstart I need to do so.

    Thanks also to everyone who let me steal their stuff :biggrin:

  • KaplarKaplar Registered User regular
    I am really bad at this.

    That just means you need to play more games to get more practice!


    We all get better with practice! I mean I spot mafia, but I die all the time. Just need to figure out what you can do to improve. For me, I should network more, but I don't.

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