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PAX AUS needs you!

SennoSenno AustraliaRegistered User regular
edited June 2018 in Pinny Arcade
Every PAX there is a community panel which breaks down where to get each pin at the show, usually involves a Q and A, and gives insight into some of the community happenings and events. And of course - there is that sweet reveal of pins to come.

Last year PAX Aus got the scoop on the Super Mario Bros 3 pins.

And this year, we'd like to do something different. We will be hosting the first ever Australian Pin Community Game Show. We will be doing a game show style format for our panel, and there will be prizes. And of course, there is the handout and the upcoming reveal.

We're allowed a maximum of 6 people on the panel. So if you're interested, please comment below or direct message me on Slack.

There are some requirements:

1. You must be able to get to PAX Aus.
2. You must be available on the day of the Panel.
3. You must help with planning the day. This will likely involve some google docs, skype calls or even meetups.
4. You must have familiarity with Pinny Arcade and PAX Aus
5. You must want to be involved
6. You must want to have fun, this is a relaxed and fun panel - so we want you to enjoy it but be helpful in the leadup

If we get more people than we need we'll be ensuring that there is a fair chance for people to be involved. Those who put some effort in will be really appreciated. This isn't a first come, first serve thing - if you can meet all 6 of these requirements, and provide some ideas of what we can do for the day - you're in with a good chance. I myself am not guaranteed a spot yet, although it is likely I'll be putting this together and submitting the panel.

Hope some of you are willing to help out!


Senno on


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