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[WARFRAME] Nothing to see here, new thread is up!



  • CromartyCromarty Danielle Registered User regular
    (Not mine - this was another player in a public squad on Hydron.)

  • TOGSolidTOGSolid Drunk sailor Seattle, WashingtonRegistered User regular
    Ayyyy page 100.

    I'll get a new thread up after I wake up.

  • IblisIblis regular Registered User regular
    Man, I've never done the halloween event before and it's kind of trash? Just did the time trial and got an awful map layout and finished with 663 as my time. I could probably do it with a slightly better layout, but my god this is unfun to actually do.

    Steam Account, 3DS FC: 5129-1652-5160, Origin ID: DamusWolf
  • BlainBlain regular Registered User regular
    Cromarty wrote: »
    (Not mine - this was another player in a public squad on Hydron.)
    Huh. That could be the vaporwave version of someone I took note of a little under a year ago.
    This person was MR7 at the time. I liked the very consistent theme. The player name, clan name, and frame were all cat based. Plus rocking Valkyr Prime and Twin Graks at MR7 is very respectable.

    It's very unlikely to be the same person, but it'd be great if it was. Turning heads with fashion frame since 2017. :)

    Commander ZoomcB557Polaritie
  • Red RaevynRed Raevyn because I only take Bubble Baths Registered User regular
    I'm 99% sure the Halloween map layout is fixed. It's requires a different set of skills than most content but whether bouncing off that difficulty makes it garbage or a challenge is as much about your attitude/perspective as the thing itself. It seems like a lot of times folks react to something hard in a game they're good at as if that part of the game is crap, especially if there's already a dogpile going. But the whole game was harder when you started right?

    I'm not saying you're a bad person or anything, my wife declared it horrible and never wanted to see it again after she got the Dread skin. But my point is that you can miss out on a lot of fun by coming at it with that attitude, instead of "how can I figure this out?" My LFG party had a blast working out how to get a good run and then succeeding (use Limbo; let the beast pop the pumpkin; don't get stuck on that dang waterfall on your way out).

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