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Organizing a group workout session

KyouguKyougu Registered User regular

So l run a local meetup group, with many activities geared towards physical/outdoorsy stuff.

We're doing a mud run in Sept (Savage Race) and one of my members asked me if I could put up training events beforehand.
I think it would be kinda cool to set up a sort of boot camp/joint workout session, but I have no experience in this. Any suggestions like maybe an online app we could all download or something that could help me set up a very casual group workout session?

Like mentioned above, it would be very casual. I workout enough and do enough sessions where I'm comfortable leading people in very basic stuff, just need ideas to organize an actual workout around.


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    NSDFRandNSDFRand FloridaRegistered User regular
    The first thing I will point out regarding group training (I've experienced it as an athlete, somewhat as a coach, and then with peers) is to not be disappointed when, if you're not part of an institutional athletic program (scholastic or otherwise like a specific competitive club), many people commit but don't show for a variety of reasons. Institutional programs (just a term I'm making up, unless someone else used it and I don't remember reading it somewhere) tend to weed these people out early and don't pour as many resources (time being a major one) into them. If you're just getting some friends/peers together to do a casual workout pretty much every time is going to be a weed out period for some portion of the group.

    With that out of the way the first thing you should do is get on the same page as everyone else as far as programming goes. Is everyone going to want to do road work on Monday, calesthenics on Tuesday, ruck on Wednesday? Etc. And what are the individual capabilities and capacities? Someone who can't just belt out a five mile run is probably not going to show up next week if that's your Monday work out. So you should determine what everyone wants to do during a given workout and how much of it they can do.

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    ceresceres When the last moon is cast over the last star of morning And the future has past without even a last desperate warningRegistered User, Moderator mod
    Just an idea but C25K is free and you can do it anywhere. If everyone there can already run 5km, you could find more challenging places to run, like somewhere with hills or obstacles.

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