PAX Parties and Cosplay

ThepoloricanThepolorican Registered User regular
Hey guys- my partner and I are coming up from Tassie for the whole convention.

Wondering what the deal is with parties, costumes and basically whats available at the convention?

Is there food and drinks (catering to vegan/alcohol) ?

Cosplay comps?

Organised parties/meetup places in melbs outside of the convention?

Super keen to touch base with those who are fans of FROMSOFT, KOJIMA, Nioh and Warframe. ^_^



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    DarthKittyDarthKitty Registered User new member
    Cosplay comps - there is a EBX one on the Saturday but there are no details apart from location and time at this stage, they are also having a parade on the Sunday. Logitech and a few other companies run them as well.

    Food is available there plus there are a heap of venues in South Wharf and at the Casino

    There are few Parties and stuff about - I find facebook will let you know of most of these

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    ThepoloricanThepolorican Registered User regular
    I dont use facebook unfortunately @DarthKitty but Ill be dressing up on Saturday and Sunday I guess!

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    SuperRoachSuperRoach BallaratRegistered User regular
    in previous years too there is plenty of cosplay :) comps are a new thing but there were people who would get groups together especially themed ones

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