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[pbp]Hunger of the Beast[ToA]



  • XagarXagar Registered User regular
    "Might wanna ask up at the church, maybe?" The other sister chimes in with an "Or the Hall." The first nods and agrees. "Definitely better than the ground."

    Har is reasonably certain there's no one close enough to listen in the din, although they're definitely attracting attention.

  • AustinP0027AustinP0027 Registered User regular
    "Thanks for the tips!" Victor leaves the inn to go look for his companions. They would have to try one of the other options if they were hoping to get a good night's sleep.
    Assuming here that Vic pauses, because any convo that is going on would end before he joined back up with the group

  • discriderdiscrider Registered User regular
    Har continues, 'S up to you if you want to keep riling the sheep up or take a hands on approach of course.'

    Steam Community page:
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  • XagarXagar Registered User regular
    Victor, being the tallest person in the room, can see Hans wrapping up a one-sided conversation with Otto. The patriarch's family rotates to allow the shepherd's exit, who comes over with a smile. "If you don't mind squeezing in, you can use one of our rooms." He quickly corrects himself "er, my room."

    James laughs nervously, and says "I'm no fighter. I'd only get in the way of you, uh, brave adventurers." He pauses for a moment. "But that means you know something, yes? Tell me and we can call a town meeting. I'm sure we'll be able to rise up and sweep these vicious oppressors off our land!"

  • discriderdiscrider Registered User regular
    "Uh .."
    Har hesitates as a million reasons not to flood her mind.
    Foremost was that you must pick your own crew, unless you want to sail with a scarred man with an all-too clean sword, who manages to be halfway through killing the poultry, once you've waded through the mess he's made of the enemy's sleeping quarters.

    "I'm not so sure they're all oppressors.", Har tries.
    "Seems like most of 'em are scared of the leaders. Might be regular folk even. Don't know if there's been kidnappings."

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  • XagarXagar Registered User regular
    "Kidnappings?" His excitement drops off nearly immediately. "Well, there were some stories from downriver, but I never heard much about it, so I assumed it was resolved. And you're saying that these bandits aren't some foreign invaders after all?" He shakes his head. "Looks like I'm going to have rewrite my speech."

    "Ah, where did you get all this information? I can't imagine the bandit camp is only a day's ride out." His face twists up. "Is it?"

    Though I didn't mention it specifically, you would have gotten the bandit's name when interrogating him. If you wanted to look into him, you could make a background check to gather info - though James is probably not the person to ask.

  • discriderdiscrider Registered User regular
    Har baulks a bit at the man's interrogation.
    "While we were out, we came across a survivor. Came from the bandit camp. Didn't get much from him, 'fore he died from his wounds.
    But we've got a direction at least, and we intend to 'ead out and see what we can do.
    'nyway, if you've made y'mind not to come with, we'll be out of your hair."

    Har motions at Aub to leave, and then sets out to look for the bandit's family here.
    Perhaps they might know what he was involved in.

    Geth roll 1d10 for Finding Kin

    Finding Kin:
    1d10 7 [1d10=7]

    Steam Community page:
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  • XagarXagar Registered User regular
    edited October 2018
    James seems a bit flustered as you peace out on him.

    Geth, roll 1d2 for what type of information you found on Jakob Duhr.

    what type of information you found:
    1d2 2 [1d2=2]

    Xagar on
  • XagarXagar Registered User regular
    edited October 2018
    You spend several hours talking to the townsfolk, asking about a man who travels with a dire wolf, and learn that he was somewhat of a local legend. As the story goes, he rescued a wolf cub from an avalanche as a child, which became his companion, eventually growing to an unusual size. Jakob and Ajax were known most famously for their hunting of other wolf packs and other dangerous animals in the wilderness on the eastern side of the valley.

    You've heard he had a cabin on the Ilune Reservoir, well to the east of Roaring Fork, the next town downriver. If he had any family, they're likely there.

    Xagar on
  • XagarXagar Registered User regular
    Hello friends, it's time to resume!

    To recap, you're just found the location of the main bandit camp that has been terrorizing the small town of Davittsburg, but have also learned that many of them were locals pressed into service by some sort of dragon cult, led by a man only known as The Prophet. This information came from a man named Jakob, a local hero of sorts, who had a strange seed implanted in his arm. Har had previously taken one of these heartseeds onto herself.

    You haven't decided to provide the exact location of the bandit camp to the young rabble-rouser James or the local knight captain Richard.

    Tides of Aether v18.0 Update Notes
    Weapon Attacks
    -The melee keyword has been reverted to weapon attack / attack with your weapon for clarity.

    Out Of Play
    -For characters that are removed from play, their turn and end step do not occur, and effects on them cannot trigger or end.
    -Some skills and rituals override these rules (Leviathan Crash, Plane Shift, Banish, Creation).

    -Weapons are no longer classed as 1-hand or 2-hand, instead being classed as main hand or off hand. Main hand weapons can only be placed in the main hand. Off hand weapons can be placed in either hand. This opens up defensive and utility options, and generally increases survivability across the board.
    -Bracer weapon class (blocks non-damaging effects) renamed wards.
    -Weapon enchantments now work the same as armor enchantments (can have up to 3), but they are now all weapon-specific.
    -Weapon enchantments were overhauled, with many effects changing or being moved to different tiers. Currently there is only one enchantment per tier.

    -Some consumables received minor buffs.

    -Rituals were completely overhauled.

    Buffs and Debuffs
    -Various special effects on cards are now classed as buffs or debuffs.
    .-When you apply a buff or debuff, the skill turns into that effect and is placed on the target. You cannot use skills that are currently a buff or debuff.
    -Certain skills apply multiple buffs or debuffs at once. In these cases, use a counter instead; you are still unable to use the skill until all buffs or debuffs are removed.
    -Buffs and debuffs end on defeat of their target.
    -Buffs and debuffs specify their duration in the text; if there is no duration listed, it lasts until defeat.

    End Step
    -Many effects that are delayed until the end of the round now occur at your end step, which is the second run through the timeline that happens after all characters have taken their turns.
    -Effects that last until the end of the round occur after this end step, such as burn, vigor, and losing Spirit.

    Effect Order
    -Most skills now specify an effect order, if possible.
    -Generally the order is: attacker movement effects -> attacker effects -> determine if a reaction is possible -> attacker damage -> defender effects -> defender damage -> resolve final damage amounts -> attacker displacement -> defender movement / displacement effects.

    Skill Updates

    S - Rage: Now works if at half Health or below, instead of below half Health.
    U - Destruction Fist: Damage 15 -> 12. New effect: Doubles the effects of damage bonuses on the attack.

    A - Steady Stance: You may now move 1 tile without ending the effect.
    U - Inner Strength: New effect: When the invulnerability ends, buff yourself: Halve the next damage you would take.

    A - Rising Phoenix: Area 1x1 -> 2x2, pull 1 -> 3.
    S - Swift Falcon Style: No longer limited to one counter gained or lost per turn.
    U - Leviathan Crash: Damage 10 -> 12. The entire attack is now unblockable.

    Skills that are part of shifts now specify the skill type with a letter. "P" is Property - properties cannot be disabled or interacted with, in most cases.
    A - Predator Shift - Pounce: Now is a debuff on on the target, new text: The target cannot leave its tile. Ends if you are not adjacent to the target.

    A - Sanguine Sword: Healing 1 -> 2. Sacrifice 3 -> 4.
    U - Unleash Darkness: Health setting effect is no longer considered healing, damage, or sacrifice.

    S - Preparation: Movement boost effect 1 -> 2.
    U - Kill Shot: New effect: If you defeat an enemy with this skill, you may use it again this battle.

    A - Flanking Strike: No longer needs to dash in a line.
    A - Swap: Replaced with Choke: Stop your foe’s breath, attacking an adjacent enemy for 6 damage. Then, inflict a debuff (beat 3), lasting until the end of your next turn: The target takes +2 more damage from attacks, it cannot use skills during its end step, and any of its skills that would trigger at its end step are canceled.
    A - Thunderfoot Grease: New effect: You may also buff the target, lasting until it loses haste: The target’s Speed and distance of dashes and teleportation increase by +1.
    M - Flash Step: New text: Choose one: Dash up to 5 tiles in a straight or diagonal line; During your normal movement, you may move diagonally.
    U - Quickening: Added a clarification: You may use Quickening before or after you make an attack roll.

    A - Poised Strike: New effect: If this is your third or more round in a row attacking the target, move it to any place in the timeline, then buff yourself, lasting until the start of your next turn: React an additional time each round, and when reacting, your damage and blocking increase by 3.
    M - Rush: Speed bonus 1 -> 2.
    U - Flowing Blades: Now a weapon attack. Ranged weapons deal 6 damage.

    Isolation effect changed to: If you attack an enemy that is not within 3 tiles of a conscious character on its team.
    A - Execute: New effect: Unblockable if the target has 10 or less Health.
    R - Riposting Shadows: Isolation effect clarified: Teleports adjacent to your attacker.
    S - Dark Mirror: New effects: Your shadow does not count as a character; it can only be targeted by this skill; ends on defeat, and when you are revived, your shadow reappears in your tile.
    U - Phantom Rush: Phantom creation range lowered to within 2 tiles of the target. Phantoms are now controllable.

    A - Mirror Stance: No longer prevents you from reacting to the action you reflect.
    M - Phasing: Suffocation damage raised to 6 to match other environmental effects.
    U - Mantle of Perfection: No longer deals damage. New effects: On cast, now only removes effects from other characters, and can remove effects that cannot normally be removed; While active, your effects always succeed, and cannot be blocked, reduced, redirected, or negated.

    A - Aura Flash: Now both grants a boon to the target and attacks adjacent enemies, instead of choosing one.

    A - "Watch Yourself!": Now also cleanses the target.
    A - "The Time Is Now!": The target ignores banes -> The target cannot gain banes or debuffs. Duration: until the start of your next turn -> until the end of the target's next turn.
    M - "Form Up!": Initial ally dash raised to half each target's Speed.
    U - "Not Today!": No longer costs an action to use.

    A - Song of Peace: Reworked into Pure Tones: Begin a soothing performance that reassures your team. Buff yourself, lasting until the start of your next turn: The rolls of you and allies in a 4x4 ring around you increase by +2. The area penetrates objects. If you still have the buff at your end step, cleanse targets in the area. Targets that did not need cleansing are healed for 1 instead.
    A - War Dance: Reworked into War March: Begin an intense performance that intimidates your foes. Buff yourself, lasting until the start of your next turn: Enemies in a 4x4 ring around you take +2 more damage. The area penetrates objects. If you still have the buff at your end step, attack targets in the area, inflicting stagger or blind (beat 4).
    A - Dance of Mirrors: Reworked into Intricate Harmonies: Begin a mystifying performance that confuses the senses. Buff yourself, lasting until the start of your next turn: Your Reflex increases by +5, and affect characters in a ring around you. When you start your performance, choose a size for the ring: 1x1, 2x2, 3x3, or 4x4. The area penetrates objects. Targets in the area cannot use actions or movement that would cause themselves or others to leave the area.
    A - Echo: New effect: Echoed skills cannot damage or heal for more than 10.

    A - Sword of Justice: Smite effect against enemies that have attacked now only looks at their last action.
    A - Ivory Wave: Smite effect against enemies that have attacked now only looks at their last action.

    U - Spirit Effigy: New text: Kill an adjacent defeated enemy and turn its corpse into an effigy under your control. The effigy has the target’s stats, skills, and inventory, starting with full Health and 1 Spirit. It takes its turn immediately before you. The effigy cannot gain Health for any reason, and loses 2 Health at the end of each round. Ends when the effigy is destroyed, or on your defeat.

    A - Cleansing Flames: Healing 6 -> 5.

    A - Gale Fist: No longer requires a 1-tile displacement for the secondary attack. New effect (if within 2 tiles): If you displace a character into another, continue pushing them instead of stopping.
    A - Arctic Gusts: Displacement towards the center 2 -> 3. Conditional towards/away displacement 2 -> 3.

    A - Desiccate: New text: Drain an enemy of its fluids, attacking an enemy in sight within 6 tiles for 3 damage. Deals 5 damage instead if the target is at full Health. Then, debuff the target (beat 2), lasting until the start of your next turn: The target cannot react the next time it would be able to.
    A - Engulfing Morass: Now costs +1 Speed to leave the area.
    R - Ash Blast: Renamed Blinding Cloud.
    S - Leylines: You may now move 1 tile without ending the effect.
    U - Eruption: Reworked into Mire: Command the earth to sink, creating a mire on a tile in sight within 6 tiles and in a 3x3 ring around it. The mire costs +2 Speed to enter or leave, and characters inside cannot dash, teleport, or fly. On your end step, attack characters in the mire, displacing them 3 tiles towards its center, then dealing 6 damage to the character in the center. Structures sink 1 tile into the ground when this occurs. On your turn, you may move the mire up to 1 tile. Ends on defeat, or when you wish it. Cannot be removed otherwise. If used on a liquid, instead creates a Whirlpool. Limit 1 per team.

    A - Aether Weave: Effect text changed/clarified: Choose one: End a buff or debuff; Extend a buff or debuff for an additional round or use; Cause the target’s end step to occur immediately instead of later in the round; Add or remove 1 to a counter or cooldown.
    U - Spatial Collapse: Replaced with Banish: Punch a hole in the material plane, creating a rift on a tile in sight within 6 tiles that lasts until the start of your next turn. When you create it, draw inside characters in a 2x2 ring around it, penetrating objects. Characters that enter the rift’s tile are also drawn inside. Those inside are out of play, but can take their turns if they start them inside, and are treated as if they were adjacent to each other. You may end the rift at any time. When the effect ends, return those inside as close as possible to the center of the area. Cannot be blocked or removed.

    R - Energy Shield: New effect: Spending energy causes this skill to limit the amount of damage you can take to 12, before other blocking or reduction effects.

  • XagarXagar Registered User regular
    edited February 13
    Here's a pdf with current cards in case you guys wanna look at them not in a spreadsheet.

    Xagar on
  • joshgotrojoshgotro Queen CityRegistered User regular
    edited February 13
    Aub moves to gather her companions away from earshot.
    "Rest and then strike out for the camp with Nasim in the morning?"

    @discrider @AustinP0027

    joshgotro on
  • AustinP0027AustinP0027 Registered User regular
    Victor nods.

    "I think that sounds best. We need to be wary of this camp given it sounds like a number of the bandits in it may not be there by choice. If we need a place to sleep, Hans has offered us to share a room. Not much else available unless we want to camp along the way."

  • discriderdiscrider Registered User regular
    edited February 13
    "Aye,", Har nods, "'N we can pick up that item we had under work on the way out too.
    'M 'oping that we when we get to the camp we can take out the leader. Seems something's keeping the scamps scared. Nasim migh' help us here."

    discrider on
    Steam Community page:
    Oh hey! A knife!
  • XagarXagar Registered User regular
    edited February 14
    And that's what happens. The party spends an uneventful night in the inn, cramped but warm. The following morning, Aub collects her set of armor, the needles woven into it glinting in the light, from Dora. The party heads out soon afterwards, cart in tow and Nasim above.

    The armor now has the enchantments initial stability, which lets the wearer start battles with the boon stability (Reflex+5) and strong plating, which negates damage of 3 or less (after other damage blocking and reduction effects).

    You know the approximate location of the bandit camp, about 2.5 days to the east. Whoever would like to drive, please make a background check with advantage for navigation there.
    @discrider @AustinP0027 @joshgotro

    Xagar on
  • AustinP0027AustinP0027 Registered User regular
    edited February 14
    Victor jumps into the cart and grabs the reins. "My turn to drive."

    Geth, roll 2d10k1

    2d10k1 9 [2d10k1=[9], 6]

    AustinP0027 on
  • XagarXagar Registered User regular
    The party makes their way east along the south side of the river fork, encountering not a soul on the paved road. The sky remains an unrelenting gray as time passes, barely breaking the monotony of the sparse trees and empty fields in every direction.

    As the morning of the third day starts, a light snow begins to fall. Soon after, the pavement abruptly drops off, being replaced by dirt that winds its way into a dense sea of trees. A faded wooden sign marks this as the River Liane National Forest. As you pass the sign, Nasim wings her way down, landing neatly in the cart and blurring back into her human form. All you can hear is the faint sounds of snow falling on leaves mixed with the burble of the river.

    This is where Jakob has sent you - the bandit camp should be close now.

    Since it's been two days, you've had some camp time - choose two (or the same one twice):
    -Unlock a skill, discipline, axis, or ritual (add "y" to the right of it in the spreadsheet)
    -Investigate something - the book Aub stole (make a background check with disadvantage due to no one having an evocation magic background) or Har's curse (make a Spirit check) come to mind
    -Interact with a companion (Nasim or one of the animals)
    -Collect/hunt ingredients (make a background check) for Nasim's Consumable Crafting ritual or Victor's Cooking ritual (note - using Cooking doesn't cost time, as it's used as part of a long rest)
    -Scout/become more familiar with the area (make an Initiative check)

    If Victor wants to use Cooking, note which benefit you're granting, and describe what you cook and what emotion or memory you're adding to the dish.

    When you're done with those, you'll enter the forest - everyone make an Initiative check for perception as well.
    @AustinP0027 @joshgotro @discrider

  • joshgotrojoshgotro Queen CityRegistered User regular
    edited February 14
    Aub takes the seat next to Victor, "You ready for more death?"
    Coalfang sprang from under Aub's cloak and landed on her shoulder. As the cart moved away, Aub began to hum, slowly building as she ran her hand down Coalfang's boney spine.
    Geth, roll 1d10 for Initiative check perception.
    Geth, roll 2d10k1

    2d10k1 5 [2d10k1=[5], 5]

    joshgotro on
  • joshgotrojoshgotro Queen CityRegistered User regular
    edited February 14
    [insert skill unlocks]

    Geth, roll 1d10 for Initiative check perception.

    Initiative check perception:
    1d10 8 [1d10=8]

    joshgotro on
  • AustinP0027AustinP0027 Registered User regular
    Victor takes time to hunt the surrounding area for ingredients. The Radiant thinks that a good meal before they try to find the bandits might help the group, providing he can find something to actually cook.

    Geth, roll 1d10 for Finding grub (not literal grubs)

    Finding grub (not literal grubs):
    1d10 5 [1d10=5]

  • AustinP0027AustinP0027 Registered User regular
    edited February 14
    Victor wanders for a little bit, finding various wild onion bushes that he pulls up to harvest the root. He finds himself hunting for a game trail, before realizing that he wasn't sure that using his pistol to take something down is a good idea. They were looking to surprise the bandits, and a firearm going off may set off alarms.

    Thankfully, careful listening led him to something more manageable. There was a nest of snakes that he came upon. They scattered quickly, but he was able to get a couple by pinning them and bashing their head quickly with the butt of his pistol.

    Returning to the camp, snakes and onion in had, he began preparing the meat, cooking the snake along with the onion to try and season the meat a little more. He closed his eyes as he prepared, focusing on that spot in his mind that he used to calm himself, and imbuing that calm into his dish. [Benefit: Grant Advantage to Next Background Check]

    AustinP0027 on
  • AustinP0027AustinP0027 Registered User regular
    Geth, roll 1d10 for Initiative check

    Initiative check:
    1d10 8 [1d10=8]

  • XagarXagar Registered User regular
    @AustinP0027 Forgot your +1 mod :)

  • AustinP0027AustinP0027 Registered User regular
    Yeah I realize that later but didn’t want to reroll with the +1 and get a lower roll. I’m fine taking the 8

  • discriderdiscrider Registered User regular
    Har spends much of the trip inside her own head.
    When she's not with the others in the cart, she's off scouting ahead, coming to terms with the things she's stumbled into doing.

    The cooling breeze helps prevent her stewing, out here, away from camp.
    And it reminds her of the brine, and the days of keeping the rigging and not much else.
    Constant exercise does a body good.

    She turns her mind to the seed too.
    Hard not to, with the bandit blanching before her still fresh in her mind.
    It's not.. it's not malevolent.
    That much she's certain.
    But she tries to gauge how much she's now a part of it, as it is a part of her.
    And what it is doing to her.

    Geth roll 1d10+2 for Studying the seed
    Geth roll 1d10+4 for Scouting
    Geth roll 1d10+4 for Perception

    Studying the seed:
    1d10+2 4 [1d10=2]
    1d10+4 13 [1d10=9]
    1d10+4 11 [1d10=7]

    Steam Community page:
    Oh hey! A knife!
  • XagarXagar Registered User regular
    She is again on the island in the glittering blue sea. She walks confidently through its streets, the dregs with their deformities scattering from her path as they see the sun glint off the badge of office on her arm. She raises her head to look up the stairs of the Sun's Ascent, winding their way to the temple, and smiles in anticipation.

    Har opens her eyes, shaking off the dream, and sits up. There is a sudden, visceral shock as for an instant, everything is surrounded in the unnatural, vibrating outline she remembered from the monster they had killed days prior. A blink, and the vision ends. Everything is back to normal, with only the familiar sounds of wind, insects, and sleeping comrades greeting her.

    While scouting the area the following evening, Har ranges off-road to the south. Seeing a structure in the distance, she goes to check it out, finding a burned-out farmhouse, its fields picked clean and old signs of battle around it. Examining the scars on the buildings, she can tell that they were created by lightning, likely by a Thunderbolt. There are also a few broken lay caps on the ground, bits of powder leaking out, that suggest a Smoke Bomb was thrown there. Lastly, there are a couple oddly smooth circular depressions, which she recognizes as a side effect of using Waters of Life on muddy ground.

    There aren't any supplies to be found here - it's been thoroughly looted already.

  • XagarXagar Registered User regular
    After about 20 uneventful minutes on the forest road, the party hears the crack of thunder and the shouts of men coming from the south, down a slope and into off into a dense stand of trees. Mixed in with the sounds of battle, Har can clearly hear a familiar wolf's growl. It's impossible to see through the trees at this distance, so it's difficult to tell exactly what's happening.

    Nasim, on high alert, looks at the party with uncertainty.

    What do you do?
    @AustinP0027 @joshgotro @discrider

  • discriderdiscrider Registered User regular
    "Well that sounds like the folk what razed that barn a while back.." Har mutters to the others.
    "Perhaps we shoul' go and introduce ourselves?
    ... Migh' be best to catch 'em quiet like though."

    Har jumps off the cart intending to creep up on the fight in the distance.

    Steam Community page:
    Oh hey! A knife!
  • AustinP0027AustinP0027 Registered User regular
    "Agreed. Let's hide the wagon a bit, in case someone else comes up this way. Victor responds quietly. He looks around for an opening that would allow them to pull the wagon in and tie the horses down.
    Should we bring Colonel? I think he might be close to leveling up ;)

  • XagarXagar Registered User regular
    @AustinP0027 Hiding the cart is pretty easy, it's more of a matter of how far you want to pull in - there's a tradeoff between ease of getting out and how stealthy you're being.

  • joshgotrojoshgotro Queen CityRegistered User regular
    "Should we bring Colonel?"

    "Absolutely Vincent."

    Aub stretches in the new armor and tightens her sword to her hip. Coalfang flies around her and lands on her shoulder.

    "Should I ride Colonel into the camp and cause a stir?"

    @discrider @AustinP0027

  • XagarXagar Registered User regular
    Nasim moves off to the side, activating her camouflage cloak.

    Getting closer, you can see a mix of bootprints and enormous paw tracks that abruptly skid downhill to the right of the path. You can still hear the sounds of battle, and shouts for an "Ajax." As you look into the trees to your right, you can see the tracks end in the wreckage of a cart, lightly dusted by snow. The sharp smell of blood hits your nose, coming from a horse that's almost been ripped in half, red splattering on a nearby tree.

    You hear a crash of foliage as a horse with a rider breaks back onto the dirt road, far ahead of you. The two are moving at a breakneck pace and disappear within seconds, not looking back.

  • discriderdiscrider Registered User regular
    Har turns to look back, confused.
    If you want to ride...

    Jus' leave 'im to guard the cart.
    It's a battle; not a camp!

    Har disappears into the foilage, quickly sneaking towards the battle.

    Geth roll 1d10+4 for Assuming this is initiative

    Assuming this is initiative:
    1d10+4 7 [1d10=3]

    Steam Community page:
    Oh hey! A knife!
  • XagarXagar Registered User regular
    @joshgotro @AustinP0027 Go ahead and make me an Initiative check as well.

  • joshgotrojoshgotro Queen CityRegistered User regular
    Geth roll 1d10+1 for LADY DEATH ON HORSE

    1d10+1 2 [1d10=1]

  • AustinP0027AustinP0027 Registered User regular
    Phew, though I might have held things up yesterday. Work exploding + 8 inches of snow do not mix well.

    Victor takes a little time to hide the cart, forgoing complete camouflage for the group being able to get it out a little faster if they needed to. That might not matter since Aub was bringing the horse along with them, so it would take time to hitch it back up to the cart when they wanted to leave.

    The Radiant takes position slightly behind his companions, inching slowly forward. The forest made for plenty of avenues of ambush, and hopefully they would be the ones providing the surprise and not the other way around.

    Geth roll 1d10+2 for I seeeeee yoooouuuuu

    I seeeeee yoooouuuuu:
    1d10+2 9 [1d10=7]

  • XagarXagar Registered User regular
    As you move closer, you can see that the battle is a large number of rough-looking types crowding around the far side of a massive wolf, shouting at it to calm down and trying to subdue it. Victor can almost taste their desperation in the air - some of the men are already injured.

    Geth, roll 1d10+4 for caster
    Geth, roll 1d10+2 for healer
    Geth, roll 1d10+1 for wolf

    1d10+4 13 [1d10=9]
    1d10+2 5 [1d10=3]
    1d10+1 11 [1d10=10]

  • XagarXagar Registered User regular
    edited February 21
    A man in a bright red robe, far down the gentle slope of the hill, barks out a warning that someone is approaching, but it doesn't look like you've been spotted just yet.

    Battle Start!
    Everyone post your loadouts!
    See the Combat Map in the spreadsheet.
    Aub will be taking Colonel's turn as well as her own. He can either attack an adjacent enemy for 2 damage, or grant himself or his rider haste, and has 6 Speed. Dismounting Colonel does not cost an action, but mounting again does. (As a reminder, haste increases Speed by +2 and lets you ignore movement-impairing hazards like dense trees.)

    Once you set your loadouts, it's Har's turn!

    @AustinP0027 @joshgotro @discrider


    Xagar on
  • joshgotrojoshgotro Queen CityRegistered User regular

    Active: Measured Strike, Quake Stomp, Devastation, Reaper's Vow
    Reaction: Stand Firm
    Support: Focused Defense
    Movement: Murderous Leap
    Ultimate: Destruction Fist

    Armor: Bristle-reinforced leather armor (Initial stability, plating 3)
    Main Hand: Longsword (react by dealing 6d)
    Off Hand: Shield (react by blocking -4d)

  • AustinP0027AustinP0027 Registered User regular
    No reason to mess with a good thing.

    Active Skills [Deliverance], [Waters of Life], [Aura Flash], [Revival Burst]
    Reaction Skill [Shimmering Veil]
    Support Skill [Spirit Bond]
    Movement Skill [Reposition]
    Ultimate Skill [Beacon of Dawn]

    Victor will Spirit Bond Har.

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