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[Android/Free] - Colony management & survival game, Frontier: Isle of the Seven Gods

TubeTube Administrator, ClubPA admin

The old world has been washed away...

Now, you must lead a group of survivors in a mysterious new land. Will your careful management build a thriving community with hope for the future? Or will it all unravel with the receding tide?

Frontier: Isle of the Seven Gods is the debut game from Elder Aeons, a small indie studio my friend and I started to stay in touch after he moved across the country. The game is single player (playable offline), and requires careful management of four resources (food, water, debris, and seeds) in order to build a thriving colony in a mysterious new land after an ecological disaster. It is turn-based, with each turn being a day or night respectively. During a turn, you manage the different components of your colony, including your colonists, structures, inventory, livestock, and available traders. You can assign your colonists tasks by tapping on their faces, then tapping the golden task icon under "Currently." When you end your turn by tapping the "Advance Time" button, tasks will yield a variety of outcomes based on the colonist's skillset. You can also acquire special items, trade, fend off bandits, raise livestock, and more. Managing your colony to sustainability is the first challenge, from there your path is up to you.

Note: The Game will function on most tablets, but is optimized for phones.

The game is completely free, but does have periodic advertisements. That said, there are no pay-to-win mechanics or any of that silliness. I hope you'll give it a try and thanks for taking a look!


Here are some screenshots:



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