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    AuralynxAuralynx Darkness is a perspective Watching the ego workRegistered User regular
    Tube wrote: »
    I've had that "you're about to get sick" feeling in my nose for two days and am otherwise not symptomatic so today I was like FUCK IT WE'LL DO IT LIVE and I'm at work.
    Weaver wrote: »
    Yay prednisone! Also got my brain pills refilled!

    Currently playing a game of "so at what point will my breathing get bad enough to go get some prednisone?" with the change in weather / hurricane-driven sudden actual fall temperatures. It's still in my favor for the moment.


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    MorivethMoriveth BREAKDOWN BREAKDOWN BREAKDOWN BREAKDOWNRegistered User regular
    Also the staff assistant is leaving the firm next week and I'm considering putting in my resume for that job. I don't know if it would include a wage increase but I imagine the work would be slanting towards paralegal stuff more than what I'm doing now.

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    WeaverWeaver Who are you? What do you want?Registered User regular
    I get it because even prescription NSAIDs don't do jack for my hip.

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    schussschuss Registered User regular
    I usually tap into "why do you think they have less merit?" Coupled with the studies that talk in detail of why diversity works (pssst, it's about feeling mildly uncomfortable and making sure due diligence is done rather than letting your drinking buddy skate by with half assed work).
    Then again, I'm not particularly beloved so perhaps other things. There are also the blind orchestra studies of women/minority representation before and after putting a curtain in front of the player.

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    KarlKarl Registered User regular
    If she's making tea for only herself and not taking part in tea rounds, I don't see the issue.

    If other people are making her tea and she's not returning the favour.

    Booooo I say

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    TubeTube Registered User admin
    Weaver wrote: »
    I get it because even prescription NSAIDs don't do jack for my hip.

    I get it for a condition that it isn't official pharmacology for so I have to rejustify it every time I change doctors. I haven't done it in the states yet.

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