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PC Restarts Whenever I Try to Shut Down

darunia106darunia106 J-bob in gamesDeath MountainRegistered User regular
So recently I've been finding my computer turned on when I get on it in the morning after shutting it down the night before. A quick google search says that this is because the computer is experiencing a system failure during shut down which is causing the reboot possibly due to recently installed drivers or hardware. I have recently replaced my GTX 770 with a GTX 1080 ti which is making me suspect this is the issue. I know there's a quick fix where I can change the settings so the computer doesn't restart after a system failure but I would rather correct the system failure itself. How would I go about fixing this? I've tried to look up the memory dump file for any bsods recorded but I've only found an error that says the memory dump file couldn't be loaded.

EDIT: And its fixed now. Figures.

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