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Seeking Cosplay Assistant

divisiontendivisionten Registered User regular
edited July 2018 in PAX West
Hi all! I’m divisionten and I... tend to go overboard when making cosplay. My new build for pax is Dipper from
Gravity Falls possessed by Bill Cipher- via a large Bill animatronic that floats overhead “controlling” me with marionette cables.
Said animatronic has lights, a moving pupil in his eye, and voice (either by playing out prerecorded messages or accepting a phone call/Skype audio.
I can’t control all of the individual components by myself, and am looking for someone who’d love to help bring Bill to life at con! I’ll teach you how to operate your share of the animatronics, it’s like controlling an RC car. Bonus if you can do a decent Bill impression to do some live banter instead of just playing recordings from the show.

While the prop isn’t 100% complete, here’s a quick test of the lights and eye.

divisionten on
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