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[Board Games] aren't worth playing until you add at least five expansions



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    Ah_PookAh_Pook Registered User regular
    edited March 2019
    I feel like the market might be ready for taking the werewolf kind of theme but making an actual small rpg around it, something in the vein of Fiasco or Baron Munchausen. My biggest issue with most hidden role games is that for all the complexity of roles, they all still boil down to asking people if they are the traitor, them saying no, and then inventing gameplay around guessing. Having more things actually happen to talk about, and more subtlety and breadth in the conversations, seems like it would be more valuable than adding even more uncertainty into a very basic and uncertain process. (this is why I like spyfall, btw, it feels like ferreting out the spy is actually based on things they say, because of the breadth of things you could be talking about).
    This is why I like Insider as my social deduction game of choice. There's enough of a framework of actual game there to hang actual deductions on, but there's enough wiggle room in the 20 questions that you're never sure if someone is the insider or just enthusiastic about asking questions etc.

    Also speaking of social games, I've played Hellapagos 8 times over the last couple days and it's pretty great . The tagline of the game is "A cooperative game... Until the food runs out." Which is a pretty good indicator of what it is. Youre all castaways on an island trying to build rafts and escape, while scavenging enough food and water to survive. There is not enough of anything to go around, and not enough time to get enough to go around. At the end of every round everyone alive drinks one water and eats one food. If you don't have enough you have to vote people out and they die (or save themselves with selfishly hoarded resources, or shoot someone else so now you magically need less good and water etc). After eating and drinking you check to see if you win. To win you need to have 1 raft 1 food and 1 water for everyone alive, and then you can escape the island. If not you keep going. To give an example of the feel of the game, you can get to the checking for victory part, and pull out a gun and enough bullets to kill everyone else and sail away on the one raft you managed to build. Plenty of room for deal making (all non binding natch), bribery, back stabbing, etc etc. It really packs a lot of fun/nasty shenanigans into 20ish minutes.

    Ah_Pook on
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    MrBodyMrBody Registered User regular
    Mr. G wrote: »
    I just went and watched the Blood on the Clocktower review and uh

    I think I'm alright with One Night Ultimate Werewolf at 1/5th of the price

    there's just too much shit! If I'm paying 100 bucks for a game with too much stuff, I'm better served with Gloomhaven

    The thing I LIKE about these games is the compactness

    Yeah that's what I don't get. Even if you are into that type of game, why not just go with Ultimate One Night? The biggest selling point they push is "The game isn't over when you're killed!" You get one more vote. But in One Night, a new game is going to start in about 10 minutes. 1 more vote in a 2 hour game vs. starting a whole new game in 10-15 minutes.

    Personally, I don't see the point in any other social deduction game now that I have Dark Moon.

    The "ringleader" thing is exactly why I don't like most social deduction games. They're always being pushed by the person who absolutely has to be the ringleader in every social gathering. They just can't seem to stand a situation that someone else not them is running. Sometimes to sociopathic levels. I would show up to a regular meetup group early, announce I was busting out a new game. I set it up, got about 6 people to join in. I see the usual Werewolf/Secret Hitler ringleader and ask if they want to play. He says no that he's setting up a Resistance game instead, but keeps looking over agitated as my group grows to 8. I'm about to start my game. He has enough to start a Resistance game.

    So just as we're about to start, he comes over and announces that that they're going to start a Werewolf game and everyone should join.

    "I thought you were playing Resistance?"
    "Yeah but more people can play with Werewolf."

    I was just open mouthed. He decided to drop the Resistance game and start Werewolf specifically to poach players from a game that he wasn't running.

    It was something straight out of Angela's Christmas parties in The Office.

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    PowerpuppiesPowerpuppies drinking coffee in the mountain cabinRegistered User regular
    Didn't tube play hellapagos on steam and shout "What now, Holkins?!" after Tycho tried to kill him and failed and died

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    JonBobJonBob Registered User regular
    We are at 100 pages! New thread time.

    Please nominate games as recommendations for newbies! One per category per forumer. PM me or post in the thread.

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