QuakeCon giving PAX South a challenge

jhat12345jhat12345 Registered User new member
I love PAX South, been to every single one ('cause its impossible to get tix to West or East)
But I was at QuakeCon 2018. Its primarily there for the massive BYOC. The con is free if you don't BYOC.
Come to find out they have added a TableTop hall with a Checkout Library and D&D campaigns. All for free.
As far as Texas gaming cons, Its been in a bit of flux. RTX has been removing most of the games.
But its nice to see another Texas gaming con give PAX a challenge for best in my Lone Star.


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    AshTRAshTR Austin, TXRegistered User regular
    edited December 2018
    Honestly, I've gone to QuakeCon since 2011 and PAX South since it started. QuakeCon's vendor hall is horrible compared to PAX South's, while QuakeCon has the best BYOC. It really depends on what you go for.

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