2018 PAX Aus Pokemon Go Thread

friesekefrieseke Registered User new member
Hi folks!

I am heading to PAX Australia this year for the first time. I am an active Pokemon go player from Canada and would love to meet up with some people to do some trades. I will bring down a clutch of North American Pokemon (Tauros, Illumise, etc) and would love to find Relicanth, Tropius, and Torkoal. Ideally, we would become friends before this happens. My friend code is 9968 6044 9539. I will do my best to send you as many presents as I can and get at least some levels of friendship before meeting up in Melbourne.

Stay safe out there,



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    MegglybyteMegglybyte Registered User new member
    I'm heading to NZ to stock up on Relicanth just before coming to PAX so I'd love to trade :)

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    friesekefrieseke Registered User new member
    I have my flights set up and a clutch full of regionals. I am fortunate enough to be an Omeganaught this year so I shouldn't be that hard to find! Otherwise, I look forward to playing some games with people in Australia!

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    9Squirrels9Squirrels Registered User new member
    I've got Kangaskhan's, Mr Mime's and Farfetch'ds, would love to get a Heracross, or Relicanth or any of the other regionals. I've also got a few Solrocks if anyone still needs those.

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    harrybharryb Registered User new member
    edited October 2018
    I am also heading to PAX Australia this for the first time, and I am an active pokemon go player from Melbourne. I would love to meet up with other players to do some trades as I don't get many opportunities to get regional exclusives. I have some Kangaskhan, Chatot, and other uncommon pokemon if anyones needs them for their pokedex. My friend code is 0792 7811 0692 and I send gifts daily. I already added you Friseke, thanks for the gifts :). See everyone at PAX, I'm going on Saturday.

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