Child's Play Trivia Australia 2018

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Child's Play Trivia Australia will be returning to Games Laboratory on the Wednesday before PAX Aus for our FIFTH ANNIVERSARY EVENT! Specifically, that's Wednesdaym 24 October, if you're planning things. :)

We've made $24492 over the first 4 years, and I'd love another cracker year to give as much as possible to the kids.

We're just over 6 weeks out and have sold 55% of the tickets. There's only one table unaccounted for, but still loads of LFG[1] tickets to be had.

We've over $3600 worth of prizes on offer, and there's more coming down the pipe! We'll also be continuing our Remote Raffle from previous years, so even if you can't make it on the night you can still get some cash to the kids in exchange for a chance to win just a whole bunch of prizes!

As the night grows nearer, watch this thread for updates on auction items, other prizes, raffle packs, and a general stoking of the Hype Train boilers

For a TL:DR on details and tickets, head here: https://cptaus.squarespace.com/details/

Remote Raffle tickets will be on sale shortly, so why not bookmark https://cptaus.squarespace.com/play-at-home/ and await the go-live announcement?

To keep *really* abreast of things, you should head over to our Facebook page and give us the ol' Like: https://www.facebook.com/CPTAus/

Have you been before and want everyone to know how much fun it is? To the comments with you! If you attended a past event and weren't a fan, let me know why with a PM and maybe we can fix it?

Be well, all!

Euan aka Gilligan

[1] LFG, as the acronym implies, are tickets for people Looking For a Group. People without a full table, who just want to turn up and be matched with whoever else is around. Alternatively, you could buy 8 of them and form an unnumbered, rogue table. You'd probably be a Band of Misfits with Nothing to Lose and Everything to Prove. I suspect, although I can't be 100% sure, that you'd be scrappy. Dare I say plucky? I think I dare.


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