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PAX AUS Pinny Dinner 2018

Capt WasabiCapt Wasabi AustraliaRegistered User regular
edited September 2018 in PAX Australia
I just wanted to cross post this here.
Everyone is welcome.

Pax Aus will soon be upon us.
That means it's also time for the Pre Pax Pinny Dinner.

Register here


Venue will be the same as last year - PJ O'Brien's
Google Maps Link

Everyone Welcome - Please register using the link above.
Function starts at 6pm. Dinner is simply a la carte / off the menu - so no issues if you arrive late.
We will also make use of a TV for some Jackbox games towards the end of the evening.

Just as in past years, feel free to bring along pins to trade.

If you have any special requirements please let me know.

Register here

zerzhul on


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