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PAX Aus Pinny Arcade panel needs you!

SennoSenno AustraliaRegistered User regular

I'm Senno, and I am working with some community friends to create "The Aussie Pinny Arcade Community Presents: A Winner is You!" panel for PAX Aus 2018. We're doing a game show style panel which promises to be fun and we want you to be involved!

I'll be working behind the scenes, making sure our wonderful host has what he needs. We have two panellists per team ready to go, and we need a third.

And while I'd love to pluck two people at random from the audience, I don't want to force people who may not be interested, or hate to be in front of a crowd.

As such, I'm looking for tributes... I mean, volunteers, who would be interested in getting involved.


Short answer: Nothing!

Long answer: Very little!

You will need to be available at the panel - which you can find on the schedule right about here:

Secondly, you need to be comfortable in front of a crowd. You will be on a team of three, including yourself. Each team is currently 1 male and 1 female, so we're not doing any kind of Battle of the Sexes or anything like that. We're inclusive!

This will be a pure random chance. If you're volunteering, your name goes into the hat. We pull out that name - and you're in!

The panel is being done very much in jest and in fun, so pin knowledge is appreciated but not as necessary as you might think.


Well, aside from being momentarily famous amongst a crowd of Pinny Arcade enthusiasts you will have our ever loving appreciation!

Also - free pins.

Maybe a high five.


If you want to be involved, you need to just comment below with either a name or a username you will be comfortable with. Then at PAX, make sure you find our theatre, it's the Kookaburra Theatre and the show starts at 4:30.

You can back out at any time up until the 23rd October. After that, every one who has put their names down has a chance to be involved!


No worries - come along to the panel, and enjoy the shenanigans. We'll of course have our excellent print outs to help people on their pin quest, we'll have some fun pin stories to share and there may be some prizes for just showing up!

Much appreciated, look forward to seeing you there.




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