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G&T Secret Santa! Assignments now!

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Sign-ups are now sort of closed! Mostly! (until around this weekend)!


Yes, its that time of year again. I mean we still have Halloween coming up, but its basically Christmas season now. I saw my first color changed leaf, so this is happening.

What is this?
It's pretty much Secret Santa, except with partial strangers.
You sign up, you buy a forumer a gift, you get a gift, you post your gift on the thread, we all experience the joy that comes from getting gifts from strangers that are probably better than the gifts your own family gets you.

How does it work?
(1) Read this entire post
(2) Sign up using the instructions below
(3) Wait until I dole out your Santee
(4) Stalk your Santee and figure out what he or she likes
(5) Buy your Santee something he or she will like (minimum $25) & ship it to them by December 31, 2018.
(6) You, yourself, will receive a gift. Take pictures of it and post them. This is not optional.
(7) Take joy in an awesome tradition of happiness and goodwill towards your fellow P-A forumers!

You will be BANNED if you do not send a gift by the deadline.
Also a lot of forumers will have your address. I'm not condoning anything...I'm just saying.

Sign-up Conditions
You may only sign up if:
You joined the forums before January of this year. If you joined after this contact me and you may be admitted on a case-by-case basis.
You are full of joy and awesomeness and prefer giving to receiving.
You are willing to pay international shipping. If you get someone on Mars, then prepare to ship something to Mars. NOTE: The cost of shipping does NOT count toward the $25 minimum.
You can afford $25 + shipping, or create something at least $25 worth of awesome. I will leave this to your discretion, but if you send a box of leaves or poop or a drawing of a penis then expect RETRIBUTION.
You're okay with maybe getting something that you don't like, up to and including something you cannot verify the price of. If members of your own family get you crap that you don't like, I wouldn't have high hopes for strangers on the internets. I will not entertain complaints that LewieP gave you Halo 3 and beef jerkey wrapped up in an American Flag; but you only like stuff from Japan.
You are going to send an appropriate gift. Seriously, no porn, anything dangerous, anything illegal, or anything that could be considered bad by someone's parents. You don't know how old your Santee is, their moral leanings, and all that. If you have to ask, I wouldn't send it. Err on the side of caution.

The Nitty Gritty Big 3, TAKE NOTE
Here's the low-down, or the rules, that have been grinched up because of past administrative issues:
(1) Get proof that you sent your package. This is the crazy time of year, packages sometimes get lost. Most of the time it works out. Sometimes it doesn't. If you can't provide a tracking number and proof that you sent a gift of sufficient value, you'll get banned unless you send the gift again.
(2) When choosing a gift, please try to pick something that unquestionably meets the minimum. Generally this is a no brainer, but if someone receives a crayon that you claim you bought at a charity event for $100, I am sadly unable to verify that it is a golden crayon and that it meets the minimum.
(3) Due to past issues, I reserve the right to refuse admittance anyone.

Sign Me Up!
To sign up, please send me (Radiation) a PM on these forums with the following information by October 28:

Note: If you do not PM me you did not sign up!

What happened to Hypatia?
Festive overdose. Currently recovering in the North Pole.

Your real name (for mailing purposes):
Address (as they should print it to get stuff to you):
Your e-mail (if they need to contact you):
Delivery information (stuff they need to know to get your stuff to you):

Hints (what you want me to pass on immediately, examples: Gamertags, systems owned, etc.):

Notes (e.g., "Mr. X is my spouse, please don't assign us together" or "I changed forum names, I used to be OldForumName"):

Are you willing to be a bunny?
(Bunnies volunteer to give an extra gift, if needed, to someone who got a deadbeat Santa)

Past Highlights

Last years thread
2016 thread
Gift wall was down last year. I have a gift wall in the op in the 2017 thread.

Current Participants!
MNC Dover
Stabbity Style
Custom Special
Jam Warrior
Cj iwakura
Dac Vin
Big Classy

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