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  • TryCatcherTryCatcher Registered User regular
    Oh yeah A Hero Lives is back to 3, that's cool.

    But yeah, things that acutally matter are the Forbiddens. Personally, I don't think that cards that say "deck building is irrelevant" cards like Verte or Imperial Order should be legal or printed as a matter of principle. Other two are obvious bans.

    Limited are mostly "don't you play only 1 Crystron Needlefiber anyways?", though I'm always for more cool old school anime cards like Change of Heart. Semi-Limited is, as always, pointless, and the Unlimited are things that don't matter anymore.

    Oh yeah MFers are going to spend A LOT of money on Yatas until they realize that is just too slow, specially at 1.

  • TryCatcherTryCatcher Registered User regular
    Wow, they finally banned Verte Anaconda, huh. As someone using Predaplants in MD Verte is just mega busted in any deck that could run it, which was any deck. MD has been doing its own thing with the banlist though so I'm not holding my breath just yet.

    Yata-Garusu has been banned since 2004, on the very first banlist, it and Time Seal probably won't see play, but could still be degenerate.

    Time Seal doesn't affect the board, doesn't provide card advantage and is a normal Trap card. You know, the things that have to be pseudo-Monsters to see play since they are too slow.

  • Satanic JesusSatanic Jesus Hi, I'm Liam! with broken glassesRegistered User regular
    Kazuki Takahashi has sadly passed in an accident.

    my backloggery 3DS: 0533-5338-5186 steam: porcelain_cow goodreads
  • PaperLuigi44PaperLuigi44 My amazement is at maximum capacity. Registered User regular
    Damn it, thats awful.

    BahamutZEROMidniteSatanic Jesus
  • EnlongEnlong Registered User regular
    For all the jokes one makes about the game and the series, Takahashi made a story whose underlying inspiration is how games can bring people together. To the point that the leads' names come together to mean "Friendship". It's a powerful sentiment a lot of us can use. Takahashi was a man with great ideas, and a good message that came across in some delightfully strange, funny, and impactful art. The game he ended up creating has brought a lot of joy to many people all around the world.

    His untimely death is an absolute tragedy. I'm so glad that this man and his art came into our lives. May he rest in peace.

    BahamutZEROMidniteSatanic JesusMortal SkyPaperLuigi44TryCatcher
  • OwenashiOwenashi Registered User regular
    Master Duel's running a 1st Anniversary event. Logging in for seven days will net you 1000 Gems and 3 special tickets. The tickets are used for buying one of eight special packs which are shuffled prior to you picking one, each also coming with a special bonus pack that'll have a random UR card.


    Not surprisingly, Dark Magician's a big star of the event. Not only did they release a new Structure Pack featuring him and the Magician Girls but there's a big bundle out for 3000 Gems that nets you 30 basic packs and a Dark Magician card with new art as well as a bunch of DM/ancient duel accessories. The only thing missing is a DM Mate and that's likely because they released it separately in the Accessories side of the shop.

  • PaperLuigi44PaperLuigi44 My amazement is at maximum capacity. Registered User regular

    The new event music is amazing too. I'm glad the Legend Anthology event includes anime decks beyond DM, as it meant my Predaplant deck just needed a bit of tweaking.

  • OwenashiOwenashi Registered User regular
    edited February 2023
    Welp, just won a Master Duel match cause my opponent lost their connection in the midst of their first turn, minute to minute-n-half house of cards comboing. Thanks for the free pass levels.

    Owenashi on
  • OwenashiOwenashi Registered User regular

    "A method to the madness" seems appropriate here.

  • OwenashiOwenashi Registered User regular

    It's pretty rare that I end up screwing someone's attempt to trap me not once but twice in the same Duel due to me bringing out the right monster. Also, did not know they added support for the first method.

  • PaperLuigi44PaperLuigi44 My amazement is at maximum capacity. Registered User regular

    I'm glad I didn't dismantle my Runick cards in Master Duel, we may not have Jord yet but a close approximation of this deck has been doing me well in the latest cup.

  • OwenashiOwenashi Registered User regular

    This was fun to watch. Both the first and the "Stop hitting yourself, stop hitting yourself!" match especially.

  • PaperLuigi44PaperLuigi44 My amazement is at maximum capacity. Registered User regular
    There's another fusion called Geo Kraken coming in the same wave (2 Earthbounds except Spirit as its materials), that's intended to be one half of that card.

  • PaperLuigi44PaperLuigi44 My amazement is at maximum capacity. Registered User regular
    Having watched a video on the new Earthbound cards, Earthbound Spirit is an old vanilla, lol. It's Frog The Jam all over again.

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