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    One of the best ways to prove to yourself that you aren't an imposter is to make it through this exact type of adversity with your ego intact.

    Man, that’s harsh. The “throw ‘em in at the deep end” view of swimming lessons.

    Development can get this sort of macho “if you can’t take it you’re a pussy” attitude and I don’t thrive in that environment.

    (That’s not an insult to people who do thrive in that environment of course: we are all different)

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    @CelestialBadger if I can ask, do you have diagnosed issues with anxiety? If you are seeing a therapist, this is a great topic to discuss with them, and they may also have tools to help you. They may also have tools that you can bring to any discussions with the team about how to approach these kinds of practices that can help to mitigate or preclude the flaws that you're identifying.

    Peer review is intended as a non-confrontational process. The point isn't to get in a room and argue, or to make an escalating series of passive-aggressive (or just plain aggressive-aggressive) comments to each other on Git/Jira/Slack/etc. There are best practices that can be implemented which can help to ensure that the process is as constructive as possible. And as others have pointed out, if it does devolve into a toxic mess then that's more indicative of the culture than of the process itself.

    For example, as brought up earlier in the thread, a common approach people use is to couch their feedback in the form of a question rather than as a statement of fact. "Did you consider using Python?" instead of, "You should've used Python" can get you to the same point while being received much more readily. Your issues with the timing of the feedback are correct (in that something this large should come sooner rather than later), but the truth of the matter is that sometimes things change or sometimes people miss things, and it's better to operate in an environment where you can bring up this kind of thing before it gets to the end user.

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    I understand it is intended as a non-confrontational process. But it doesn’t *feel* non-confrontational.

    If someone asks me “Why did you do it x way?” It feels very passive-aggressive to me. And I know when I have asked such questions in the past others on the team have interpreted my innocent questions as hostile, too. So it’s not just me who has difficulty with this.

    And no, I’m not spending thousands of dollars on a therapist because I have a problem with pull requests. Good grief.

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    Well, here is what I see wrt to the questions you asked in your OP

    Is this how the world works now?

    Pretty much, yes.

    How does this process work at other companies?

    Pull requests are common practice and people have given you lots of details about how they work at their companies.

    Is there other information or advice you are looking for at this point?

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    And I'm not trying to shut you down or anything, but it might be good to know if you have any other specific questions for people, and if there are aspects you are NOT asking for advice on

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    Nothing more. Feel free to close.

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    With anxiety like this how would you ever even get past a whiteboard interview??

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    With anxiety like this how would you ever even get past a whiteboard interview??

    I do fine. Why so hostile?

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