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[TTSIM] Deception: Murder in Hong Kong

NotoriusBENNotoriusBEN regularRegistered User regular
edited October 2018 in Critical Failures
im looking for a Tabletop Simulator game of Deception: Murder in Hong Kong this afternoon/evening Oct 19. Oct 26.

Im aware its short notice, but ive got the big to play it.

what is deception? Hidden role murder solving.

1player is the murderer, picks weapon and supporting clue.
forensic player knows the murderer, the weapon, and clue, but cannot speak at all. forensic player uses cards with clues and picks the appropriate clue on those cards to guide the investigators to figure it out.

murderer tries to deflect clues onto other players with similar cards.

investigators win if someone manages to guess the correct weapon and clue. pretty hard to do when each player has 4 weapons and clues apiece.

i should be good to go around 4pm PST.
ill hang around on steam and discord and hopefully we can get 5 or 6 people.

I WILL LINK THE WORKSHOP MODULE AFTER WORK. my phone is a pain in the ass trying to copy hyperlinks, but the module is downloadable very quickly and easily.

We should have more time to set up a game since i asked on monday oct22.

Steam - NotoriusBEN | Uplay - notoriusben | Xbox,Windows Live - ThatBEN
NotoriusBEN on


  • NotoriusBENNotoriusBEN regular Registered User regular
    fair enough. probably too short notice to set up a game, anyway.

    Steam - NotoriusBEN | Uplay - notoriusben | Xbox,Windows Live - ThatBEN
  • A Half Eaten OreoA Half Eaten Oreo regular Registered User regular
    I love the game, but yeah short notice Friday night is not very doable.

  • AuralynxAuralynx Darkness is a perspective Watching the ego workRegistered User regular
    Yeah, I'd be happy to give it a try some time - I was even around Friday! - but a little more planning might be required. I'd love to get a couple longer things going in TTS generally just to try them out.

    Space... what is the point of it? You have no idea.

  • NotoriusBENNotoriusBEN regular Registered User regular
    edited October 2018
    alright then. lets try for this friday then Oct 26.

    sign up in bold green so i can get a head count. id like to shoot for about 5 to 7 players, including myself, with just the base game.

    keep in mind, each player gets 8 cards, so 5p is 40 cards and 7p is 60 cards.
    as the guy in the youtube video said, getting 8 or more is insanity as lots of cards means many of them will overlap with the clues provided.

    and each player only gets 1 crack at solving the murder.

    NotoriusBEN on
    Steam - NotoriusBEN | Uplay - notoriusben | Xbox,Windows Live - ThatBEN
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