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Group Shirt Ideas for Pax Unplugged?

calvinbjddcalvinbjdd Registered User regular
Hello All!

I am attending Pax Unplugged with a group of friends and we wanted to have a group shirt, and decided we wanted it to be a feminist gamer shirt. I have done a bit of digging and haven't found much... (there's some video game related feminist shirts, but I have not found board game ones)

Do you know of any?

Alternatively, we are okay with doing a cheap version from an inkjet with transfer paper - but what should it say?

Thank you for your thoughts!



  • Dragonbear82Dragonbear82 Registered User regular
    why not support one of the female podcasts and buy/wear their shirt? personally I really like Boardgame Blitz. Ambie and Crystal do a great job at putting out an entertaining and interesting podcast.

  • calvinbjddcalvinbjdd Registered User regular
    That is a cool idea. TBH, I have not found one that I really like... and I don't branch out a ton fronSU&SD. What other ones should I listen to. I did try Board Game Blitz and Board Games in Bed, neither of them quite caught my attention.

  • Dragonbear82Dragonbear82 Registered User regular
    Sorry you didn't like "board game blitz". I enjoy "board games in bed" when they are talking about something I am interested, but they are a little hit or miss for me. Same for Blue Peg Pink peg. other female content creators on podcasts that I listen to consistently include Mandi & Suzanne every other week on "the dice tower", Stephanie straw of "on Board games."

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