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New Ultra-Delux Compact Model Classiness Gifts! [SECRET SANTA] & [CRYPTIC CARDS]

RMS OceanicRMS Oceanic Registered User regular
edited November 2018 in Debate and/or Discourse


Hello and welcome to Secret Santa, also known as Clue-Free Christmas, Hidden Holidays or X-Filed Xmas! It's coming up to that time of year where society paradoxically compells us to flex our "think of others" brain meats and our "buy stuff" brain meats. These brain meats can come into conflict if we don't exercise them properly. So what better way to get some practice in!

Want to be classy but are struggling to make ends meet? That's what Cryptic Cards are for! You can arrange to get someone to send a cheerful card to instead! Not that you can't send a card to your Santee as well.

How do I demonstrate classiness while participating?

First of all, I'm confident that we're all mature enough to deal with adult concepts like thinking how sitting in a burning building is fine nudity. You can send people NC-17 movies and Lolita and stuff if you want, but in general don't send things with the sole intent of titillation. If you'd rather not receive risque things, make a note of it in your wishlist. Also of course, nothing illegal or dangerous. And no Bitcoins. Impressive Artistic Renditions of Bitcoins are acceptable though.

Second of all, you must post some kind of wishlist here. Some enjoy the thrill of forum stalking, but others don't have the time. Also, if possible, assemble a wishlist for a website in your homeland or for digital wares, so if necessary your Santa can avail of that.

In the past, I've allowed people to ask to be assigned a Santee in the same country as them, because International Postage is a troublesome expense. This has been super stressful to work around, so nowadays remember that by signing up, you agree to send internationally if necessary. To all Santees, this is why or or Steam or what have you should be availed of, to allow your Santa to send you things without spending a fortune on postage. So please put thought into that. Cryptic Card will continue to be exclusively international as well.

Finally, you must have a record of your gifts being posted. Amazon/Steam emails, recorded delivery receipt, what have you. It's a busy period and the postal system has failed before. You don't have to send them to your Santee unless there's a problem though.

[/Classiness Requirements]

So how do you sign up for replacing leg day with classy day? PM me. In the past I've allowed signups just in the thread, and had to chase down folk for their details separately. If I haven't received a PM by the closing date, that's tough cookies. Your PM should include:

-Your real name and address
-Whether you're being a Secret Santa and/or Cryptic Carder.
-Whether you wish to be on the reserve list for ungifted Santees (see below)

How much should you spend on your Santee? There are no hard limits. D&D has a huge spread of incomes, putting hard limits wouldn't be fair. If you feel artsy, homemade arts and crafts are a totally classy gift. All that matters is that you've put thought into what you're sending. Another option may be a charity donation in your Santee's name.

You'll have until November 15th to sign up, where concerns like All Hallow's Eve have concluded, but the opportunity to net some classy presents without busting your wallet at the likes of Black Friday has not passed you by. It will take me a few days to get everyone assigned, so I may be open to some last minute additions, but keep this date in mind.

There are some restrictions to qualify for joining the Secret Santa, but hopefully aren't too onerous. In general, you should have been a regular poster on the boards since January 2018. This isn't iron clad though, and I'll consider newer posters on a case by case basis, especially if somebody else vouches for them. That being said, I reserve the right to refuse the admission of anyone for any other reason. In addition the Mods have the final say over who can take part, and can veto any admission. Any such refusal should be taken up with them.

Ideally I'd like to have all the assignments sent to their Santas before Thanksgiving, which should give everyone around a month to figure out how best to be classy to your fellow man before the agreed upon date of Christmas. Problems can happen however, and I'll understand if by Christmas Eve your gift has not reached its recipient, especially if you've explained this to your Santee and myself. I advise you all to use tracking numbers when you send them in case something goes wrong. If you have failed to send me notification of any actions you have taken by January 20th, I shall be in contact with the Mods. They understand the importance of being classy, and frown upon those who ask for the responsibility and then shun it. You WILL be banned if you fail to live up to your obligation without good reason. Also, never display disappointment in what you receive. People are being classy and sending you gifts, and it is bad form to complain about what you receive and forget the reason behind the gift. In the event a Santee goes without gift, I will be asking someone on the reserve list to make it up to them, preferably by the end of February.

Remember, it's now what you give or get, but how classy you are in doing it. <3

Those Being Secretive:

Anarchy Rules!
Blameless Cleric
Dark Raven X
Element Brian
RMS Oceanic
So It Goes

Those Being Cryptic:

Blameless Cleric
Dark Raven X
RMS Oceanic
So It Goes

The stalking begins.

For ease of stalking historical reference:

RMS Oceanic on
davidsdurionsBeNarwhalKid Presentable21stCenturyHonkDark Raven XArchamateurhourmRahmani3lwap0bloodyroarxxCristovaljungleroomx


  • RMS OceanicRMS Oceanic Registered User regular
    edited November 2018
    The Material Interests of the Northern Irish Forum-goer

    NB: As I am a filthy Socialist European, if you are interested in purchasing things of an electronic bent, please keep regional compatability in mind. My computer can play Region 1 DVDs however.

    The :D
    Electronic Gaming - I roll with a PS3/4, PS Vita and a PC. Highlights of my collection are the Assassins Creed, Uncharteds, inFamouses (inFamii?), GTAs, Gods of War and Final Fantasy. If my Santa wants to send me gifts by Steam or, let me know and I'll relay my details. Also I've been enjoying EU4 but the last two DLCs are a smidge pricey.
    Other Books - Comedy mostly, especially satire and/or parody. If you have any interesting history books I won't say no. Don't be afraid to send something that is neither of these. I'm also trying to bolster my literature cred too!
    Comics - I'm interested in reading some of the more interesting one off stories. I'm also interested in graphic novel series. EXCEPTIONS: I'm not interested in reading Y: The Last Man or Walking Dead. I greatly enjoyed Matt Fraction's Hawkguy so other successful trades are appreciated.
    Classic Cartoons - I currently have Disney Treasures, Looney Tunes Golden Collections and the Complete Droopy and Tom & Jerry, but there are others I'd like to assemble.

    The :)
    Nerdy Merch - Yeah, why not. I've been on a massive Undertale kick this two years as you might notice from the Santa in the OP, and it's still there.
    "Art Of" Books - Know those books which are full of concept sketches and art for major movies and games? I like those, especially for recent animated films.
    Webcomic Stuff - I read stuff like Nedroid, Hark! A Vagrant!, Bad Machinery and such. Books or non-clothing merchandise from such places are welcome.
    Soundtracks - Think a popular movie/game/TV show sounds awesome? You're free to send some of that my way.
    Arts & Crafts - Skilled with a brush or pencil or tablet or knitting needle and want to give something original? I'm down with that.
    Clothes - I've lost a ton of weight this year and finally feel ready to accept stuff like this. I won't say no to nerdy 2XL tshirts.

    The :(
    Model Kits - I don't have neither the time or skill to assemble them.
    MMORPG subscriptions - I don't know how likely receiving this is, but I don't play any MMORPGs.

    The :D :D
    These are the wild if-my-Santa-is-a-generous-millionaire type wishes, which I shall spoil for fear of appearing greedy.
    - An SD Card-ready Digital Camcorder, and appropriate SD Card.

    The :D :D :D actual-millionaire-or-outright-has-divine-powers wishes
    -Pay off my mortgage
    -Fund the installation of Photovoltaic Solar Panels on my roof
    -Peace on Earth
    -Perpetual Energy becomes viable, widespread and cheap
    -Alzheimers and other conditions that degenerate a person's mental condition are cured
    -A cure for Diabetes
    -Heavy investment in Atmospheric Carbon Scrubbing like pretty damn urgently
    -No Brexit
    -No other bad things

    If these are hopelessly vague, I have a cheat sheet you can reference.

    RMS Oceanic on
  • davidsdurionsdavidsdurions Your Trusty Meatshield Panhandle NebraskaRegistered User regular
    Yessss I will be signing up. Yesssss.

  • 21stCentury21stCentury Bismuth OS Fully Operational 2019-07-12 - KeystoneRegistered User regular
    Dear Ocean Ship.

    Can i do a card again?

    I'll do a card again.

  • Nova_CNova_C I have the need The need for speedRegistered User regular
    Oh dang, it's that time of the year again!

  • Blameless ClericBlameless Cleric An angel made of sapphires each more flawlessly cut than the last Registered User regular
    edited November 2018
    • Things are tight this year so gift cards to Trader Joe's or Whole Foods are always very appreciated!!
    • Whatever cool food/treats are regional for you!
    • Cool art you made! This includes knitted scarves/hats/mittens etc. ^^
    • Cute things for my cat, like collars or scratchers from necoichi or toys!
    • Tights in fun colors!! I have a big collection of tights but they never last super long so I'm always looking for more - right now I could use more plain black ones but also I just tossed my only green pair. I'm an L.
    • Sea of Thieves and some XBOX Gold
    • Horizon Zero Dawn
    • Earbuds!
    • Every now and again I run out of my pen, which is a Pentel Trujillo (NOT TO BE CONFUSED WITH A PENTEL STYLO!!) and it can only be ordered online and is a bit pricey so I always love to have backups
    • Kishi Bashi merch (he's my fav musician uvu)
    • Some cute/nice oven mitts!
    • Cookies/food you made!! (I don't like nuts and we can't have sesame products in the house!!)
    • I love Glossier but cannot afford makeup rn, so a gift card would be great ^^
    • a small curling wand

    • Clothes: Mostly I prefer to buy my own
    • Video Games: I have a ps4 and have access to an xbox one and a switch but honestly I just don't play that much? There are a couple of things above that I think I'd really play but mostly I just don't have time.
    • Knick-knacks/figurines: I move a lot, I don't need bricabrac hanging around. I barely have any surfaces to put anything on.
    • Art supplies: I do not do traditional art! I don't need art supplies (other than the exception above).

    if you wanna get something that the ol' boyfriendo, Pinecone, can also use/partake in (but also it's fine if not) he mostly eats the sun so probably not food, but
    • Bulk turmeric powder
    • a wok!!
    • A nice nonstick pan, we only have one and we're always in each others' way with it
    • Epsom salt gets used by both of us!!
    • he's WuWei on both here the forum and there

    anyway thank you, Santa, and u may want to coordinate with my dad @spool32 if you like

    Blameless Cleric on
    Orphane wrote: »

    one flower ring to rule them all and in the sunlightness bind them

    I'd love it if you took a look at my art and my PATREON!
    Dark Raven XArchHahnsoo1Cristoval
  • Hahnsoo1Hahnsoo1 Make Ready. We Hunt.Registered User regular
    edited October 2018
    Saving for my list. Signed up and ready to go!

    Here's my X-mas List stuff (lazy copy-pasta from last year)
    Things that I like for gifts:
    1) Things that are also other things or have multiple tools - A multi-tool, for example, or a water bottle that is also a flashlight that is also a bluetooth speaker. Stuff that is keychain/wallet-portable is a big plus.
    2) Cat-related things - I love kitties! Cat related things or cat-toys are appreciated. My cat is a grey and white domestic short hair named Remington.
    3) Broadway Musicals - I have an extensive collection of Broadway musical cast albums. I love pretty much any musical-related merch. I already own Stephen Sondheim's "Finishing the Hat" and "Look, I Made a Hat" and the Hamiltome (Hamilton: The Revolution), among some other books. But other non-book/non-CD merch related to the theater is welcome. One of my favorite gifts is a T-shirt that says "May Break Out Into Showtunes". :D
    4) Monster Hunter-related things - Monster Hunter is my favorite franchise. Any merch related to Monster Hunter is appreciated.
    5) A cappella music - I sing in an a cappella chorus, so stuff for singers like me are appropriate. I sing bass. I have most of Straight No Chaser's and Pentatonix's stuff, so I don't need those.
    6) Generic Christmas stuff - I fucking LOVE Christmas. Generic Christmas decorations or ornaments are my jam!
    7) Misc - I like all of the Star franchises: Star Trek, Star Wars, Stargate, Star Search, Star vs. the Forces of Evil, Dancing with the Stars. I also like Shadowrun (over 20 years of playing this!) and generic Cyberpunk stuff, too.

    Things that I don't like for gifts:
    1) Video Games - I have a backlog of hundreds of games, so I don't need any more.
    2) Normal food - I am on a low-carb diet. I do appreciate good low-carb snacks (cheese, sugar-free stuff), but that's about it.
    3) Hoodies - I like most other clothes, but I have WAY more hoodies than I know what to do with.
    4) Ties - I never wear ties unless I have to, and I have a large collection of novelty ties.
    5) Figurines - I really don't like figurines, although I will tolerate Monster Hunter or Shadowrun figurines.
    6) Hats - Okay, I may have too many hats now.

    I wear an XL T-shirt size (I can fit into most L, though... yay for losing weight!).

    Hahnsoo1 on
    PSN: Hahnsoo | MHGU: Hahnsoo, Switch FC: SW-0085-2679-5212
  • knitdanknitdan Registered User regular
    Knitdan’s Wish List

    PS4-I play most of the big AAA games so unless they’re listed here it’s safest to assume I’ve got them already. Ac:Origins and Odyssey. Shadow of the Tomb Raider. Shadow of the Colossus remaster. I do not play online on the PS4. A new controller is pricey but would be welcomed.
    Nintendo Switch- This is my first Nintendo system. Games I have: BoTW, Stardew Valley, Super Mario Odyssey, Skyrim, Valkyria Chronicles 1&4, Octopath Traveler, Hollow Knight, Dark Souls remaster . If need be, I can download games for the Switch as I have a good internet access point at the clinic. I don’t really want to play online games though, so things like Splatoon are not recommended. Don’t really have an interest in amiibos. A second pair of joycons would be welcome as well.

    I don’t have any meatspace friends so board games and D&D would just sit on a shelf


    I know this is a cliche but I really do like pretty much everything. Taylor Swift, Titus Andronicus, Metallica, whatever they’re calling classical these days. Even most rap provided it’s not Kendrick Lamar or RTJ. If there’s something you like, I’ll give it a shot.

    Fictionwise I’m into mostly science fiction and fantasy, especially the kind of stuff that pisses off the right wing. Books written by women and minorities and minority women are a plus. Also interested in historical fiction, as long as it’s not alt-history “what if the South won” like Harry Turtledove. Ancient Rome and Middle Eastern-inspired books may tickle my fancy as well.

    Please no cookbooks.

    Arts and Crafts

    I’m a knitter, so yarn is always appreciated. Natural fibers such as wool or plant-derived fibers such as bamboo or cotton are appreciated. Generally I prefer simple, solid colors, although Noro’s Kureyon line and Universal’s Poems line are among my favorites.


    Food is always appreciated. Especially snacks, candy or sweets that may only be found in your region.

    I like jigsaw puzzles, the higher quality the better. Ravensburg makes some nice ones. I like them to be challenging but not impossible. Extreme difficulty in puzzles is not something I enjoy. At the very high end, Liberty Wooden Puzzles are amazing but also very expensive.

    Nerd stuff: stickers, swag, pins, I don’t really collect these but they would still be cool to get

    Clothes: I wear a size 4XL shirt which for most places it’s too much of a hassle to stock.

    I frequent [chat], the Arts and Crafts thread, the webcomics thread, the book threads, and several others on these here forums.

    Amazon Wish List can be made available on request, but it’s pretty bare at the moment

    Fuck Firearm Fetishism
    86 45
  • HerrCronHerrCron It that wickedly supports taxation Registered User regular
    It's not even Halloween yet!

    I am still in Canada, they've made peace with their mistakes and I am not about to rock that particular boat.

    As a result, ordering via or something will probably work out better for you than shipping to here from where ever you are, especially with the exchange rates favouring just about every other major currency in the world.
    And some of the minor ones too.

    We moved last year, so the place is now livable, but there's always more you can have :)
    I do most of the cooking and as such i do like kitchen gadgets and such, they always get put to good use. There's some things on my Amazon wishlist but it's mostly..

    Video Games - There's a few on said wishlist. I have an Xbone and a switch, so games for either are welcome. I don't own a PC anymore so games for that aren't as useful. My backloggery contains all the games I own, should you need to do some cross referencing.

    Board and Card Games - This is something we're looking to get into, so if you have any games that you reckon are good fun then go for it! I already own The Resistance: Avalon and Codenames and I'm partial to things like Diplomacy (but do not buy me this, it murders friendships), but also I've enjoyed the BSG game, Love Letter: Batman, Settlers of Catan, Descent and Guillotine, but anything at all will be most welcome

    Books - I am not a great reader, but that doesn't mean you can't get me books, I will make the time for them! Also, i'm looking to change jobs in the future, moving into more business orintated programming, so if you're a fellow frog rammer and have some books you'd recommend for someone learning c#, WPF et al, that'd be great

    Booze - I am fond of whiskey, especially Peated Whiskies and single malts, but blended is good too. I also like Gin, especially ones that are a bit different to the standard Bombay, Hendricks style ones. However, I cannot drink beer, Unless it's a gluten-free beer.

    Comics - I currently have a marvel unlimited subscription I don't make nearly enough use of, so anything in this category should probably be limited to non-marvel stuff. But not the walking dead, please. I've had my fill of that.

    Coffee - This is what keeps me alive. But I don't really drink anything too fancy and maybe it's time to change that up? I've only got a French press, so there's ample room for stuff in this area.
    Anyway, if you're a coffee person, maybe there's something in this area you reckon would be a good thing, go for it.

    Or... just go hogwild! Pick whatever you fancy! Maybe something that's local to you and where you are? Anything I get will be welcome. Even NSFW stuff is fine, if you're so inclined, i promise only to judge a little bit.

    I'm a goddamn dirty Coeliac, so I can't consume things with gluten in them. So as much as I love tasty treats you're gonna have to check and see if they're gluten free. It's a pain in the ass, trust me, I know. Anything else is fine!

  • DoodmannDoodmann Registered User regular
    edited November 2018
    Hello I would like to to participate in this event.

    Local products from where you live (great idea SIG)
    Things you have made
    Art books
    Local booze (am I allowed to say that?)
    D&D stuff
    Lego (I'm an old man legor though)

    Book books
    Video Games

    Doodmann on
  • spool32spool32 Contrary Library Registered User regular
    !signup is still how you do this right? I'm in again!

  • Nova_CNova_C I have the need The need for speedRegistered User regular
    spool32 wrote: »
    !signup is still how you do this right? I'm in again!

    Nope! PM RMS directly. He has the info he needs from you in the OP.

  • spool32spool32 Contrary Library Registered User regular
    Nova_C wrote: »
    spool32 wrote: »
    !signup is still how you do this right? I'm in again!

    Nope! PM RMS directly. He has the info he needs from you in the OP.

    I have to read an OP? I thought this was America

    Nova_CDoodmannDevoutlyApatheticAiouaDark Raven XArchRMS OceanicDelmainN1tSt4lker
  • RMS OceanicRMS Oceanic Registered User regular
    spool32 wrote: »
    Nova_C wrote: »
    spool32 wrote: »
    !signup is still how you do this right? I'm in again!

    Nope! PM RMS directly. He has the info he needs from you in the OP.

    I have to read an OP? I thought this was America

    Not where I'm sitting from

    Nova_CHahnsoo1Blameless ClericHerrCronspool32Mojo_JojoDevoutlyApatheticArchElldren
  • AtomikaAtomika not a robot. does not eat bugs!Registered User regular
  • amateurhouramateurhour One day I'll be professionalhour The woods somewhere in TennesseeRegistered User regular
    edited November 2018
    Well shit. I reckon it's about that time.

    PM has been sent.

    ----UPDATE---- Here's my list of stuff

    So first off, if you want easy mode, here's my amazon lists, organized into different stuff (off roading, outdoors, etc.). I'd be happy with anything on it

    stuff that makes me go :D :D :D :D :D :D

    - my wife and I are working on our plan to own a homestead so anything related to homesteading (chickens, butter/cheese making, beekeeping, etc) is cool. Self sufficiency!
    - anything handmade or vintage, especially if it's like old camping or homestead stuff (small coffee grinders, old tools, old rasp files, anything hand powered)
    - if you come across an old hand crank drill press I'd be your eternal love
    - spices (I like to cook and make jerky so any spices you think I should toss into the mix, send em my way)
    - tea
    - books (kindle or hard copy, I like sci-fi, urban fantasy, and history books)

    stuff that makes me go :( :( :( :( :( :(

    - adult items (that's not really my jam, sorry. I do like Jam though so if you want to send me some good jam I'd appreciate it)
    - movies, video games, etc (if you know me, you know I'm usually in the woods so I don't do a lot of vidya or tv watching)
    - clothes (I'm pretty spartan with clothing and don't own much, I like to keep it that way)


    amateurhour on

    Arch wrote: »

    I never expected this burn from captain bushmeat
    RMS OceanicBlameless Cleric
  • DelmainDelmain Registered User regular
    edited November 2018

    Edit: Wishlist update! Everything is in "No Particular Order (tm)". I just add things to the list when I think of them, I don't re-order.

    • Power Rangers
    • Tokusatsu (Super Sentai / Kamen Rider / Ultraman)
    • Lord of the Rings / The Hobbit
    • Avatar (The Last Airbender and Legend of Korra)
    • Starcraft/Overwatch
    • Cthulhu Mythos
    • Spaaaaaaaaaaace
    • Urban Fantasy (Dresden Files, The Iron Druid Chronicles, Alex Verus, etc [though I've read all of those series, but stuff in that vein is fun])

    Things I like:
    • Board Games (mostly co-op instead of competitive, but it's not a hard rule. examples that I already own and love: Marvel Legendary, Sentinels of the Multiverse, Shadow Hunters)
    • Vidja Games
    • Wall art
    • Collectibles (bookshelf type stuff)
    • Books (Both the reading kind and the table kind)

    Not so much:
    • Figurines
    • NSFW things just for the sake of NSFW
    • Coffee / Tea
    • Chocolate (I'm allergic)

    For video games, I have a PC, a Nintendo 3DS, and a PS4, though I primarily play PC games, all I use the PS4 for is exclusives (RDR2 and Spider-man atm)

    I have both Steam and Amazon wishlists that are both not in any order at all.

    My Amazon wishlist is empty because I just celebrated my birthday, but I'll add things to it as I can.

    Delmain on
    syndalis wrote: »
    Apple is a terrible company.
  • LudiousLudious I just wanted a sandwich A temporally dislocated QuiznosRegistered User regular
    edited November 2018
    I am secret

    So obviously I like rocket raccoon and GotG a lot.

    If you scour my posts you probably see I like Funko Pops. Do not get me them because I already have it probably. Unless you work for Funko or can get like a prototype marvel or star wars pop, I prolly have it

    I love Marvel in general

    I have a lot of STUFF but I do like kitsch. I think my new thing is kitchen magnets. So any cool marvel/gotg magnets would be cool

    I’m the type of guy that likes to look at the dumb toys in bookstores. I like dumb toys and puzzle boxes. The kind of stuff that looks neat but you’d rarely get yourself.

    My wife is @ChelleYeah. Use her as a resource. She’s not gonna tell me shit. Go through and intermediate if you’re worried about me glancing at her screen ( I don’t do this)

    I like trying things other people think are super neat. If you’re into something cool that isn’t overly physical or outdoorsy, feel free to try to convert me.

    Donations to RAINN are a great gift to me. Their work is super important.

    A crucible. Seriously. If you want to get me a melting crucible go for it. This is obviously expensive and I don’t expect it but to call it a joke would also be dishonest. You miss every shot you don’t take-Wayne Gretzky

    Ludious on
  • 3lwap03lwap0 Registered User regular
    edited November 2018

    Time to unleash classiness of the holiday season.

    List forthcoming!



    Awesome non-fiction about cool stuff. Science especially, but look - if there's a cool story about learning something new and interesting, i'm in.
    A nice single malt Scotch - but if your region has a specialty liquor, well then, sign me up.
    Donations to charity in my name. You can't go wrong with Child's Play, but giving back to others is always in fashion and classy.
    Cool maker space ideas - I've discovered an awesome new maker space, and have spent some time there. Project ideas or books on awesome projects sounds awesome as well.
    Anything regional to you - something unique to your area is always appreciated - it could be a food item, or craft, or book. I'm always interested in where my fellow Arcadians hail from.
    Handmade anything - if you took the time to make something awesome, i'm always appreciative. (see also: maker space type stuff).

    No clothing por favor - i'm picky
    No adult materials

    3lwap0 on
    I think Pringles original intention was to make tennis balls... but on the day the rubber was supposed to show up a truckload of potatoes came. Pringles is a laid-back company, so they just said, "Fuck it, cut em up!".
  • bloodyroarxxbloodyroarxx Registered User regular
    you need to PM RMS directly this year not sign up in thread

    Yeah man, I tell ya what, man, that dang ol' internet, man, you just go in on there and point and click, talk about w-w-dot-w-com, mean you got the naked chicks on there, man, just go click, click, click, click, click, it's real easy, man.
  • Dark Raven XDark Raven X Laugh hard, run fast, be kindRegistered User regular
    edited November 2018
    My wishlist!
    I love homemade stuff, if you're an arty type!

    I like: Lego, the Expanse, Legend of Korra, Gundam (and Gunpla!) Sonic, Zelda, Pusheen, Saga, Devil May Cry, Transistor, Overwatch.

    I got a kindle, so I'm good for books, but wouldn't mind some recommendations and Amazon credit! ;P

    Mostly play on Switch now, and I like digital games for the most part (but don't mind physical copies for exclusive games) and PC for everything else.

    Amazon Wishlist
    Steam Wishlist

    I'm married to @Ravenhpltc24 if ya wanna mine her for info ;D

    Dark Raven X on
    Oh brilliant
  • bloodyroarxxbloodyroarxx Registered User regular
    edited November 2018

    • Funko's - I currently want to collect the Overwatch ones
    • Anything Bowser related (especially homemade stuffs)
    • Any kind of homemade stuff
    • Stickers and Pins
    • Lego (specifically the creator series)

    Do not:
    • Wrestling related merch
    • NSFW stuffs
    • Books
    • Clothing (I have too many tshirts and hoodies as is)

    Some specific things I would like you wanted more direction

    bloodyroarxx on
    Yeah man, I tell ya what, man, that dang ol' internet, man, you just go in on there and point and click, talk about w-w-dot-w-com, mean you got the naked chicks on there, man, just go click, click, click, click, click, it's real easy, man.
  • jungleroomxjungleroomx Spicy Rudolph Registered User regular
    edited November 2018
    Hey hey all here's a wishlist!

    • Steam bucks. My most played game is Path of Exile, by far, and some points to deck my characters out in sweet MTX glory is always good.
    • Socks. Yes, socks! I love a nice pair of Adidas or Nike socks, never can have too many!
    • Beanies and hats. Also, being close to a middle aged dude living in a cold climate with short hair, these come in handy! I usually get things in blue, grey, black, usually neutral tones and nothing too crazy.
    • Cooking things. I won't say no to kitchen stuff, ever. Spices outside the norm, neat gadgets and utensils. If it's a fun thing to use to cook, I'm open to it!
    • Gift cards and things for digital music purchases, never can go wrong with that, but please note I don't use Apples products or iTunes. Google Play, sure!
    • Music gear, which trends expensive and is absolutely not expected. Delay pedal, good cables, tuner pedal, a nice recording mic (Shure SM57), etc.
    • Strange alcohols! I enjoy lagers, pale ales, sake, rum, soju and a few other things (No vodka, pls for the love of god)
    • Hoodies are always welcome. Please note, again, I dress fairly conservatively, but I really enjoy a modern minimalist a e s t h e t i c. I'm also 240lbs and need a XX sized top.
    • Cheaper components for PC. I could use a new SSD bigger than 256GB, if you're feeling generous!

    • Figurines or other knick knacks. I try to live as minimally as possible when it comes to my own possessions, as such I don't really get things without a functional purpose.
    • NSFW stuff. Not my bag.
    • No Apple or iTunes stuff. I don't have my toes in their ecosystem.
    • No vodka. No vodka. No vodka. No vodka.

    • Spector USA NS5H2 Bolt On Bass in Bahama Blue
    • GTX1080TI
    • 1440P 120HZ 27" monitor

    jungleroomx on
    Make. Time.
  • MazzyxMazzyx Comedy Gold Registered User regular
    edited November 2018
    !Signup as usual. I will pull from the last few years list and will write up later.


    I am getting poked to update this. First last years list works as well:

    *I like comics. I have a good collection. I have gotten awesome comics in previous years. I am always up for a new set though.
    *Tea. I drink tea a lot. Like 5 cups+ a day sometimes
    *Whiskey, I prefer Scotch over Bourbon
    *Beer-I am a snob. I am from Colorado. And I am not a fan of IPAs.
    *Books. I love books. I will read mostly anything. But read mostly sci-fi, history, or international relations books
    *Vidya-I tend to not play as much anymore thanks to life, work, and bros.
    *I have an Xbone. I don't play it a ton though.
    *I like art and could use some for my condo
    *Any sort of knit or warm thing like hats and scarves and stuff are welcome
    *Board games-I like them just don't get a lot of play time anymore.
    *40k-I play Emperor's Children (CSM) and Deathwatch
    *Something for the pup, he has a grumbly tummy so avoid grains if possible
    *Cooking gear, I cook a lot
    *Local food is cool if it is edible when it arrives, I am allergic to bee stings and nothing else

    A few other things:
    *Homemade stuff are always welcome
    *I don't mind stuff not in English, I find languages and translating a fun puzzle
    *I love history and things related to it especially Japanese, Chinese, and Crusades history
    *I am okay with clothing I wear a US medium for shirts
    *R or Python coding things wouldn't be bad

    Do not want:
    *NSFW stuff

    Steam profile.

    I know this doesn't change a lot year to year but I am a rather steady person in my tastes.

    Mazzyx on
  • AtomikaAtomika not a robot. does not eat bugs!Registered User regular
    edited November 2018
    I'll try to keep it simple

    Just peace on earth, goodwill towards all others, and half a billion dollars

    also here's a list:

    Feel free to ad lib, but no nudes plz

    I'm into makeup, video games, cooking, and non-fiction literature about cultural anthropology and trans-positive feminism. Oh, and Star Wars/LotR.

    Atomika on
  • RMS OceanicRMS Oceanic Registered User regular
    Hitting the 20 participant mark! Yay!

    (Please check that I've put youns in the right list, just in case)

  • MazzyxMazzyx Comedy Gold Registered User regular
    Hitting the 20 participant mark! Yay!

    (Please check that I've put youns in the right list, just in case)

    Yah spelled my name wrong. But its okay, I forgive you.

  • CristovalCristoval Registered User regular
    edited November 2018
    Aw jeah, first year participating, let's do it up right! I'm pretty easy and down for whatev! If you want to card I'll take a card. If you want to send me hair I guess I'll also accept, I can't complain, the rules forbid it!

    This year I've decided to build a screen accurate-ish Ghostbusters costume for Halloween 2019, because I've gone way too many years now saying I'm going to have a rad costume only to scrape some last minute Goodwill thing together an hour before a party. I figure build something to last and I'll never have to worry about a costume again (I don't care if the novelty years thin, it'll be rad as hell). The ghost trap is already taken care of, I just need all the other pieces, big small, doesn't matter! These can be found on Etsy or including but not limited to belt gizmo's! Jumpsuit! (Size M/L, Navy but can work with whatever) I don't know what this is for but I'll take it!. Alice frame?? If you are super rich and money is like the buzzing of flies to you, just save me some trouble and buy a full on proton pack! I WON'T SAY NO (It'll probably make my gift look like a pile of puke though).

    If you think busting ghosts is for chumps, that's ok! Here's some other stuff I like in no particular order of price:

    -Korn Koffee. Hard to get, but affordable! I would like to try it. It may help me Wake Up (Korn joke).
    -Get me something cool that is specific to where you live, as long as it's not Edmonton! It can be tacky or artsy or both. I'm down.
    -Internet underwear. Always need more undies! I'll think of you every time I put them on. I'm a size M and like boxer briefs!
    -This sweet ass bag. Can't get these in Canada! Looks like you can barely get them in the States right now either, but it's fly as hell.
    -The Thick of It DVD collection. Good show, makes me laugh.
    -Mad Max: Fury Road 4k blu-ray. Been meaning to buy this but haven't. Save me from my indecisiveness.
    -Write me a poem or make me an art. Costs ya nothin but time, the most valuable of resources!
    -Silent Hill vinyl. I just saw this! Looks neat!
    -Coloured Nintendo Joy-Cons. Could always use more and I'm sick of the drab grey! Any colour(s) are acceptable!
    -Clothes. Choose my style! I'm pretty conservative in my dressing, but am always looking to expand my horizon. Size M usually, size L if it looks particularly small n' tight. Hoodies are an addiction of mine.
    -THC infused honey (SENT FROM INSIDE CANADA ONLY IF APPLICABLE). I've always wanted to try this, get a good buzz goin' ya know?? (Korn joke). Obey your local laws and don't go sending a stranger drugs through the mail in places it ain't legal.
    -Whiskey. Love it. Do you love it? Show me your love, with whiskey.

    Get me anything you think is cool. I trust you! I WANT to say no nudes... but like, I'm also CURIOUS, you know? It's not my bag, but I'm not saying no either. Keep it tasteful!

    Cristoval on
  • N1tSt4lkerN1tSt4lker Registered User regular
    edited November 2018
    Okay here's wish list stuff.
    Wish list links:
    wish list
    Steam wishlist
    Etsy wishlist

    For house things: I have a small mid-century house where I have leaned hard into the mid-century look inside. I don't have much on the walls, though, and not much tabletop decor. I love plants. Love, love indoor plants. And those funky mid-century plant stands.
    For me things: I play piano and guitar. I could use some restocking of piano music.
    I'm a big reader and a high school English teacher. I'm rebuilding a libary, so the big classics or new books that you personally love will work. Interesting local authors are always fun for me. I'm a cross-genre reader, for the most part. Definitely been delving into more sci-fi lately. Also James Baldwin (wow!).
    I love music. Again pretty cross genre. I'm mostly digital on the music, but I do have my eye on a couple of retro record players, and that would be fun.
    Ummmm. I have a ps2, ps4, an xbox one, and a wiiU. I'll throw some games on my Amazon list of things I don't have. I do play on Steam, but I have a Macbook with no Windows partition right now, so that does limit me.
    I love nerd shirts. Especially book nerd shirts. I love getting crafty, handmade things. I love Doctor Who, Harry Potter, and Charlotte Bronte.
    I'm creating a collection of nerdy badges on my teacher bag. So there's that
    If you're really feeling the money burning a hole in your pocket, I could use some class sets of books. I'll add that to my Amazon listm, too, I suppose.

    This whole list seems random. haha. I'm a turbo-nerd English teacher who plays games and listens to NPR on the way to school. Go wild with that, I guess. :-D
    No: lacy, flowery, flower-scented, nsfw, or like stuffed animal stuff.

    Edit: it looks like I will be out of town from the 23rd to the 30th of December. I do have a box for parcels on my front porch, and I can message family to come pick up packages if need be, but just an fyi.

    N1tSt4lker on
  • TavTav Registered User regular
    edited November 2018
    Signing up! I will edit this later on with a list.

    edit: list!

    Stuff I like:
    • I'm a standup comedian in my spare time, so anything that might be useful for that is incredibly appreciated. Unique stationery or a small shotgun mic for a camera would be great and genuinely useful! Anything you think might be useful for long journeys would be great too since I regularly spend 3+ hours each way on buses to shows.
    • I love stuff from people's local sports team. I'm a huge football (soccer) fan and watch as much of it as I can. I love hearing from people who are passionate about sport, and why you go out of your way to watch a live game in the freezing cold in the middle of winter or travel for hours to go see your team play in some arena. Any sort of cool merch your team might have (I'm an XL in tshirts/2XL in Adidas jerseys) and any sort of stories you have about supporting your team would be amazing. I’ve been amassing a collection of football scarves lately, so an addition to that would be cool!
    • Art you made would be cool and very much appreciated!
    • Games! I mostly just play WoW and FIFA, but anything off my wishlist would be cool.
    • Amazon giftcards! I'm saving up for a Canon 6D Mark ii and an Ultrawide G-Sync Monitor as my big purchases for next year and anything towards them would be a big help.
    • Vinyl! I like punk, emo and metal. I also have a special place in my heart for standup records. Any albums by Kyle Kinane, Patton Oswalt or Mitch Hedberg on wax would be an amazing present.
    • Candy and alcohol are always cool.
    • Charities! Free Safe Legal are very close to my heart and could do with some love.

    Stuff I'm meh on.
    • I'm not really a huge book reader. The only exception to this is books by or about standups.
    • Movies. Pretty much anything I want to watch is on Netflix and I don't really have a collection.
    • Decorative stuff. I don't have too much room for models and the like.
    • NSFW presents. I don't mind if something is nsfw but like, not something that’s just nsfw for the sake of it.

    Tav on
  • Anarchy Rules!Anarchy Rules! Registered User regular
    N1tSt4lker wrote: »
    Okay here's wish list stuff.

    For house things: I have a small mid-century house where I have leaned hard into the mid-century look inside. I don't have much on the walls, though, and not much tabletop decor. I love plants. Love, love indoor plants. And those funky mid-century plant stands.

    I'm quite intrigued by this - what does an American 1950s style house/interior look like? In the UK post war housing is pretty unlovable! (Probably due to the mass building/repairs and material shortages)

  • Anarchy Rules!Anarchy Rules! Registered User regular
    edited November 2018
    Anyway - here's my list:
    I'm a pretty big fan of grand strategy/city builder/management games in general. Lately, I've had my eye on Two point hospital and Frostpunk. My handle is soulmanjam89

    I'm a bit of a foodie so I would welcome any fancy meat/cheese/coffee/chocolate/local speciality etc - anything really! That being said, I do have Coeliac disease, so food items do need to be gluten free. I'm also a big wine and gin drinker, so either of those would be much appreciated.

    I love the whole art-deco/retrofuturism design. I love these designs (I already have the Jupiter one); these or something similar in the same sort of artstyle would be great!

    If you want to go the book route then sci fi would be the safest choice. I've read all the 'classics' but not that much contemporary sci fi. Not a fan of Expanded Universe type sci fi. For non-fiction I'm a fan of popular history, particularly those that explore a grand sweep of history (two recent examples I've read are The Silk Roads and 1493).

    I love boardgames, but don't often get a chance to play. Competitive games would be best as I find I often lead a bit too much with collaborative games. I only own Carcassonne and Pandemic.

    To avoid:
    -Random knickknacks and doodads: I'm moving house next April, so don't need more clutter to lug about!
    -Nothing NSFW I suppose

    EDIT: after reading other people's lists the fancy Lego kits look pretty fun if someone is feeling generous!

    Anarchy Rules! on
  • N1tSt4lkerN1tSt4lker Registered User regular
    N1tSt4lker wrote: »
    Okay here's wish list stuff.

    For house things: I have a small mid-century house where I have leaned hard into the mid-century look inside. I don't have much on the walls, though, and not much tabletop decor. I love plants. Love, love indoor plants. And those funky mid-century plant stands.

    I'm quite intrigued by this - what does an American 1950s style house/interior look like? In the UK post war housing is pretty unlovable! (Probably due to the mass building/repairs and material shortages)

    So I don't have any good pictures of my current interior readily available, but I found a few things that reflect the mid-century modern style I've leaned into (not perfectly or as craftedly because $$$ haha), but I've gone for the more minimalist, wood-based looks. My walls are brighter--not particularly accurately colored, but you know. Gotta personalize haha.
    the basic idea

  • IlpalaIlpala Just this guy, y'know Texas booniesRegistered User regular
    edited November 2018
    Ah jeez, I signed up and I will have a wishlist at some point by the end of the weekend, pinky swear.

    Nerd attire (3XL, 12 if for some reason you need my feet)
    Gift cards
    Streamer tips/tools? (have mic and capture card, but as far as setting up any kind of overlay or doing any formatting I'm hopeless)
    Nerd Art/Decoration (favoring more posters/wall decoration)
    Something you made! Gift a cool flex
    Comics you like! Things that are closer to one-shot or standalone books are better though, not looking for deep dives

    IPs I like:
    Final Fantasy
    Steven Universe
    My Hero Macademia

    Vidya (This is more due to a backlog the size of the eastern seaboard, if it's a quick/interesting experience you think I'll like, I won't turn my nose up)

    Subject to additions

    Ilpala on
    FF XIV - Qih'to Furishu (GHOST), Battle.Net - Ilpala#1975
    Switch - SW-7373-3669-3011
    Fuck Joe Manchin
  • 21stCentury21stCentury Bismuth OS Fully Operational 2019-07-12 - KeystoneRegistered User regular
    Getting antsy about crafting a loving card for an awesome pal.

    Should be soon, too!

    Can't waaaaait!

    Dark Raven X
  • DoodmannDoodmann Registered User regular
    Is it too late for me to sign up for the cards thing too? If so that's ok.

  • 21stCentury21stCentury Bismuth OS Fully Operational 2019-07-12 - KeystoneRegistered User regular
    Plz let Doodmann cryptic card!!!

  • So It GoesSo It Goes We keep moving...Registered User, Moderator mod
    I have signed up

    Local products from where you live
    Things you have made
    Cute items for a smol human but:
    - no toys that are weapons
    - clothes 3T or bigger
    - nothing super gendered please

    IPs I like:
    Squirrel Girl
    Wonder Woman
    Imperator Furiosa
    Paper Girls and anything Cliff Chiang draws
    Game of Thrones

    Art (I have too much)
    Video games (I'm not gaming much right now)
    Books (I have too many)
    Knick knacks (I have too many)

  • RMS OceanicRMS Oceanic Registered User regular
    Okay, signups are officially CLOSED

    Had a very busy and disruptive weekend which is why this didn't happen sooner. Everyone please check you're on the list in the OP and in the right place(s). I'll do the pairings tonight and they should be available for you in the morning.

    Blameless ClericDark Raven XHerrCrondavidsdurionsjungleroomx
  • DelmainDelmain Registered User regular
    edited November 2018
    woops misclick

    Delmain on
    syndalis wrote: »
    Apple is a terrible company.
  • RMS OceanicRMS Oceanic Registered User regular
    Delmain wrote: »
    Hey I heard RMS went and gave everyone their Santee/Cardee so I'd better start figuring out what to get.


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