The Aus Pinny Arcade pin panel needs you again (your feedback, this time)

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Hey PAX Aus peeps,

Hope you enjoyed our first ever game show style panel. You never really know until the day. Me and Interesting_Mix were the ones who were ultimately responsible for everything prior to that day, the questions and answers and the presentation. And I can honestly say, leading up to the day, we were very nervous and unsure if we could pull it off.

Luckycharm, aussieben, Duckie and sennohki were our amazing panellists and I was thrilled that they really got into it and hopefully they helped make the panel entertaining. I was very happy with their enthusiasm and they were able to get the answers.

Being all the way in the back of the room, desperately trying to keep us on time, getting the timing of the slides and keeping score, I wasn't so sure on the day that we pulled it off. Thankfully, I've had a lot of people give us positive feedback since then and I'm generally happy with how it all went, the minor technical issues aside.

We have a better understanding of how to do it for next year, because yes, we want to do it again. And this is where you come in. We really need your valuable feedback. Some have mentioned in passing stuff on the slack chat, but we'd really love it all here so we can easily refer to it.

Also it is worth noting that next year we are planning on two separate panels, the game show and the pinny arcade 101 that we had done previously. We feel this is the best step moving forward, rather than attempting to do both in the one limited time slot we're allotted.

So if you were at that panel this year - we'd love your feedback, good and bad. What you enjoyed, what you didn't. What you would like to see next year. Any small tips or words you can spare, it will help us do it even better next year. Additionally, I'm also looking for any photos of the panel, we are working to get a video put together which will have audio from the panel played against the powerpoint I prepared earlier.

Appreciate your help everyone.




  • SachiiSezSachiiSez Laughter and Sunshine! Registered User regular
    Biiiig thanks Senno and Interesting_Mix for running this trivia - I was pretty scared at first getting up there as one of the random panelists, but I really enjoyed myself once we got into the swing of the questions, and surprised myself that I got some right (thanks to Mario Odyssey and the Unplugged pins!)

    The raffle door prizes are a great idea; I liked that random audience members were getting those! I think my favourite rounds were the 'puzzle' round where you had to guess before the pin was whole, and the 'Whose that Pin?' round, just because I like Pokemon. You could do double of that last round I reckon, have one at the start and one at the end, just like the Pokemon episodes often did.
    I think some other rounds you could try doing could be:
    - 'put these pins in chronological order of release' and have like all the one type or theme of pin, like all the Kempers or all images involving dice on the pin. You'd put like a 30 second time limit on it to keep it rolling.
    - 'match the pins to the set' since there are a lot of set's out there. You could jumble 50 pins together, and they have to find the four which go into the backing in the correct spots. Fastest time wins.

    Having the second panel for 101 information is always handy, and I completely understand how time was such a factor trying to get that in with the trivia this year. I attended the panels last year and 2016 and it helped me get an idea of what the community was all about, and just how much people love pins. Advice about pin storage (portable or permanent) is always fun to hear about. I like seeing how creative pinny peeps get with their displays and there has been a lot of chat on Slack about useful portable storage with the Blizzard and Disney pin-rolls being available for purchase too. Last advice would be on including in the 101 panel about how handy social media is when it comes to chasing some pins - things like the Twitch (2015), Alienware (2015) and Bethesda (2018) give-away moments all appeared via Twitter about 30 minutes before they occurred. I think the Pete Hines trading opportunity was also through Twitter and FB (please correct me!). Even if it is only for the weekend, keeping and eye on social media or getting Slack for the weekend to watch the community chatter can very much help!

    I'll find my photo of the trophy from the trivia channel and post it here later. I think that was the only photo I got in the end, but I know I saw one pop-up on the official PAXAus FB, so if I track it down I'll post it here too ^_^

    Laughter and Sunshine!

    Laughter and Sunshine!
  • fishfishmonkeyhatfishfishmonkeyhat Freelance Pin Man Newcastle, AustraliaRegistered User regular
    edited November 2018
    I really liked this format over the "101" from previous years. I honestly think with a bit of streamlining you could forgo the second panel and stay with this one for next year.

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